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Nonfiction-essays, memoirs or articles; limit 20 s. Poetry-limit 2 poems, 5 s. Drama-excerpts from plays or screenplays, limit 30 s. Con test Rules: Entries accepted only fro m incarcerated contestants. Ma nusc ripts must be typewritten or legibly handwri tte n in English. Name, priso n ID numbe rn a me a nd a ddress of institutio n must be o n front o f all e ntri es. Contestan ts may ubmit only one enll ' in each categot '. Entries will no t be returne d unless accompa nie d by a self-addressedstamped e nvelope.

Only unpublished manuscrip ts and art will be conside redwith the excep tio n of pieces that ha ve a ppeared in prison pub licatio n s. All e n tri es become the property of Prison Life, and the winners will be published in Prison Life magazine. BoxSto ne Ridge, NY Conte st Deadline : Decemb e r 31, The m essage he brin gs fr om behind the wall is one of selfrehabilitation t hr ough education, community awareness and political action.

His convict students are producing some notable writing. Jjr l S. Jfr nt. Single copies in 1hc U. I Jouston. T X Application to 1nail ar 2nd Cl:t-! Alex Friedman. Gray, Ste. I remember September, during th e siege a nd ultimate m assacre at Attica, watchi ng n ews of th e riot o n TV. Even thenbefo re I had been to priso n, I was o n the co nvicts' side. I watched the ri o ts a nd negotiations before the bloodbath and felt wh at the prisoners we re dema nding was r easo n ab le.

Eve n the mo st unreasonab le of d e m a nds seemed reasonable to me considering what h ad been do n e to th ese me n. The word co njures im prove their lives, th ey will im ages o f state-sa n c ti oned rise up and resist. Official Wh a t th e prisoners debrutality.

Helme ted, faceless men manded at Attica still makes in b l ack u n iforms swinging sense to me. Humane living trun c h eo ns. H e lico pte rs dropco ndi tions: Try li ving in a pin g tea r gas bombs. P o l ice filth y cage, a brutal a nimal sh arps h oo te rs in fl ak jackets factory, as anoth er ex-con picki n g off caged, d e fen seless named Eddi e labe led ou r men as th o u g h the y were penitentiaries, and see how shooting ducks on a pond.

Attica was th e the Southern District of New Yo rk, citing were in place and I was able to com plete turning point, the first major post-'60s the Prison Reform Litigation Act ed the co llege edu cation I' d aba ndon ed exercise of p olice violence. The line by Clinton in May, caved in to demands whi le o n the outside. I was h oled up at between th e fascistic forces of wealth by Mayor Rudy Guiliani and eliminated the Metropolitan Correctional Cente r in a n d power-greed, oppression, sta te- th e Co nsen t Decrees that regulate Manhattan for nearly two years figh ting san ctioned killing and brutality-and the conditio ns in New York City's jails.

The continuing criminal ente rpri se. Oh God, I was a prisone1; too. Could not recognize the faces standing over me. They were all dressed in uniforms of brutality. How many rivers do we have to cross Before we can talk to the boss? All we have got it seems we have lost. We must of really paid the cost. That's why we're gonna be Burnin ' and lootin' tonight. Burnin' all illusion tonight. H o w m a n y Atticas mus t we live th ro ugh before o ur leaders recognize the lessons of history? The men at Attica revolted for th e same reasons that men and women in fed eral prisons went off last year at this time after Clinton ed yet a n ot h er pi ece of shit legislation deny in g the bas ic ri g ht of equa l protection unde r th e lmv.

Educa ted convicts who com e r ece ived 15 yea rs. MCC was, and I'm back ou t and use the ir prison learning sure sti ll is, a crazy j oint. The no ise and to improve their communities a re a vital in sa nity o n th e h ous in g units was fo r ce aga in st the c rim e-gene r a tive re lentless. One of the few ways to escape co nditi o ns Eddie d e fin es as being the the din and c haos was to go d own to th e prima ry reaso n most me n a nd wo me n li brar y.

I began my study o f the law at MCC. If I had not had t h e b asic e du cation n ecessary to read an d unde rstand the law, I would n ot h ave been ab le to co m p r e h en d th e c har ges aga inst me a nd I wo uld not have been able to exercise my rig h ts und er the Constituti on t o d e fend mys Sbf seeks swm for dating and East Dublin lf. H ad I lacked t h e ed ucatio n to understand the language of th e law, I wo uld never h ave A been able to see that wha t the gove rnm ent was a tte mpting 6l. While leaving the law library at MCC o ne d ay I saw som e prisoners sitti ng in a classroom h av in g what loo ked like an e ngag ing discussion wit h a civilian teacher.

