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How's the fs? Any extra like kissing, bj, etc? Another girl there is Emma. Just as stunning as Cindy. Gave a great massage and a nice HJ but thats about it. Has a tat on back of right shoulder and waist. Young athletic type body. Real dark skin and nice b cups. Her and Cindy together. Now theres a dream.

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New girls started working here now. Jasmine who only works on Wednesdays offers FS which is the first time I've been offered it in the last 3 years I've been here. Thanks for the reply, i'll ask about her next time. I was wondering if you ' have been with both of them, how would you compare Cindy's massage to Nina's? Cindy works on the weekends and possibly Friday, Monday. Maybe ring and ask. They might be having trouble finding girls. Cindy works on the weekends ans possibly Friday, Monday. I didn't cum so hard in a long time. I went with Nina, do you know what days cindy is going to be there and do you think i should give her a try?

I think so. I never really look at that side. Cindy is younger short with great tits.

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Nina is older than Cindy short with great tits. It is a very good service by very lovely bodies. Unfortunately no real touching just a nice hand job at the end. Shower before and after and very private location. Just new carpets and maybe a new coat of paint. Nothing major but looks good. Mirrors still there!! Renovations - do they still have the mirrors in the walls? They were great at looking at the ladies naked while they were massaging you. Went in last week. They were a little late in re-opening due to renovations.

Saw Cindy. What a lovely body.

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If only you had the funds to go every day. Same price same service. Has this place closed for good. Walked past the other day and the carpet was being ripped out of the cottage. We t there last week and saw Cindy. My what a body. I cum just thinking about her tits. The massage is average but if you use the mirror to watch her body OMG. Happy ending was a bit more entertaining than usual with a finger up the ass.

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Probably needs a bit more involvement from her to be worth advertising. Would definitively pay a lot for FS but she always says no. No FS. Other babes are either hot looking with cold rnt or not good. Mac I can identify with that. Some of these girls seem to think that fast is good and faster is better. I'm with you - slow and sensual gets me over pretty well. Also, some of these chicks don't know that the balls are sensitive and can be Sutherland adult massage if handled roughly So I was in the area and decided to check this shop from the many on offer.

Unfortunately for me, I had a dud session. Ain't called punting for no reason. It was Sutherland adult massage Friday and of the two Thai girls on shift, I had Jasmine. Not slim, I would say a 'big' girl by Thai standards. The premise is a white detached cottage at the end of a row of shops. I rang the door bell and Jasmi. Visited here Tues. Normally see boss lady who is away for 5 weeks, anyway Cindy has a great body.

Definitely a good place. I have been there a few times but the door has either been closed or a lady comes to the door to say that they are busy. And now I know why! Called in a few days ago about midday. I was greeted at the door by a light skinned Chinese woman wrapped in a towel.

Went inside and waited a few minutes in a small alcove with a door and some magazines, while she finished up and showed out another punter. Been here a of times. Younger ladies are very attractive. Older lady not so much. But both times ive had an hour with the older lady shes offered hj at the start and at the end.

Also her massage is great. Consistently a great place to visit. Been here two time. Great service. The first time had great service. Second time had two girls, better service. Girls here really enjoy there work and make sure you are happy also. As with most places, look nice, clean yourself up and treat the girl nice and you will receive the service you are looking for.

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As for price, fair for what you are paying for. Pay for an hour, you get an hour, not 45 or 50 mins. Shower is avaliable, clean but only room for one, hehe. Rooms are clean but alittle. For those wondering, its Linda. Went back on a Thursday and she was in such high demand, I had to sit through 2 short sessions to get her and a guy who had walked in with no booking was trying everything to get her. Got straight to the erotic stuff again.

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Very good. Does a lot of things other parlours won't but I think oral and entry is not in the equation. I'll ask for Nina Sutherland adult massage time and see who I get. The lady I'm after is older. She gives a great legit massage and an equally good ending. Does anyone know the name of the older lady who runs the place?

I've turned up twice with no booking and both times she's given one of the best massages I've ever had. All the ladies there are great but I really want to book an hour with her. Problem is I don't know her name so I can't ask for her! I've noticed a few posts that make it sound like a Sunday afternoon visit could be pretty interesting. Can anyone recommend any particular girls that give extra's?

I'm really only looking for a blow job in place of the happy ending but interested in hearing about anything else. Thanks in advance. Went here recently. Had the best session. The girl was a round but healthy girl. She was extremely friendly and flirty. Got straight to the extras somedays I'm into that and spent the whole period enjoying the extras. Would love to know her name. She works Thursdays and Sundays last had her on a Saturday though has massive tits and a bit of acne on one side of her face.

Thanks for all the info! I've been wondering what the local places where like and you've answered so many of the questions I've had! The girls and great and the service wonderful but a little pricy and I wouldn't mind somewhere closer to home. I didn't realise any of the Sutherland parlours did doubles! Now with the Sutherland places can you just come in off the street or should you book ahead? Also how ope. Sutherland is my local, tried all of the shops but it still depends on the girl on the day.

Jasmine's at 29 Eton is good value but in my experience you need to see one you like and establish a relationship over a couple of visits to get the best service, Julie is excellent and allows a lot of touching Sutherland adult massage, sucking her lovely nipples, 69, CIM, and gives an excellent massage, most of the visit she is nude for me after a period of seeing her. She's not 20 but to me very sexy, and having a d. Competitors often do not undress until the last 10 minutes. Adelong St, however, is quite a great offer in price and friendly attention.

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You may have turned up when the mature, attractive lady was 'holding the fort' alone or answered the door. There are several young, attractive ladies throughout the week. Not a bad establishment at all. It's an old building so the room and the shower was a bit antiquated but the service was terrific.

Sutherland adult massage

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