On the Sweden for a cool guy friend

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Written by Raeed. Written by Yen. Written by Hazal.

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Written by Marina. And why is it usually difficult for introverts to make friends in a foreign land?

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Based on my personal experience I came up with some tips which will help you to break the ice or at least melt it and make amazing friends while you are in Sweden. Before jumping into the tips, you can check out the introvert vs extrovert infographic below to see which characteristics match with you more. Personally, I am an Omnivert, so a mixture of both, let me know in the comment section below which one is you. Trust me getting to know your personality helps you to socialize.

All the new students usually go through the same situation you are going through, so you need a little bit less effort to break the ice and find common grounds. Participate in that event and trust me getting to know people is much easier through activities because these events are basically icebreakers. During the orientation week, you can also be a member of different student clubs based on your interest and passion.

The main objective of this program is to make the new international students feel at home and settle down in Sweden smoothly. So, take advantage of this amazing program and make new friends after coming to Sweden. I have provided links of several universities who are offering this buddy program, check them out. Most of the cities have language cafes where you canfor your convenience, I have provided several links below.

If meeting new people feels like a chore to you then living in a student housing can be the perfect solution.

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Sharing the same kitchen and other amenities in the housing with other fellow students help to create a strong bond among the students. Read this blog by Yen to get to know more about the perks of living with other students. So, what are you passionate about? It can be sports, film, music, reading or food, pursuing your hobby not only helps you to express yourself but also find like-minded people who are equally passionate about that topic.

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If you are one of the courageous one then why not start a new Swedish hobby as well, maybe singing in a choir or playing ice hockey? Nowadays we literally use apps for doing everything check out this amazing blog written by Lauren about useful apps to help you navigate life in Sweden so why not use apps to make friends as well. If reading is not your thing then you can check out the video below as well and share it with your friends. New country, new weather, new people can be overwhelming for anyone, especially leaving your entire family and friends to start a new life can be daunting.

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It becomes more difficult if you are an introvert like me because taking the first initiative to start a conversation is usually not on our agenda. So, pick whichever tips are suitable for you and make your own rules to make friends in Sweden. You know why is it? Because a lot of Swedes are also fellow introverts like us. So welcome home! Photo: Raeed. Written by Raeed 22 Nov The perks of sharing a flat with other students.

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Written by Yen 14 Nov Written by Hazal 20 Oct Meeting new people in Sweden — Tips to make friends! Written by Marina 25 Feb Get connected with apps Nowadays we literally use apps for doing everything check out this amazing blog written by Lauren about useful apps to help you navigate life in Sweden so why not use apps to make friends as well. Everyday life The Swedish way. Everyday life How-tos and tips The Swedish way.

On the Sweden for a cool guy friend

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My Friend, Andreas, From Sweden, is a Good Guy