Will he ever commit to me

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Of all the questions I'm asked, the one subject that gets more attention than anything else is whether or not a man will ever come around and commit. We're afraid that as soon as we leave, as soon as we decide to let go and move on, he will come around and want that committed relationship, and we will miss the kind of relationship with him we'd been waiting and holding on for so long for.

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I remember having this exact feeling; I was just so sure that if I gave up waiting, if I let go of holding on and hanging around waiting for him to finally see the light, it would be at that exact time that he would be ready and I would miss out on everything I'd been waiting for! First of all, let's set the record straight. If he were to come around and suddenly be ready to commit to you and that's a huge if and you had just left him, he would chase you.

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There's no way a man in love and ready to have a committed relationship with you is going to let you just walk away if he's made that decision, or is very close to making that decision. He will know how to contact you and he will! Men are wired to be the pursuers; it's in their genetic makeup, and nothing you do or say or don't do or don't say can alter that. He is going to find you and track you down if he decides he's going to step up and make the commitment to you that you've been holding out for — it won't matter where in the world you've gone too!

He's very resourceful! So if you're in the same situation I found myself in many times over my dating career, staying with a guy wondering all along if he's ever going to want the kind of committed relationship that you truly want, here are three s that make it more likely:.

He's been in a committed relationship before. Not just a long-term relationship or a live-in relationship that gave the appearance of being a committed relationship; I'm talking here about a fully committed relationship where he was emotionally present from start to finish. This is a slippery one though, because sometimes it is because he was so committed before that he doesn't ever want to be involved like that again.

If he was really hurt before, if there was a betrayal of trust, then there is a greater likelihood he will not want to be in another committed relationship. But still, to know that he was emotionally capable of one in the past, gives some hope that he could eventually be capable of one again, given enough time and trust building to see that it could happen again. How many relationships he's been in is also a factor, because someone who has been in many committed relationships but has never committed fully to any one of them is a warning that this person is not capable of moving beyond a certain level of commitment, even though he may think he is because he has been in committed relationships before.

Unless he is willing to dig deeper and discover why he cannot move beyond that point for him, there is usually not much chance that you will magically be the one who prompts him to suddenly change that point of no return. You can talk to him about commitment or the lack of one. If you can talk about this subject with him, there is hope. Most of the time these guys are so emotionally closed, that you intuitively do not even attempt to talk to him about his lack of commitment and you're desire to have a committed relationship. If you're able to be this direct Will he ever commit to me him, and he responds without changing the subject or giving you the cold shoulder or silence, or simply disappears, this is definitely encouraging.

You can have all the attraction or chemistry in the world, but without being able to actually engage each other and be engaged with each other's thoughts and minds, there is nothing deep enough to hold the relationship together, and no basis for that true commitment to grow out of. He has a good relationship with his family, particularly his dad. This one is huge. Back in my single days, when my girlfriends and I were all about dating these emotionally unavailable non-committal typeswe found over the years of conducting informal polls, that in every single case our Mr.

EU emotionally unavailable man could be linked to a poor or non-existent relationship with his family, and in particular, his father. Time after time, we would compare notes trying desperately to figure out what made these guys tick, and we would come up with the same thing. This guy either wasn't talking to his dad, didn't care to have anything to do with him, or didn't have anything to say about him at all. And the exact opposite was also true; those men who did have a strong, or at least a good relationship with their father were the ones who were emotionally available and wanted a relationship with us!

Which made for a very interesting story when we realized that in when the tables were turned, and we found ourselves in relationships with men who actually wanted that same commitment from us that we were looking for from our other non-committal men, it was we who were the ones who had difficult or strained or non-existent relationships with our own fathers! That really got us thinking. Whether it's the example that's set in these all important first relationships where we learn what a real love relationship looks like whether it's love or notor whether it's how we feel about ourselves and respond to this first relationship with the father Will he ever commit to me our lives, it seems there is something to this unique relationship that directly influences the ability of these men to desire a committed relationship, and ironically, the very thing that may be attracting us to these types of men in the first place!

The bottom line here is this: You are not going to change him. You are a beautiful, special, wonderful woman with so much to offer someone worthy of what a gift you truly are, but you are not going to change him. You can try, but it's ultimately got to come from him. There are many things you can do to try to move things along and see if that can bring him around, but he will be the one deciding if he's ready to dig deeper within himself and do the work he needs to do to have a committed relationship with another person.

If he's not willing to do that, or just doesn't want to, the best thing for you to do is move on and find a guy that wants the same kind of committed relationship that you do. The most important thing to do is to keep living your life and focusing on you. Never ever forget that it is only when we refuse to accept anything less than a fully committed relationship that we find that is exactly what we eventually end up with in the end.

