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I grew up in one of those super conservative southern Baptist churches. Where we sat in the same pew each week, wore white frilly dresses and sang from hymnals while an organist played the music to the closing song.

But growing up, Bibles were to be read, not written in. So the first time I highlighted a verse in my Bible, it felt weird. I rarely did it. And write inside a Bible…. I even went off to Bible college and studied the Bible for a year. I cannot tell you how exciting it was to go to the local bookstore and buy different versions of the Bible…after all, if I was going to study the Bible, I may as well learn from different versions.

I wanted them all. BUT, I did not write in my Bible!!! I barely allowed a colored highlighter to touch it. When I got married I remember telling my husband I wanted him to get me a Bible for my wedding gift, mostly because I wanted to have my married name engraved on it. So on our wedding night a beautiful purple leather covered Bible Write in bible my new name was on my nightstand. I went back to teaching So one day, I did the unthinkable.

I sat down at my desk, Bible in hand and started reading…. Every time I had a question, or something struck me as insteresting, or I noticed a repetition of words, phrases, etc. I marked it.

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What used to feel so foreign to me suddenly became a necessity. s once crisp and clean, soon became blotted and ink stained. Rather than rushing through my Bible reading to be done, writing my notes, thoughts and questions there next to the verses forced me to slow down and process everything I was reading. Large amounts of time were spent on short passages while I began to sift through the meaning, purpose and intent behind the words. I often want to know what God thinks about things, but I want Him to do it via a phone call or voic.

Write in bible send me a text message and let me know what to do. As I began to write on the s of my Bible, I realized God was talking back to me in the verses. The verses I memorized for years were great, but they were always meant for someone else, never for me. As I wrote in my story on the s of my Bible, He wrote His story inside my soul. Healing became real to me. Redemption became real to me. Freedom became real to me. As I viewed my time in Scripture as a conversation back and forth, I found a God who responds to me…. I get it.

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I was there. I was one of them. No, not the whole thing out at once! Write out in a journal the verses that speak to you. Write your questions. Write your ideas about passages.

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Write back to God, after you read what He wrote to you. So today sweet friend, you have permission to write in your Bible. You have permission to write back to God. You have the right to mark down the date when something becomes real to you.

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You have the chance to draw the arrows to connect the story of His story inside your story. You never know, you may just love what happens when you do! Leave me your to receive encouragement, tips, and specialty offers only for you! : [ protected]. Encouraging Women to be Rooted in Christ. It was beautiful and I loved it…. Until I did. Writing in my Bible taught me a few things: 1 — Writing in my Bible slowed me down.

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Write in bible

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Bible Journal Guide: Tips, Prompts, Ideas, and Examples