Telling your friend you love them

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How do you handle your growing feelings for him, and how to tell a friend you like him without ruining your friendship? In many cases, it comes down to the als you both send each other. Also how strong your friendship really is. To be lovers, or share affectionate and caring feelings for one another. You first have to be firm friends. This is the foundation in which most of the relationship with him will grow from or flourish.

But what do you do if you like him, and have growing feelings for him? Or do you, and is it actually worth the risk? Telling a friend you like him is probably up there with one of the hardest things you can do. Your mind will be a constant swirl of emotions, thinking about him, his feelings, the worry of rejection, or how you can minimize any damage to your friendship. The good news is that despite your growing feelings for him, or the fact you may want to be in a loving relationship with him. There are many things you can do to let him know how you feel, and minimize the risk to your friendship at the same time.

If you want to tell him you like Telling your friend you love them without ruining your friendship. Here are some of the best tips to follow to ensure he knows you like him, and make it feel a lot less like one-sided love. These tips for telling a friend you really like him, or love him will help you to get the message across. The first steps will always be to consider where you stand with him, and how best to approach things. Then finally you Telling your friend you love them let your feelings be known.

Or make him realize that your feelings and intentions go above and beyond just being friends with him. Before you can truly reveal your feelings to him, or tell him that you like him. You first need to consider your overall friendship together. How close are you to him already, and how much does he mean to you as a friend right now? Then telling him will be a lot harder as you would need to consider how this would affect the close friendship that you already have together.

The risk may be diminished, as telling him how you feel would mean you have a lot less to lose and possibly more to gain. However, if you build up an overall picture of your friendship, and address the pros and cons of telling him how you genuinely feel. It will go a long way towards realizing the best approach to take with him. Do you have the confidence just to tell him outright, or is the subtle approach more your style? Considering the best way to tell a friend that you like him is not going to be easy.

Your heart is telling you just to blurt it out, and confess your feelings for him wholeheartedly. But your mind is persuading you to wait, be subtle and cautious with how you approach this with him. When thinking about the best way to tell him that you like him. You first need to consider the impact your words or the revelation of your feelings may have on him. There are pros and cons. Much of how he will react to what you say will depend on how well you have read the situation with him, and how he actually feels about you.

Any way you look at things. You will never know what the real pros and cons of telling him really are unless you actually tell him and are truthful with your feelings. He might just want to be friends, or he might want something more. If you bottle up your true feelings or try to hide and disguise your thoughts about liking or loving him. You are never truly going to know the truth about how he might feel, or give yourself an outlet to share these emotions with someone else.

One of the worst feelings in the world is when you are required to hide your love for someone else. You want to tell them, but external factors and how you think they might react stop you from doing this. It can be painful, emotional, and downright hard.

You need to consider the consequences that bottling up your emotions and feelings for him could be having on yourself.

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Are your hidden feelings actually affecting your friendship already with him? And is there really that much of a risk if you tell him how you genuinely feel? Only you can decide. Timing can be everything when it comes to confessing your feelings of like or love for someone.

You have to try and pick the perfect moment, and ensure they are ready and not distracted from what you might have to say. Many of the reasons you might hold back from telling him are that the timing feels off, or does not seem right. Consider the things he has going on in his life, or if there are any other external factors that may affect how he responds to you and your feelings.

Keeping it casual when telling a friend that you like him will usually be the best approach to take.

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If you act casual, talk to him lightly about your feelings or even make jokes and be playful with him. It will be much easier to get the message across. Being casual will make him feel fully comfortable and more at ease with what you are trying to say to him. If you are way too serious, or appear worried or not yourself. He will surely notice this change in your behavior, and may even change his own as a result.

Just be yourself, keep it casual with him, and let the conversation and your actions flow naturally. Try not to come on too strong, or force what you are needing to reveal on him. Take it one step at a time. No matter how clear your intentions are towards him, or how clearly you feel you can represent to him how you truly feel.

The words that you say to him will always have the biggest impact when trying to make your message clear.

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Being careful with the words you use to tell him how you feel is going to be seriously important. There needs to be a considered, thoughtful approach to exactly what words you want to say to him. If you are worried about telling him you like him, and the possibility this may affect your friendship. The words you use should always be catered towards the exact situation you find yourself in.

