White lab puppies michigan

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Connect with us How to Reserve a Puppy. We offer AKC registered Labrador Retriever puppies, with our main focus on producing a great family pet and companion. Our puppies are bred for calm demeanors who will be great pets and will also have great show and field potential.

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Testimonials. We are the proud parents of the smartest, sweetest, most laid back lab, Gracie. Steve Karp and family are incredible to work with and truly care for their puppies and the families who adopt from them. If I could give stars, I would! If you're searching for a lab, look no further. Kara Bunbury We cannot say enough great things about M. Steve is very hands on throughout the entire process- sending weekly updates until the pups come home and remaining in contact thereafter.

Everywhere we go people ask what breeder he came from.

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We got many very cute updates on our soon to be little puppy. We feel honored to be apart of the Michigan Elite Labrador family! Jill Price We were looking for a pure bred lab but were very skeptical about many breeders until we found Michigan Elite Labs. We knew after our first contact with them we found the breeder we were looking for. Stan is 10 months old and we love him to pieces. If you are looking for a pure bred lab you have found the perfect breeder. We would never think of going anywhere but Michigan Elite to get a Lab.

Steve is always just a phone call away if you have any questions. Steve is very knowledgeable about his Labrador Retrievers. If you want an amazing Labrador puppy check out Michigan Elite Labradors you will be glad you did! From the first contact with Steve, you are reassured with their dedication to the breed and the MEL family that you become a part of. It's said that one of the best s of a "good product" is repeat customers. We're proud to be an example of that, with 2 MEL dogs in our home. Temperament, physical health and the characteristics of MEL dogs are perfection.

The added benefit of the MEL owners group is also a great perk. We've made amazing friends through the group, which is reinforced each year at the annual reunion. I would not hesitate to recommend Michigan Elite Labradors to family and friends! We looked at all of the photos and knew we would get a beautiful pup but didnt expect all of the wonderful traits they would have. We ended up getting 2! They are beyond my wildest dreams of what a pet should be So intuitive! When ive had issues, steve has been a phone call away with the answers.

Best babies around You wont be sorry! I White lab puppies michigan we were part his second litter and his biggest litter with Cocco and Chopper 14 pups. Both of the parents were beautiful and on site when we went to pick out our first "Pink Collar" girl. We picked up our second "Pink Collar" girl in late They have become best friends from the beginning. They have never fought or growled at each other and play very well together. The Karp's are very caring and knowledgeable about the Labrador breed. Any questions I have ever had Steve has always been there to guide me and teach me.

His extended MEL family has been very inspiring and amusing as we all watch the pups grow into beautiful pets. Kris Thompson Michigan Elite Labradors are White lab puppies michigan. We had a great experience working with the Karp family. Our little black lab has brought us so many blessings! Lynne King Michigan Elite Labs are absolutely outstanding.

They are the most wonderful family and breeders.

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They are extremely reputable and involved with every pup. Steve is always available to you. I called so many times. He is conscientious and really cares about where his puppies go. He is beyond gorgeous. As a matter of fact, I can honestly say that I have never seen better looking labs. Elite labs are very intelligent and have excellent temperaments. Jax was potty trained right away.

When I got a trainer, He learned everything immediately. She was so impressed with him and shocked how well he did. She trains Leader of the Blinds dogs so it was a huge compliment coming from her. We have people stop us everywhere to ask if he is a show dog. One of them was a breeder. Another huge bonus is the all the relationships we have made amongst the Elite family. I love all the stories and pictures.

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Many of us got together for a Michigan Elite Lab's Reunion. All the dogs were gorgeous fun and well behaved. Even all the parents were a blast. I could go on and on about Michigan Elite Labs, but most important is the fact I would never get a dog from anyone else!

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