I knew one of t h e me nlater I aske d him what he was studying a nd how he happened to e nro ll in th e class. Because I h ad a lread y rece ived o n e senten ce and was serving that time whi le fig hting the n ew case, I was ab le to e nro ll in Empire State Co ll ege. When I a r rived at the penitentia r y, I wind up in prison. With the departme n t. At first I was cleaning elimination o f the Pell grants, a Sbf seeks swm for dating and East Dublin now toi lets, mopping and wax ing floors, but with the new restrictions o n prisoners' wh en my duties were done I could read, access to law libraries and th e courts, a ll write, conti n ue my sllldy o f the law th at th a t has been lost.

In time I was ab le to what that crime is or deny hi m the skills enroll in some classes through the Pe ll and opportu nity to answer the charges. I m e t my first computer in a country is illite racy. Education is basic prison education class. And I met othe r t o th e fundamenta l struggl e for men who we re trying to use the ir time equality. To de ny those who have bee n to improve the ir m inds a nd e n h ance cha rged and punish ed for co mm itting th eir chances of staying o ut o nce they crimes the right to unde rstand what it is we re r e leased.

Th e ed u ca ti o n de- socie ty doesn' t like abou t their be havior partment was an oasis of sanity a nd calm will o n ly assure tha t they do it again. Now he Sbf seeks swm for dating and East Dublin right to access a law libra ry and obtain us ing th at e duca tion t o improve h is th e mate ri a ls n eeded to prepare my OOOOOH The law is imme nsely co mplex and diffi cult even fo r judges to understa nd.

To punish people for committing crimes and then deny them the r ight to understand their predicament is barbaric. T h e P r is on Litiga ti o n Reform Act is a throwback to pre-Attica times, just as the resurrection of th e chain gang is an atavistic mutatio n in the deformed evolution of o ur criminal j ustice syste m. The eliminat ion of ed u catio n programs in priso nth e e nd of rehabilitatio n is a gross big h ouse mi rro rimage of wh at is h appe ning in the socie ty at large.

No mercy. Kick th e m wh ile they're down. What d oes rehabilitation mea n? Just wh at Edd ie Ellis says i t m ea ns: learning about the causes of our be havior, learn ing from o ur mistakes and m ak in g c h a n ges i n ou r lives through ed u ca ti o nthrough takin g respons ibility for o ur actio n s a nd our envi r o nment and st ri ving to improve i t through community work th a t b enefits everyone.

Th ere are ove r fo u r t im es as man y people in priso n now as th ere were 25 years ago when the first major ba ttle in the new civil war took place. The Voice of tl1e Convict is th e voice of Eddie Ellis call in g for ex-co n victs to o rgan ize and in spire th e p eop le in th e ir co mmuniti es. It is the voice of Mumia Abu-Jama l fr o m death row ca lling for an end to s t a tesanctioned m urd er. These prisoners an d e xco nvicts kn ow: By ending opportunities to make positive changes, by resorting to the tactics of brutali ty a nd making s ur e o ur pr isons remain anima l factories, we force the convict back to violence.

But it is society at la rge that will pay th e cost. H e was quo ted in The New York Times as saying, "Re pressive regimes always send people who speak the truth to prison. H e d oes not wish to comme nt o n the reasons for his inte rest in th e subject ma tte r, except to say that Pa ris, d ee med th e C ity of Lig h t, is foreve r to him a ci ty of tiny da rk streets and sh ady action.

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H e r work h as a pp ea r e d i n Creative Nonfiction. She was born August 4,and is still alive. H e is presently a t El Dorad o in the Kansas state system. H e has received num e r o u s award s fo r his wri ting, includin g Best Column in th e Pen al Press Awards in and Optical, Inc.

BoxDept. You can have your prescription lenses ground by Prism Optical, and choose from a of lens options, including photochromic lenses, ultra-thin lenses, fashion tinting, and UV-filtering and scra tch-resistant coating. Single vision, bifocals, trifocals and invisible bifocals are available. Prism guarantees that the g lasses will fit correctly, and the catalog provides guides to gauging the correct size of the temple and bridge. The d ecrees dictate standards in a of aspects of priso n life includi ng overcrowdi ng, access to phones an d to the lawsuits over the conditions and legality of their confin e m e nl.

