Smitten by him

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The word usage examples above have been gathered from various sources to reflect current and historial usage. They do not represent the opinions of YourDictionary. A consonant blend is made up of consonants found next to each other in a word where you say the sound each makes as you pronounce the word. Take a look at some consonant blend examples and consonant blend lists to help you understand this basic phonics concept. Playwright and U. She became ambassador to Italy inthe first American woman to represent her country to another major world power.

Her marriage to publisher Henry Luce gave Smitten by him Boothe an opportunity to compete also for journalistic acclaim. Home Sentence Smitten Smitten sentence example smitten. Fortunately, Bill was equally smitten with Katie. Had she been that smitten or so desperate to leave? He was immediately smitten with violent pains, and after a few days died. He knew this just as he knew he'd been smitten by both women.

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Oh, Miss Sidwell, you have me quite smitten. Edward by no means despaired of crushing it, and had raised a large army, when lie was smitten with an illness which prevented him from crossing the border. Smitten with panic, Dillon's force fled at sight of the enemy, and Dillon, after receiving a wound from one of his own soldiers, was murdered by the mob of Lille. Next morning the poor man was smitten with a raging fever. ly Africa smitten by new animal pestilence Jesus H.

Christ we're all going to die! In relation to the publicans and soldiers who, smitten with remorse, sought out John in the Smitten by him, his baptism was a purification from their past and so far identical with the proselyte's bath; but so far as it raised them up to be children unto Abraham and filled them with the Messianic hope, it advanced them further than that bath could do, and assured them of a place in the kingdom of God, soon to be established - this, without imposing circumcision on them; for the ordinary proselyte was circumcised as well as baptized.

The smitten pair - who split up in - left the club hand-in-hand. When God brought His people out of Egypt He gave them manna from heaven and water out of the smitten rock. Newly returned from France, she catches the eye of Ben Coulson and he is instantly smitten. At the wedding feast Eochaid 's younger brother Ailell was suddenly smitten with a desperate love and longing for Etain.

In a moment of workshop exploration, I found a lathe, had a play and was immediately smitten.

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He is also totally smitten for Dawn the office receptionist. I am in the middle of Ultimate World and am completely smitten. Ahh, she was lovely, Cupid could see why Richard was so smitten.

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His heart may be smitten with the love of the truth, and his mind be fully fraught with its arguments. But she was taken prisoner and smitten with disease, and during the period of her absence all earthly fertility was denied. His bleeding shoulders covered by the purple robe, His head crowned with thorns, His visage marred and smittenperhaps beyond recognition.

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Smitten Kitchen: Smitten by him Wedding Cake: Deb Perelman is a food blogger and photographer who chose to bake a wedding cake for her friends from scratch. Ben Affleck was so smitten with Jen, that on her 33rd birthday, he presented her with a 4. Young boys around the world were instantly smittenand she gained even more attention in when she starred in Gremlins. While more limited in its scope of fun consumer applications, the business world has been smitten by the power and security that Blackberry provides for even the most sensitive data.

Joe action figures at an earlier age, increasingly smitten by the grownup images of young celebrities such as high-profile athletes, movie and television stars, and recording artists. Use every opportunity you can to show off your athletic skills, and he'll be completely smitten.

Aries is immediately smitten with Aquarius and the skill the air exhibits in every undertaking. Fashionable ladies around the world are familiar with the colorful collection, and those who see the shoes for the first time are usually smitten. The plant, called Audrey II by the smitten Seymour, is a type of Venus flytrap, which Seymour accidentally discovers thrives on human blood.

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Felipa fell in love with Dawn, who appeared to be equally smitten. The hero is smitten with sore disease, but the fragmentary condition of this and the succeeding tablet is such as to envelop in doubt the accompanying circumstances, including the cause and nature of his disease. There Thomas Lynom, the king's solicitor, was smitten with her, and wished to make her his wife, but was apparently dissuaded. But man has been smitten with blindness and ignorance: he knows neither the eternal law nor the things which await him after death.

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Athena also gave the Athenians the olive-tree, which was supposed to have sprung from the bare soil of the Acropolis, when smitten by her spear, close to the horse or spring of water produced by the trident of Poseidon, to which he appealed in support of his claim to the lordship of Athens.

On the 11th of March Talal, smitten with an incurable malady, fell by his own hand and was succeeded Smitten by him his brother Matab; after a brief reign he was murdered by his nephews, the elder of whom, Bandar, became amir. One of the he "is smitten unto death," but is healed of the death stroke. Whereas both the mountains and valleys of the Astintagh and of the Akato-tagh the next large range to the Astin-tagh on the south are arid and desolate in the extreme, smitten as it were with the desiccating breath of the desert, those of the Arka-tagh and beyond are supersaturated with moisture, so that, at any rate in summer, the surface is in many parts little better than a quaking quagmire.

After four days Holofernes, smitten with her charms, at the close of a sumptuous entertainment invites her to remain within his tent over night. In the following year Godwine was smitten with a fit at the king's table, and died three days later on the 15th of April Scrope he had been smitten with a painful disorder, Faction in which Smitten by him enemies declared to be the punishment the court. The revival of high doctrines of prerogative in the crown was accompanied by a revival of high doctrines of privilege in the House of Commons, and the ministry was so smitten with weakness and confusion as to be unable to resist the current of arbitrary policy, and not many of them were even willing to resist it.

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Don't ever get smitten by some blonde with big boobs. How is the shepherd smittenand the flock scattered! Simon Cowell engagement rumors are met with denials by the American Idol judge…but he does admit he's " smitten ". A considerable of paralegals become so smitten with the profession that they become full-fledged lawyers. The boy is smitten.

Browse other sentences examples The word usage examples above have been gathered from various sources to reflect current and historial usage. Related Articles. Examples of Consonant Blends A consonant blend is made up of consonants found next to each other in a word where you say the sound each makes as you pronounce the word. Clare Boothe Luce Playwright and U. Also Mentioned In love smittenness acroceraunian head twitterpated unsmitten. Words Smitten by him smitten in the Dictionary smithy smithy coal smiti smiting smitings smitt smitten smitten kitten smitten kittens smittenness smittinid smittinids.

Smitten by him

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