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In fact, I believe that the world is our reflection. I have professional training and work experience in Human Resources, with an emphasis on recruitment and selection, appraisal evaluation, occupational qualifications and Angolan law. I love to share my knowledge with others. This is why, between June and I provided English language instruction in a training institute near Luanda.

I am involved in social activism, and I believe in encouraging a love for reading and writing, encouraging artistic creativity and humanizing people through art. I hope to contribute to the reduction of poverty and unemployment around the world. I am young African leader who was born in Angola in a humble family. I am kind and frank who loves interacting and entering into dialogue with people of different nations. I work as volunteer in my community by teaching youth who lack opportunities.

I work with American Missionaries to distribute medical equipment in Angola. I believe in the empowerment of women and men in every social area. Pinto Gaspar Alfredo Angola Entrepreneurship wanuquefilhos gmail. My world vision consists of identifying the problems that people live with and the difficulties with which governments struggle and working to solve these. I believe in a vision of the world can inspire rulers for perpetual improvement in management. I work to solve world hunger by investing in agriculture and livestock. I am a young African lady who strives to make change across Africa.

I am currently a student at the Botswana ancy College pursuing a B. Sc Hons in Applied Business Computing. I am the founder and President of WoTech Botswana Women in Technology which focuses on empowering women and young girls to take up careers which are male dominated.

I also work as head of Social Media in Google Developers Gaborone, I help the underprivileged by donating clothes and food and by delivering training courses in IT. I am also the class representative of my year group at College.

As a young entrepreneur, I am currently planning a summit with Google under the Women Techmakers chapter, which will be the first summit of its kind not only in Botswana but also in Africa as a whole. I am an activist for gender equality and human development. I believe in empowering innovation and technology for development. My name is Mogomotsi Molaodi. I love making personal connections with all the marginalised kids of Botswana. My biggest drive is to make an impact in young lives especially orphans and vulnerable children. Anthony Molosi is a young entrepreneur, co-founder of H. He specializes in—among other areas—poetry and short stories.

In his journey as a creative writer, he worked with groups like SAHA within the University of Botswana in and is currently a proud member of the Poetavango spoken word group which is a society based in the beautiful village of Maun. As a member of the Poetavango spoken word poetry society, he works to not only change the lives of communities through arts, but also to help Olyphant assertive swm for petite sub woman with other societies in order to bring about positive impact to the lives of the people.

He believes in nurturing youth entrepreneurship and addressing climate change. Rotlhe Rabana Botswana Civic Leadership rabanarotlhe gmail. My name is Rotlhe Rabana and I am from Botswana. I am passionate about taking youth off of the streets and giving them opportunity.

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Instead of roaming the streets taking drugs, stealing, dropping out of school, etc. I am an enthusiastic well-disciplined university graduate with extensive experience in leadership, and ready to meet organizational challenges with the ability to assimilate new culture and disciplines. I serve as a Board Member of the Botswana National Youth Council, the council whose mandate is to lobby and advocate for youth inclusion in policy formulation by the Government.

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Apart from being on the board, I am also working with youth in my community to come up with ideas and projects that can help reduce and eventually eradicate drug and alcohol abuse among young people in our community and the country as whole. I am proud of my being voted into the National Youth Council. I believe this is a substantial achievement that will go a long way in nurturing my leadership and youth advocacy.

Galaletsang Itseng Botswana Entrepreneurship kgosileru gmail. She is currently working in the tourism industry in Botswana where she aims to develop the industry to new levels recognizing the revenue her country could make by strengthening the sector. She is also a CEO Olyphant assertive swm for petite sub woman her own tour operation. Michael Moemedi Sean Koorapetse Botswana Public Management and Governance "Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world. Basetsana Ntshime Botswana Civic Leadership bmokola gmail.

I co-own and manage House of Scents, a shop that sells oil perfumes in Gaborone. I did my primary school in my village from to I left to the town where I did my secondary school from to I have been involved in the creation of the Arab Women Speakers in Comoros. Nyeoe Paul Ntene is a youth activist and entrepreneur from Lesotho with a passionate interest in advocating for quality and productive education, youth participation in policy formulation and implementation, leadership and conflict management and good governance. He has nine years active experience and he is currently a Commonwealth Youth Ambassador.

Nyeoe is currently studying towards a qualification in Management Leadership. Lebohang Kuenane Lesotho Civic Leadership lebohang. Lebohang describes himself as a creative genius, eccentric, a lover of art, and a man with an idea that will change the world. He is an avid political activist, who is also a volunteer providing tutorials mathematics and science. He is involved in a community project that will give the community access to adequate clean water. Meshack Mothepu Lesotho Civic Leadership meshackmothepu gmail. I am from a rural area of Taung Qhalasi Haramoitoi.

