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This blog Site. Posted by Callan Bentley. Relative dating collection I 36 outcrops and samples. Relative dating collection II 24 outcrops and samples. As with all my GigaPan stuff, you can zoom in to great detail in each of these images.

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In this case, the images are united in a theme of having some sort of relative dating story to be told. Though the details vary by image, the concepts covered include superposition, lateral continuity, original horizontality, inclusions, overprinting by tectonic fabrics and cross-cutting relationships.

There are igneous intrusions, folded sedimentary rocks, and several kinds of unconformities. The images featured are mostly mine, but also include a substantial contribution from my colleague and former student Robin Rohrback, and a handful from other student researchers and 3 more from my colleague Ron Schott. I used five of the images on the first in Historical Geology class the other day, one at a time I told students to Relative dating images their computer or smartphone or tablet in advance. After they worked on exploring and thinking about an image individually for a few minutes, I then reviewed it as a class discussion.

I share this compilation with you teachers in the hopes that it may be useful as the basis of an in-class exercise or a homework asment.

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Some are more straightforward than others. So here are the same imagesbut now organized into 5 smaller s of a dozen images apiece:. Relative dating sub-collection A 12 outcrops and samples. Relative dating sub-collection B 12 outcrops and samples.

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Relative dating sub-collection C 12 outcrops and samples. Relative dating sub-collection D 12 outcrops and samples. Relative dating sub-collection E 12 outcrops and samples. We are currently engaging a consultant to help us streamline some of our painful processes that require repetitive actions to compile data — mostly hydrological at the moment but I have ideas for others.

The consultant is just starting out and may consider some pro-bono work to be able to display his services to perspective clients. Let me know if you are interested and I can have him contact you to see if he can be of service. And thanks for sharing!

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Thanks Charlie! Save my name,and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Home Blogs Discussion About.

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Relative dating images

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