The Prison Refo rm Act, fa r from reforming anythi ng, esse n tially wiped out all the gains m ade in pri sone r s' rights legisla tion si n ce th e Attica rebe lli o n over prison conditi ons 25 years ago. Mayo r Rudolph G uili ani has been trying to have the consent de crees resc in ded sin ce s h o rtl y afte r tak ing office. Judge Baer is the sa me fede ral lackey who caved in a nd overturned his own ru ling in a co ntroversia l drug case after h e became the target of fi e rc e cri ti cism from Guilian iGovernor Pataki and Clin ton earlier this yea r.

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I n h is ru l ing, J udge Ba e r expressed stro ng rese r vations about th e new federa l law, pu s h ed by Re publicans who control Congress, to make it much more difficult, if not imp oss ibl e, for prisoners t o bring The Supreme Court su rprised c ri minal defendants and defense lawyers on June 24,when it reversed the double jeopardy-forfeiture decis ions in consolidated cases, U.

Ursery, 59 F. One Assortment of 89 Fire-arms, U. T h e Justices found th a t tak ing a Preside nt Clinton h as continu ed to d isting ui sh him se lf as the best defendant's home and property in rem by Democratic Preside nt th e Republicans a civil Sbf seeks swm for dating and East Dublin is not punishment, although have ever had.

In the four years Clinton it is punishment if the same prope rty is has been in the White H ouse, h e h as taken from the defendant in personam, by done more to undo the progress made indictment. There was one r ay of hope left fo r defendants in fooU1ote 3 of the opinion, which states that doubl e jeopardy may a ppl y to c ivil forfe itu re where the "clearest proof' indica tes that it is so punitive "as to b e e qui va lent to a criminal proceeding.

The warden of t h e prison sa id Patti cou ldn 't leave the in s titutionbut caused pro blems by wandering th e hallways day a nd night. For many of these childre n, the 2-week camp is th e only place they can be free of the stress of hiding their HIV condition. Women prisoners spe nt four days of the long weekend walking in a stiff wind around the third-of-a-mile track in the recreation yard. For that brief pe tiod, an unu suall y p ositi ve, coopera ti ve atmosphere prevailed in the priso n.

It wasn'tjust that th e women prisone rs were walk ing toge ther, o r that th ey we re ing d1e effort to extend their support to the ir co m m u nit ies a nd fa mili es outside, caring for o m ers enduring hard circumstances. It was also that we were, for a time, powerfuJ instead of powerless. When th e AIDS p a nd e mi c began hitting our communities, it was clear to us that if we didn't educate ourselves and care a bout women getting HIV, no one else would.

We've d esi g n ed a nd produced pa nels for the Names Project AIDS quilt, and sponsored a showi11g of pan of the quilt here in the prison.

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Augustin e's Cath o lic C hurc h in Pl easan ton. Carol a nd the minis tr y generously serve as our outside volunteer sp o nso rs. Several peopl e fr om St. Augustine's communi ty ed us in the walk, and they receive and disburse funds donated fo r the mil es we wa lk ed. The Walka thon was a way for us LO do so methin g for our co mmunities.

We need support from our communities too. Prison authorities discovered t h e inmates' re mains an hour afte r they were reported missing. The service award said, "This in-yourface magazine gives us a realistic picture of a much-mythologized world-by offering everything from recipes for in-cell cooking to exposes of human rights violations in our nation 's prisons. With growing prison populations, maintaining perspective on the huma n issues involved is critical, and Prison Life does just that-with courage and integrity.

Ke nne th J. J a m a l a nd p ass ing th e m to state Abu-Jamal, a form e r radi o repo rte r officials outside th e De partm e nt of and Black Pa nth e r, is on death row in Corrections, Ben so n said. Prison the State Correctional Institution after a officials h ad defended th e ir actions murder conviction in the d eath of by say ing they were in ves ti ga tin g Phil adelphi a police officer D a ni e l whether Abu-Jamal h ad viol a ted rules Fa ul kn e r.

Benson issu ed his ru ling in Benso n d ism issed Abu-Jamal's claim respo nse to Abu:Jamal's request for an th at priso n officials vio lated his civil order prohibiting prison officials from rights when they refused him access to b locking future inte rviews or ope ning a pa ralega l who had also visite d him soc ia ll y.

Sbf seeks swm for dating and East Dublin

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