Swinging with friends

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Open new ticket Watched. We've completed a tech update with changes to Thread Prefixes, Copy and Paste support, the way posters can Insert Tables, and more! Swinging with Friends. Thread starter Dahellisdat Start date Aug 19, Forums Discussion EtcetEra Forum. You are using an out of date browser. It may not display this or other websites correctly. You should upgrade or use an alternative browser. Dahellisdat The Fallen. Oct 25, My wife and I are swingers. There is a ton of innuendo in our group chat My wife and I talked about this recently after hanging out with them cause we both picked up on it.

We agreed we would both be into playing with them if they were into it. Were both now I know if everyone was into it, it would be amazing, more meaningful than relationships we've had with other swinger couples we've met, and certainly convenient because we see each other frequently. We're going on a trip to a chill secluded lakehouse this weekend with our families and I have a feeling the subject is going to come up. They said they're bringing a thumb drive with porn on it to watch possibly joking, but I don't think so, they've mentioned it multiple timeshave expressed much excitement over using the hot tub after all the kids are asleep.

Curious what advice anyone might have BabyShams Member. Nov 7, 1, Fuck it. Fiction Fanthropologist Member. Oct 25, 4, Elf Tower, New Mexico. Bring it up in the hot tub. If they react badly, just go with the 'joking' bit. Sounds like they might be receptive, but then again my friend group tends to make sexual jokes and such about each other but would be pretty skeeved if someone tried to Swinging with friends it seriously so I dunno.

Deleted member User requested closure Banned. Oct 25, 12, If they are newbies it seems like it could be a bad idea but if you are both experienced in the scene it would probably work fine. I wouldn't make that first move though. Oct 27, 9, Miami, FL. What could go wrong? Ashhong Member. Oct 26, 10, Remember to post the story on Reddit after so i can read it thanks. Fiction said:. Click to expand Oct 31, 8, Dahellisdat said:. I def have friends that make sexual jokes too, but not like these.

These jokes seem much more personal and there have been moments when I think theyre on the verge of just coming out and saying something about this, or I can see them looking at each other like they're trying to gauge if its the right time to talk about it yet Yaboosh said:. StrangeRoboMemory Member. Oct 25, 7, Toronto, ON. Was always into Monica but Phoebe has a certain something. Shola Akinnuso Member. Oct 27, 1, Henderson, NV. I feel like I've seen thrillers that start out this way. Best Friends. Sexual frivolity. A secluded lake house. Swinging with friends only thing missing is the life insurance policy.

I say avoid. Maybe Swinging with friends talking about swinging in general, admit you've done it in the past, and gage where you go from their reaction? That might be a better idea than just inviting them willy-nilly.

May 29, 7, I have absolutely no idea how the mindset of a swinger works, this seems crazy to me, and especially in the circumstances, but shit, I'd defend your right to live your lifestyle, you live your life how you want to, and I'll watch this thread for a while because apparently I might be discovering that I have voyeuristic tendencies. Edit: Oh, wait, what if you enjoy some grown up time, but you give each other covid and then later the kids breathe it?

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DixieDean82 Member. Oct 27, 8, I'm not normally a swinger but if they look like Courtney Cox and Jennifer Aniston. You bet your ass I'll be there in a heartbeat. Oct 29, 4, If you and the husband and really that close I would just talk to him privately and let him know your concerns about making things weird.

That conversation will tell you whether you should go for it or not. If it somehow is all just a big understanding you will have a funny story with your friend. Nov 7, 5, Dear penthouse Oct 27, 4, Eh, that seems like something you can't come back from. It seems kind of risky trying to sneak it in during a family trip too. Aurica Comics Council The Fallen. Oct 25, 18, A mountain in the US. They sound like they're into it.

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If the dude is your best friend, why don't you mention to him that you and your wife are swingers but don't feel safe doing it with strangers during the pandemic. He might be like, "Oh, well I have a solution for you. Tawpgun Member. Oct 25, 8, It seems that even if they aren't into it, they joke and talk about sex stuff so openly I think there's no harm in talking about it.

Grym Member. Oct 27, 2, You know they have had experiences in this arena. They don't know you have. Next time things come up jokingly or not like that, tell a minor story about an experience you've had in Swinging with friends past to make them aware you've been involved in this too and see what their reaction is?

KoopaTheCasual Member. Oct 27, 5, I'm so excited for the Monday update. Yay or nay, it's gonna make for a very good story, lol. KoopaTheCasual said:. Ferrio Member. Oct 25, 11, Meatfist Member. Oct 25, 1, I think you have a shot though, we talk sex with other couples but wife butt pics is pretty next level lol. Browser Member.

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Apr 13, 1, II don't really want to bring it up in a willy nilly way. Even with the couples we've met with in the past where we know they're on board with swinging, we've had pretty deep conversations beforehand about what everyone is comfortable and not comfortable with before doing anything physical.

I think I'll probably just bring it up one of the nights we're there and tell them we've been getting vibes from them, tell them about our experience as swingers and see if they might be into the idea of it without pressuring anything. EloquentM Member. Cth The Fallen.

Swinging with friends

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