Overly emotional men

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Elaine N. Aron, Ph. She found that certain traits are more common among HSPs, from being easily overwhelmed by strong sensory input to being more sensitive to pain. However, the way the characteristics are perceived and accepted by others do.

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He says society has certain cultural beliefs and expectations of both genders, and some traits around sensitivity are viewed as more stereotypically female — and are rejected more when they come from men. Curious if you are one? Keep in mind that these traits are common to highly sensitive females both kids and adults as well.

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The highly sensitive male may be more emotional than non-HSP males. This can be a positive thing in that highly sensitive men can be in touch with sensitive situations that call for emotional responsiveness. Highly sensitive men tend to be conscientious and detail-oriented, which can prove to be very useful at work, as you avoid making mistakes.

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However, you can also become frazzled if you have too much to do at once. Instead, they like their current routines. If these routines are changed, it may throw you off and take you more time to adjust than it would a non-HSP. the introvert revolution.

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Oneevery Friday. The best introvert articles. Subscribe here. Similar to introverts, overstimulation often makes highly sensitive men crave alone time — anywhere they can find privacy away from external stimuli. If this describes you, you may fall into the HSP category.

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While others may not think twice about such things, highly sensitive men like you are more than aware of them and even relish them. Want to reduce stress and thrive as a highly sensitive person?

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We recommend these online courses from psychotherapist and sensitivity expert Julie Bjelland. Natalia Lusinski is an editor at Introvert, Dear and Highly Sensitive Refugeas well as a lifestyle journalist, and her byline can be found in several publications, including Business Insider, Yahoo, and Forbes.

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Until the pandemic, she was a digital nomad blogging about it at NomadicNatalia.

Overly emotional men

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