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Arizona Fly Fishing. When you think of the state of Arizona, often the first thing that comes to mind is the desert landscape, incredible scenery, relaxing spas, and the amazing golfing opportunities. In fact, you can make a real vacation out of it and tie the fishing in with other outdoor recreation activities. The state of Arizona offers a large of creeks, streams, and lakes that are ideal locations for fly fishing.

What's really unique about the fishing here is that some of these waters are located in urban cities. This is a stark difference compared to what most anglers may be used to. It's hard to cover off all the spots in the state but there are a handful that really stand out and are not Tucson fly fishing be missed.

If you're planning to check out the Grand Canyon while in Arizona, then Lees Ferry can act as the perfect spot for fishing. This is located not far fromnear the head of the canyon. Here, the Colorado River offers great fishing any time of the year as the water temperature stays very consistent. You'll also love the fact that the water is so clear.

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As far as what kind of weather to expect, in the winter the temperatures dip as low as 20 degrees, and in the summer they hit as high as degrees. With that said, spring and fall tend to be the most comfortable times to visit the area. This is the perfect river for catching rainbow trout. Some of the gear and equipment you'll want to bring along includes dry flies for use in the summer, or you can always opt for streamers which will Tucson fly fishing you through all four seasons. As for leaders, it is recommended you go with nine feet. If it's bass you're after, then you can find them at the Imperial Reservoir.

It is a man-made reservoir. It's not Tucson fly fishing to find bass weighing in at a lofty 12 pounds or more. People often pick Sedona as a destination when traveling to Arizona, which can also be thought of as a great spot for trout fishing. Oak Creek runs through the middle of the town and the water in the creek comes straight from the Oak Creek Canyon, which is spring water. Trout, in particular rainbow and wild brown trout, love the cold temperatures of the creek, and anglers love how clear it is.

If you're looking for a challenge, you can visit Tucson fly fishing pools and riffles, which give you an opportunity to try some advanced techniques. It's hard to just provide a blanket statement when it comes to your equipment and gear as it really depends where you plan to fish along this 42 mile long creek.

You can pick a nine foot rod where the creek is wide, but then you may need a shorter one for other sections. A good rule of thumb if you want to experience the full creek is to take a few different rods. You can enjoy fishing any time of year here, but the peak season is summer in case you'd rather visit during slow season. This area of the state is notorious for its towering fir and pine forests, and the elevation is about 6, feet. With a bit of trekking you can enjoy fishing that can be at up to 10, feet, giving you a true alpine experience.

You can enjoy fishing in these waters any time of the year, but usually the best time is in the fall. As for what kind of fish you'll be catching, it will mainly be trout but you can also catch catfish and bass. As a special treat, you can catch Apache trout. What makes this fish so special is that you can't catch it anywhere else in the United States. They can be found in the Black River at the West Fork. The White Mountains ensure the fish stock stays high by using a fish hatchery system. The system is employed by the Arizona Game and Fish Department. While this lake may not be as well known to others, it's actually a wonderful spot for fly fishing.

The lake can be found in central Arizona right on the Salt River. It is explained as a canyon lake that is very deep. The lake is pretty clear as it's not high in vegetation or brush. The fish you'll find are smallmouth bass and largemouth bass. You'll find the water levels change up quite a bit here, from shallow to deep. It is recommended you use a light line due to the fact that the water is so easy to see through.

In the deep water, weighted streamers and nymphs are good choices. Meanwhile, if you're planning to stick to shallow waters, opt for dry flies, nymphs and unweighted streamers. Thanks to the Arizona climate, no time is a bad time to go fly fishing in the state. There are always options that will offer fish. Winter is the least crowded of all the months, but then you need to keep in mind it can be chilly depending on where you are. As for the hatches, these happen throughout the year depending on the insect. The midges, worms, shrimp, and eggs continue all year round. Meanwhile, the caddis is from about February to September, and the terrestrials are June through September.

Opt for longer nine foot rods if you have lots of space, and small rods for the more narrow streams and creeks in the state. In fact, in some places the shore is the only option. You may also want to pack a pair of good quality waders that are hip height. This is great for the more shallow creeks and rivers so you can get right in. Need Gear? Orvis Clearwater Fly Rod Outfit.

Quality rod, reel, line and rod tube at a reasonable price. Backed by Orvis yr guarantee, a brand you can trust. Rio Powerflex Tapered Leader. High performance nylon leader, great for fishing Dry Flies, Nymphs and Streamers. Rio Powerflex Tippet.

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Excellent knot strength, stretch and suppleness make this the finest nylon tippet. Simms Freestone Chest Waders. Heavy duty, waterproof, yet breathable. If you are tough on waders, these are for you. Backed by Simms Wader Warranty. If they leak, they got your back.

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Simms Freestone Wading Boots. Most durable, yet comfortable, boot on the market. Excellent foot and ankle support. Great for rocky rivers. Lightweight and deed for all-day wear. Sweet pack with ample storage. Unique harness system reduces neck strain. Sleek tapered face improves visibility - you can see your feet when wading!

FishPond Nomad Native Net. Durable and lightweight. The carbon fiber frame floats. Hooks don't get stuck in the rubber mesh bag. Extra length makes it easier to net fish. Simply the best nets on the market. Kingfisher Fly Fishing Box. Tough, waterproof and priced right.

If you need more storage - you have too many flies! Simple, sharp nippers at great price. Clip on retractor keeps this must have gear at your fingertips. Slick Spring Creek Pliers. Strong with a fine tip. Perfect for removing split shot and hooks.

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Simply the best fishing pliers. Costa Del Mar Fantail Sunglasses. The Glass polarized lenses are super clear and somehow relaxing on the eyes. Game changer. Thank you for your support! As for the type of flies to use, again it depends on the fish you're planning to catch. If you're fishing for trout, the usual dry flies, nymphs and streamers will work. Largemouth bass will respond to top water patterns and streamers. You can use large nymphs for smallmouth bass, as well as streamer flies that are meant to look like minnows.

Need flies? Ventures Fly Co. Set includes 40 high quality, hand-tied flies see list below and waterproof fly box.

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Of course, if you plan to do any fishing, you'll need to purchase a general fishingwhich can be done through the Arizona Game and Fish Department. Any person who plans to fish who is 10 years of age or older will require this. It also needs to be carried with you while you are actually fishing. This is available to residents of the state as well as non-residents. Arizona is really a state all among itself in that it offers such a diverse selection of landscape and terrain that you can enjoy fishing in.

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This state has all the basics covered and then some. Ken Sperry.

Tucson fly fishing

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