Side effects of huffing gasoline

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Authored by Olivier George, Ph. Gas sniffing often starts as an experiment or a temporary escape from everyday problems; however, this pattern of behavior often le to addiction. People who huff gasoline do so by putting a rag soaked in gas over their mouth or nose huffing ; collecting gas in a plastic bag and inhale it baggingor simply by sniffing it directly from the canister or a bottle sniffing.

Some users even drink alcohol along with their sniffing routine to enhance the effects of gas. All the ways are extremely dangerous and may cause the irreversible damage to health. Once a person inhales the gasoline, it enters their lungs and then blood stream, through which all the dangerous substances are being transferred to the brain and other organs. The effects of gasoline sniffing include slow reflexes, hallucinations, dizziness, nausea, vomiting, speech problems, extroversion, and coughing. Due to high levels of hydrocarbons, gasoline acts as a central nervous system suppressant.

Another dangerous ingredient in gasoline is lead, which induces hallucinations. Dangers of huffing gas include breathing problems, brain damage, immune system problems, heart, liver, and kidney damage, headaches, arrhythmia, seizures, coma, cancer, and death.

Gasoline can also cause sudden sniffing death syndrome or SSDS. SSDS is usually caused by inhalant abuse—in this case, gasoline—which le to irregular heartbeat and consequently, death. Furthermore, negative behavioral patterns may surface such as exhaustion, aggressive demeanor, and paranoia, which can lead to unemployment and consequently, financial problems. Gasoline withdrawal symptoms tend to be mild.

Most common withdrawal symptom related to sniffing gasoline include:. Needless to say, abstaining from huffing gasoline completely is the only solution for a person addicted to Side effects of huffing gasoline. Treatment and recovery are based on building a strong support system. The user has to commit to the cause and change their life completely. This includes finding new ways to cope with everyday problems.

Most gasoline abusers as well as people huffing other household liquids are people from lower socioeconomic classes. According to studies, some gasoline sniffers have a history of alcohol or drug abuse, so gasoline, in essence, is their last resort. Finding a new and healthy coping mechanism can be a great challenge for users, as well as professionals who provide counseling.

Building a strong support system is the key to a successful recovery. That is why it is of paramount importance to recognize a gasoline abuse problem. Olivier George is a medical writer and head manager of the rehab center in California.

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our addiction treatment communities. What are the effects it can make after a month? My Granddaughter huffed gas and her behavior has changed she gets in trouble at school and there is no reasoning with her. She is only I was delivered from meth 34 years ago! And still going strong.

God bless you forever! I do it daily night…! Now i cant stop I think this will be the reason of my death….! Bro I used to do it all the time allegedly and would have fun but the next day when you wake up allegedly you really just question why did I even do that. I love the smell of gas coming out the lawnmower or some vehicles exhaust. I have a bad heart I have just umpteen diseases and disorders and I have no idea why am doing this… I am an artist it started out with the paint thinner to clean my brushes and it went from there… God help us all I will pray for you if you pray for me!

I have a classmate who is so addicted, he soaks his clothes in gas before the day starts so he can smell his clothes all day. Just had effects from sniffing gasoline… I just loved the smell…. How can I get better?

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I huffed gas when I was around 10 or I remember hallucinating that aliens were talking to me and I pissed my pants. You definitely hallucinate too, I thought i was in a mario world but everything looked mean so to speak. Try enjoying life the sun, sky, grass, flowers, people that care, church, exercise, get a hobby, make Side effects of huffing gasoline friend you know hook up. I get in my hand every few days i pull into the gas station and there gas trappedninbthe nozzle from the last customer and if im getting gas for sure.

I was a habitual and daily Huffer gasoline for 9 years. I now have an enlarged liver and no energy whatsoever. I believe that comes from my inability to take a good breath of air. It has caused me sleep onset paralysis where I wake up paralyzed and see demonic entities in my sleep. It has caused me central apnea due to the damage cost to my brain stem, I stop breathing and require a CPAP machine. Thank you James you helped a lot… Good luck to you. I am 22 and i have been huffing gas since the age of 10, about a half a gallon or more daily, my bones feel like im about 70 the pain is so bad it seems like huffing is the only way to sooth it.

But i do not regret my decision and when death finds me i will rejoice. Bob please keep me in touch. I really want to discuss this with you. That is sad dude… I will pray for you! I dont consider it an addiction in my case but it does help me relief my self… I do it be cause of the hallucinations… there in my shed I have met multiple celebrities.

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I have friends and I am loved by my parents but having those hallucinations keeps me asking for more. I get to be some sort of superhero and have even been made up new superheroes that arent even out yet. Its kind of weird, but I just realy enjoy it. Im not lecturing you because I am also addicted. I was huffing gas and In big amounts and I zoned out for 1 sec or something.

I was able to get up and I just started running. I think I was abt to die because if the flashing lights. I almost passed out or died and that why I stated running. What does it mean if you see white flashing lights. I had a similar experience. May God be with your friend. I sniffed gasoline fumes straight from the tractor gas tank not allowing any oxygen in.

I would take many deep breaths and then lay on the ground and spin. Many days in a row. If it took 20 years for the bad side effects to show up, it probably wasnt gas. Their are times when someone will say something and the word will sound weird and trigger sum in me and i would feel high for a couple seconds. If you have brain famage from huffing, then lead probably isnt doing it.

It may be due to brain damage. If it is madness because of brain damage, just make lemonade with the lemons, man. I think the attraction to huffing gasoline is the the ethanol. We have to try to deal with our problems in a more constructive method. I have done it once a week or I would be clean for 2 weeks even up to the month but smelling the ethanol drives me back. We have to be strong enough to walk away. Best of luck to you.

My daughter has been sniffing Side effects of huffing gasoline rag of gas lately and carries a container of gas in the trunk. Shes an opiate addict. dating site

Now the gas. I asked her to stop. Her eyes are all glassy. Im so scared. She says its nothing n ignores me.

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I dont get it. She takes sedatives as well. I know money is tight. Iis this easy high cause of no money? I think its her escape. How can i make her stop! I dont want to loose her. Shes 34 w a baby! Where do calls go.

Side effects of huffing gasoline

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