Who is nicki minaj dating right now 2016

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Not all Hollywood relationships are short. Minaj and Safaree Samuels had a very private love life that lasted twelve whole years.

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In fact, everything was fine up until the pair announced their long-standing romance on Twitter in Things spiraled out of control ending with both parties accusing one another of cheating. The words liar and thief were also thrown around like confetti. Ultimately, Samuels felt that Minaj only used him to help boost her fame.

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Once she trumped his rapping status, she ditched him. During an interview with The Breakfast Club the Love the Most singer shared his final thoughts on their demise as a couple. Everyone around her works for her, you know?

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And it got to the point where I was being treated like an employee, instead of like her man. Minaj was initially coy about her relationship with rapper Meek Millsclaiming they were nothing but friends. However, the illusion faded when he posted a very telling picture on Instagram of his lady love in April The post is gone now but the impact it left lives on in articles all over the internet.

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After Mills broke the ice, both rappers began sharing pictures on their social media s nonstop. Sadly the honeymoon phase quickly wrapped up, leaving both rappers single in Minaj clearly has a thing for dating men in her circle. Next up was One Mic rapper Nas. The pair never fully acknowledged their relationship status, but they dropped hints like there was no tomorrow.

Her response: They were enjoying sleepovers. The cute couple would also post identical pics on their social media s. While the two rappers never confirmed things with their fans, the media took their hints as truth.

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Reports confirmed that they split in January of last year. Last December, Petty was convicted for attempted rape of a minor, as well as murder and manslaughter back in That very same month was the first time the then year-old rapper had shared pics of her new beau with her fans.

It serves as a reminder that the successful rapper is still head over hills for hood flame. Is Nicki Minaj Single?

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