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Armed Forces, but adds an external hammer that has been requested by so many of our valued customers. If you have had a hard primer and the gun misfires, the Series senses this and automatically gives you instant "Strike Two" capability by resetting the trigger for automatic double action re-strike.

No need to do anything else, simply pull the trigger. When it fires, the will automatically revert to single action by itself. If it falls on a dead primer, simply manually recharge and keep going. Love it, never failed to function, front sight came loose after a couple years, not hard to fix. Impossible to beat for the money. Good compact 9mm, very hard to find accessories or parts for it. Love the Gun and my NRA instructor was very impressed with it when I had my conceal carry test shoot Fast shipping.

Its a large frame 9mm. Magazine rattles a little bit. No misfires at Pt809 for sale on this one. It a really nice large frame 9mm. The trigger breaks very close to the frame and its hard to get a good pull on it. Also in double action the length of pull and stiffness It feels like about 15lbs make it very hard to ruin your sight picture. Its basically a Glock clone with a hammer and everything works.

I'd recommend it, but beware the trigger.

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If you need a good trigger to shoot a gun well like me you might find this one too difficult. Only thing I had to do was put rubber bands around base of magazines so they won't wiggle, easy fix. Nice Novak sights, easy takedown, accurate shooter. Shoots as well as my Ruger American or Beretta 92a1. Bought this gun some time ago and have had several periods of carrying the weapon. This is an acceptable compact 9 MM but there are better options out there.

The gun has been reliable and has a good, consistent finish. Fit is average as you would expect for a gun at this price point. If you can go striker fire, better options abound for just a little more money.

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Good pistol for ccw. I have had zero failures in the rounds fired. I have fired steel,aluminum,and gr cast relo. I enjoy shooting this handgun and do not regret purchase. I bought this a few years ago. It ships with 2 mags.

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Hi Fred, Practice your trigger pull with these. They help Pt809 for sale testing a new firearm to get used to it. These will also save your firing pin when dry firing. Stainless steel. James, two 17 round magazines, plastic case, owners manual and warranty card, cable lock, loader test casing. Let's hope the fellas at Taurus read this. Marc, there is a rounded hammer version. Actually, it does come with a hard shell case.

Two magazines and the backstraps. Also included are a cable lock and manuals. This info is based on a Buds review from just two weeks ago. Based out of Brazil, but this could very well have been manufactured in Miami, Fl. Taurus makes a lot of firearms at that location.

Taurus has actually discontinued this firearm. They are supposed to be replacing it with a new series of pistols. Heard some good things about these though. Hope this helps! There are no problems related to Taurus PT Search GunCritic. Taurus PT Reviews: Popularity: Featured Taurus PT Deal. Taurus PT Guns. Taurus PT For Sale. Taurus PT Sportsman's Warehouse. Taurus PT Primary Arms. Taurus PT Brownells.

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Pt809 for sale

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