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This actually happened in Since this story, we have met with Steve many times.

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This is a story of the first time. She is 5'3, lbs, 36A chest. But I placed an ad online and was inundated with replies. I asked each person to send me a pic and Susan looked through them. One in particular struck us-from Steve, about mid 30s and it was a picture of him from the back, clothed. After a of s between us and between Susan and him, she met him for lunch.

A few weeks later, the three of us met for lunch. All three of us got along well. Share wife story wanted to meet for lunch again before moving forward but the more she and I talked, the less we seemed to need another lunch. I rented a junior suite which had a separate bedroom. Susan and I arrived at the hotel on Friday and got an early check-in-about noon. Steve was to us about 1 and he could only spend a few hours as he had to get back home to his wife and family. Susan and I checked in and she changed into a sexy nitey and put a gown over it.

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We arranged it so the tops of her breasts showed. Susan called Steve and left a VM with the room. Just as Michelle came out of the bathroom, there was a knock at the door. I opened it and it was Steve. We were all nervous. We sat and talked for a while in the sitting area. I think Susan may have opened her gown a bit at my encouragement. Finally, I think it was me, said, ok, what now, and I think I suggested that Susan and Steve go to the bedroom to get comfortable. They went to the bedroom and I told them to let me know when I could. I heard Susan laugh nervously a few times.

She also called out once nervously laughing that Steve was removing his pants. Then there was silence. I heard kissing. I could only imagine what was happening.

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When I went to the bedroom, Susan was on the edge of the bed with her legs spread. Steve was on his knees eating Susan and holding her hands in front of him. I was amazed as Susan generally does not Share wife story oral performed on her. She later told me she almost came. I took my pants and shirt off. Before long, Steve got up and laid on the bed with my wife, kissing and fondling her. Then he had her get on top of him. I knew this was it. My lovely wife was about to have sex with another man for the first time since we had been married.

And then it happened. It was an amazing sight. Clearly she loved it. After a while, Steve rolled over and he was on top, penetrating Susan completely and fully. She seemed to be in heaven. He was reaching depths I could not. Then he told her to get on all fours so he could enter from behind. She hesitated for a brief moment and then jumped to all fours.

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She was amazing. Our sex was so vanilla compared to the way she was acting now. He entered her as I kissed her and played with her breasts. After a while, Steve pulled out and turned her over and got on top again. It was a wonderful sight. Steve rolled off my lovely wife and she laid there exhausted, her cheeks flushed. I began kissing her. Then I leaned over and had my first creampie. Susan was so wet from Steve and tasted so good. I put some of his cum on my Share wife story and Susan licked it. I then made love to my wife Susan.

At first, I could not feel much as Steve had opened Susan so much but Susan put her legs together and I was done within minutes. We both looked over at Steve, standing there taking pics of us. I suggested to Susan that she clean Steve and she started to move toward him but he told her to wait until next time. It then seemed a little awkward as we realized what we had done but Steve cleaned up; we got up and said goodbye to Steve, he gave Susan a kiss and we agreed to meet again.

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Susan and I talked about our experience everyday. She definitely wanted to be with Steve again and we both would like this to be a long term relationship which Steve said he also wants. I loved watching her have sex with Steve and then making love to her afterwards. We have chatted with Steve by. A mid 60s woman has rediscovered sex with a much younger man-and loves it. When I am there I perform orally on her after Steve cums and she tells me she likes it.

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