You are worth so much more than any crumbs you might be holding onto hoping they will turn into a real relationship. I have been dating a great man 61 me 57 for over 2 years. Everything is fine, except things concerning his ex-wife.

They have been divorced for almost 5 years. They got married two months after hooking up because she was pregnant. He convinced her to marry him. Shortly after marrying they discovered their personalities did not go together well. They stuck thru 12 years of marriage, with him sleeping in another room for most of the marriage. I have known he and his ex for a few years.

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Although we did not get together until about two years after they divorced, and no funny business was going on between us before then. And I have no problem with his ex, and know they communicate as they have. Here are my issues: He has their wedding picture and honeymoon picture up in their bedroom.

I have brought up how awkward it makes me feel, but he dismisses my feelings on them. He once asked me to wear her wedding dress he found when cleaning to have sex in. He has told me that because she was so hot when they got married he thought the relationship would work eyeroll here.

And this year we had a combined Thanksgiving my family, his family, and his ex and her family. It worked out just fine. Although after the fact, he told me she tried to back out of it - but he said they needed to make it work for the .

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But a few days ago I found a FB funny posted by someone we know right after Thanksgiving that she liked, that basically talked about the ex being with his new GF and wanting to leave a dead animal on his couch. I discussed it with him, as wondering if she was mad because he was in a happy relationship with me, while she had no one. He seemed intrigued with that possibility oddly. But made a statement that if Will he ever commit to me brought a boyfriend to Thanksgiving he would not be able to handle it.

And want to know what the new BF has that he did not. He tells me loves me, makes me a priority, is consistent, etc. But he cannot finish during sex looking at me. Only when he is not looking at my face. Adding this to the other things listed above I am wondering if I need to leave this relationship. I am not sure if cannot let go of her - maybe out of a deeper love than he has for me, out of ego since men have that need to 'win'or maybe a combo of both. I have never married, and no. I have had many opportunities to marry in my life, but knew that something was missing in those relationships that I needed.

So I made the best choices for myself as possible. So he does not have any baggage of mine to deal with. All good, but makes him trying to understand my point of view challenging. I don't to waste any more time, with advancing age every day :and need some solid viewpoints. Even though he is a good man whom I do love. Dear Dominica, to tell you the truth, as I read you it became quickly evident that there are BIG red flags I would not stay with that man I am sad for you Hi everyone! Im dating a man, 40 years old me 39for over 2 years now.

He never really had a longterm relationship. He is afraid of commitment, and all his exes left him and married to other man after aprx 1,5 year dateing.

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He told me he loves me after 1 year of dating, that was when i wanted to leave him. My question: is it normal that I man wants you to wait for him to make a decision wheater he wants to stay with you or not? I have waiter for over two years now BUT, when i try to leave him he really gets devistated!! He spend all days with me, he doesnt have any children and has No job.

He says he loves me, but never does anything for me. Im the One that drives this relationship forward. His last ex he loved her truly left him for another man, and he gave up on life back then. Its Been 6 years ago. He loved her still in the year of Now he says that she doesnt mean anything for him. But, when he was with her, he was the One who tried to get her in to commitment, but it was too late, she had already made up her mind for the other man.

So, am i thinking right when i say that if he would love me the way he loved her, he would commit? Hi Jane. I love the support and articles you write. You are amazing?. Ladies in the comment section y'all are strong, beautiful women with beautiful hearts. My story is different a bit I have been in a relationship for the past 5 yrs as of April. He is 5yrs older than me 32 and I am silly in love with him and I always knew we would get married. Problem is in said 5yrs I haven't met his people parents and all just a few friends.

He knows everyone back home even my Grandad. Also he still lives at home with his mom and despite telling him he needs to have his own space, he is still reluctant. He has a business and he is good at it but its not sustaining for a family and I have given ideas to help in revamping and growing it on a different level. As a man he is lovely but he is albeit a little bit soft. I am hetrong and stubborn but I toned it down a notch to try and support him in his endeavors.

I feel he loves me but he has a fear that honestly I Will he ever commit to me no clue about and when I ask him if he will come home he says he will and he just needs to be okay financially. Im not interested in his money all I want is some form of commitment but its like its not meant to be. He is good at guilt tripping and emotionally stringing me along how I see it and what my closest friends seem to think but currently I am standing up and getting my strength back.

I am not allowing him to guilt trip me nor am I taking any of the sweet crafted words. I dont want to give an ultimatum but I feel like he will not do right by me. We have no investments together. All we have is sex and words and hopes no action and Im so exhausted emotionally. What should I do?

Will he ever commit to me

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