Pick the perfect words for him, and for him alone to hear. Keep your words honest, open, and be real with him about your true feelings. If he can hear the sincerity in your words, and they are delivered to him in a genuine way. You can almost guarantee he will take notice, and take on board what you are trying to tell him. It pays to be mindful about who else knows your true feelings, or that you like him.

If you wish to tell your other friends or discuss the best way to approach him. Be certain that what you say has no chance of getting back to him. This is especially true if you are still not ready to approach him and tell him exactly how you feel. You may wish to confide in your other friends to figure out when and how is the best time to address it with him. Once you have let your feelings be known by him. You have to remember this is the first time he is hearing your feelings of like or love. Put simply, he needs time to mull things over and absorb the words you have said to him.

Give him time to process and get Telling your friend you love them head around the idea that you really like him. No matter how you plan to reveal your true feelings to him. Telling a friend that you like him is never going to be without its risks. What you say to him could affect how he sees you and how he views the friendship moving forward.

So preparing yourself for a bad reaction and being ready to accept whatever this could be is seriously important. You need to be ready for a negative reaction as well. So whatever the case may be. Always be prepared for the worst possible outcome. Telling a friend you like him is never without its risks, and this is especially true if they are already a close friend or your BFF.

A good way to keep his attention or perhaps even make him have some considerations of his own is to drop hints.

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Dropping hints for him is a way to subtly suggest that you like him, without actually saying it. You can drop hints likeā€¦. By being suggestive, or dropping constant hints to him. There is a chance that he may realize what is going on, but also actually like it. He might begin to see you less as a friend, and more as a potential love interest.

Telling your friend you love them you get yourself used to doing it or become clever with how you choose to do it. It may actually begin to change how he feels about you, without you ever openly saying how you feel. If you are good friends with him or have been close friends for a while. He may be able to second guess your next move and what makes you tick. However, the real secret to showing a friend you like him without actually saying it is to reveal a new side of yourself they are not familiar with.

While still fully being yourself, if you reveal parts of your personality or even a spontaneity and humor he has yet to discover. These are just some of the ways you can reveal a side of your real-self that he may not have already seen. This will help you discover which areas of your friendship could potentially lead to him seeing a new side of you.

When you can show him that you really care for him and that you are always there for him when he needs someone to talk to. The battle for a possible relationship is already halfway won. Like any healthy relationship, while you are friends with him if you can be a shoulder to cry on or someone to vent problems to about work or other things.

He will definitely start to build up a mental picture about you being someone he can rely on. Much like if he was already your boyfriend if he comes to you for advice or always opens up to you about his feelings and thoughts. The next step is simply to be his rock. Be someone who is always there for him, and also find an opportunity to tell him that you like him or how you feel too. If you already act like his girlfriend and cover most of the bases when it comes to supporting him emotionally.

What are the things you should avoid doing when telling a friend that you like him without ruining your friendship together? Telling him how you truly feel will never be without its risks. Your actions and how you perceive your friendship will have an important bearing on how your message or emotions are received by him.

It can have an impact not only on your friendship but on the possibility of love. If you bombard him with your feelings in a way that feels overbearing or unexpected. It could be a bit of a shock for him, or perhaps even a turn-off. You need to give him plenty of time to think and get used to the idea that you like him. Never try to get the message across to him that you like him by starting rumors. If you start going around creating rumors or hearsay about your true feelings towards him. You may find that what you want to say to him is lost in translation.

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With rumors, you frequently have no control over how they are spread and delivered. So the chances that it has a negative impact on you will be severely increased. Timing is everything when you are planning to tell a friend that you like him. Instead, be supportive and be there for him. While it can be hard to take or accept. The clues to how he views your friendship can be firmly found in what he says to you, and how he treats you compared to others. You can still let him know how you feel, but there is no guarantee he will reciprocate these feelings.

Telling your other friends that you like him is not without its own risks. Put simply depending on your friends. Some people are not good at keeping secrets and others may find it funny at your expense that you like the guy your good friends with.

This is not a good idea! In the meantime just be a good friend to him, be there for him, and be sure to be ready and waiting to reveal your true feelings when he happens to longer be in a relationship. If he confides in you about his love interests or possible relationships.

Telling your friend you love them

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