Scorpio man gemini woman love

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Linda Goodman is renowned best selling astrologer who has written books on Astrology and in depth knowledge of swhich has redefined the way of Astrology.

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It was two against one that angered him. We should start right out by admitting there are some relationships composed of this Air and Water mixture which succeed — some Twins and Eagles who easily manage to find a lasting love, built together on a firm foundation of mutual respect.

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Not a lot, but there are some. Without such an astrological boost, however if their Luminaries and other planets are in adverse aspect between their birth chartsthese particular Air and Water s might find it easier and safer to remain friends, avoiding the wild winds of passion and the deeper waters of forever vows. Scoring high on a compatibility achievement level is not forbidden to them, but they both must be willing to make a constant effort. Not only that, but she double-parked and blithely expects him to pay the ticket.

It is at this point, or at some similar stage of discovery, that the Scorpio man will rub some of the Stardust from his eyes, take a long and penetrating look at this woman who nearly stole his heart, and cautiously decide to deliberate a bit longer the possibility of his promising to love, honor and cherish her for the rest of his days before a man of God. Scorpio is secretly very religious, you know.

It may be that she will hardly note the slight change in his attitude.

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What about the way he stares at every female he meets, and stares and stares and stares? She has only herself to blame for her dilemma. Being a Gemini, and having cut her teeth on the dictionary, she should be well read enough to know that a Scorpio male, with his deep, rich, magnetic voice, and steady, wise gaze, possesses the fascination of a Serpent.

Formidable as his outward appearance of strength and stillness may be, beneath it is a silent mating call few females can resist. It is simply not to be believed. This man can do anything he sets his mind on doing, literally anything. If he chooses to become president — of his class, his company or his country — he will attain his goal and become president. If he wants to seduce a girl into being his woman for keeps, she has lost the battle before it begins. He will make her his. All this can be spooky, Halloween-scary to the bright-eyed Gemini girl, who asks nothing of life but change and excitement, gaiety — and something to challenge the intellect.

When she feels those Pluto vibes reaching out toward her, you would think she would run, as she would flee from a panting gorilla in the jungle, who means business. You would think so.

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I would not. Because I am aware of Scorpio man gemini woman love astrological quirk that allows a Scorpio man, at odd moments, to more resemble an innocent, velvet-eyed deer than a gorilla — so sweet, gentle and sensitive, so apparently in need of comfort and loyal support, a girl would have to have a heart as hard as bricks to hurt him in the slightest way, like running away from him. It may be set at a cooler temperature than the heart of an Aries, Leo or Sagittarius girl with more fiery emotions, but it is soft in all the right spots, and the appeal of an intelligent man, whose burning eyes can see through her soul, hits one of those spots with deadly aim.

So much for why and how these two usually fall in love. More is needed about how they can manage to remain in love. Since Scorpio is a Fixedhe has an abundance of self-control. Since Gemini is a Mutableshe possesses an abundance of adaptability to help her cope with fluctuating scenes and emotions, which she will surely need to call on eventually with this man. She is surely a challenge to him and to his masculinity, since most Gemini females are full of feminine wile and guile, smelling like cologne, usually dainty and light hearted, witty, talented and clever.

But Gemini is a masculineand as for Mercury, the planetary ruler of the Twins changes sex as unpredictably as the wind changes its course. So there will be times when she will offend his sense of manhood, other times when she flatters it. Her intellect will never fail to fascinate him, but he may be disappointed when he discovers that her intelligence is satisfied to skim the surface of most matters, to analyze then discard them, feeling no need to probe the depths, as he does in every subject from sin to sex, from religion to reincarnation, politics to polygamy.

All she needs to know about geology is the difference between turquoise and quartz; that the gold rush took place in Colorado, near Pikes Peak, and may occur again, if America goes back on the gold standard. It might really disturb his tranquility regarding his relationship with her if he learned that. As for gold, Scorpio needs more than surface knowledge.

He wants to keep up with all the fluctuating gold prices, the details of assaying, the intricacies of sinking a mine shaft — and so on.

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When it comes to the sexual side of love, it must always be remembered that, although Scorpio is a strongly sexedthe ability to maintain continence, chastity and self-control as in the religious life of monks, priests, etc. Assuming he has fallen in love with a Gemini woman, he is presumably not one of the Scorpions who have chosen the rigid discipline of abstinence.

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He will not, however, look upon sex as a game, as a frivolous pastime or a promiscuous sport. Sex is the Secret of Life itself to him. Normally, a Scorpio male who receives genuine and intense response from his mate will not look elsewhere. An Eagle is very curious about sex in his youth, but he probably will have satisfied most of his curiosity by the time he marries. His attitude toward the physical mating of love is deeply passionate, overwhelmingly sensual, yet with a certain strain of purity woven through it, amounting to a religious fervor with a few Scorpios. The trouble is that sex is not the Secret of Life itself to the Gemini woman.

Her attitude is experimental, and the deeper secrets of sexual union are secondary in importance. Yet, her very detachment toward physical passion could cause the Scorpio man to find the Gemini woman absorbing sexually, a continual challenge to him to prove to her that sex and God are linked, that all creation is nothing without the blending of Man and Woman.

You already know how Scorpio hates to lose refuses to lose is a better way to state it. In the area of their intimate sexual union, he simply must win. And that will be truth. An Eagle cannot. For Scorpio represents the eighth astrological house of sex among other matters to Gemini.

Therefore, she really does find him magnetic and compelling, never mind her pretended detachment. If so, these two can be wonderfully, unexpectedly happy, to the mystification of their relatives and friends, who see only the surface differences between them. Otherwise, the vibrations of the Sun Pattern may cause both of them to experience periods of deep unhappiness from time to time. If they each desire to do so. Desire is the key word. To intensely desire to rediscover and retain the brightness they first knew means that they love.

And love can cement anything, even hearts that have broken into a thousand pieces. Post Pagination Next Post Next. Gemini Woman and Scorpio Man Compatibility Linda Goodman is renowned best selling astrologer who has written books on Astrology and in depth Scorpio man gemini woman love of swhich has redefined the way of Astrology.

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Scorpio man gemini woman love

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