I founded and volunteer for Bacha Ba Matla Multi-Purpose that promotes democracy, social development, and economic growth pathways as sources of optimistic social capital, encouraging strong sense participation within community, empowerment and inclusion among its members and restoring interpersonal relationships and harmony. I believe in promoting a sense of community ownership since this promotes competition. I like voluntary, democratic organizations in which people hands in promoting society, common good and self reliance. I prefer decentralized economic or transformation of government control to people control, since they can better respond to local needs.

I find objectionable big, authoritarian, centralized corporate or government control. I am Rethabile Joseph Manong, a Mosotho national with a strong desire of becoming the best agent of change in my community as much as I possibly can. I have worked with dynamic groups of people my contribution has been ificant. Daniel Molemo Maphasa Lesotho Entrepreneurship maphasamolemo5 gmail. I am currently unemployed but got involved in an aquaculture project, aquaculture referring to farming of aquatic organisms including fish.

I view the world as a composite image where different resources, values and structures are ecologically connected together to make life meaningful. I graduated with a BSc in Information Systems. Shatu Nhlapo Lesotho Entrepreneurship mzshatu gmail. I hold an honors degree in Computer Systems and Networks Engineering.

In I founded another cloud based services company whose turnover was more than 3 Million US Dollars in its first year. Maliehe Madingane Lesotho Civic Leadership madinganemaliehe gmail. May name is Madingane Maliehe and I was born in Lesotho. I am a media professional working in the area of print and broadcast where I take up various roles such as journalist, marketing, radio presenter, content production and editing.

I also worked in the United Nations country office in Lesotho with a Human Rights team where I look specifically at press freedom issues. Fr "I invest of the environment where I am.

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I am determined to make things better, to develop things, to make sure our environment is healthy. Since NovemberI have been volunteering at Operation Smile as a translator for the speech therapist. I also currently volunteer at a Catholic radio station, and have volunteered as a speech tutor, helping parents of children with cleft palates to improve their speech after cleft palate surgery. As a radio presenter, I enjoy talking about activism with young people, and we have great discussions about what should and should not be done. I invest of the environment where I am.

I hold a Bachelor's Degree in Business Management, and I have studied for two years in the fields of multimedia, law and tourism. Fr "My passion is to nurture a generation of empowered, strong and highly motivated young people, equipping and developing them to do great things selflessly of great impact in their societies, nations and the globe. My name is Glory Angel Muva. I am the Chairperson and Co-founder of the Care for our Girls campaign, an initiative developed by the Maestros leadership company which aims to inspire a young generation of women to take up the challenge of leadership by creating opportunities for excellent leadership and academics, and empowering young women with the necessary tools to enable them to become highly effective visionary leaders.

I am an aspiring global leader who works toward change and development. Elizabeth Karonde Malawi Civic Leadership elizabeth. I am a young and vibrant woman curious about the world, and eager to make a difference in my community and country. I am a young woman who believes that African development lies in the hands of African people, and each one of us can play a part no matter how small!

Mark Ndagonera Malawi Entrepreneurship ndagonera yahoo.

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These people are a victim of hunger and poverty. I am Mark Ndagonera, working at Mzuzu Central Hospital as an Orthopedic Technologist, involved with fabricating assistive devices to those in need. I am an activist for people with disabilities by promoting good services to accessibility of assistive devices which simply AD L. I graduated with a diploma as an Orthopedic Technologist. My general achievement is that I managed to compile a proposal of developing a company that will provide rehabilitation and deliver assistive devices.

Wezi is an entrepreneur with hands on experience in forestry rehabilitation operations and an interest in the environment. She employs disadvantaged youth and women who are prone to alcohol and abuse from semi-urban areas affected by poverty and illiteracy. With a background in insurance and marketing, she organizes women into several village banking groups to encourage financial discipline in areas where technology and development is still lagging. In this male dominated field, her tireless ificant contributions led her to be voted Treasurer of The Association for Viphya Rehabilitation.

The world is a diverse place with endless opportunities for those who do not back down to life challenges. I am a civil servant working with Mzuzu City Council. I work as an Executive Director, working with community organizations. I work to complement government efforts to achieve universal primary education by reducing dropouts rate. In far too many cases, children from poor families do not complete their education.

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My academic qualifications are a Diploma of biblical studies and a Diploma in project management. In my work, I have trained 8 young people in leadership and created a team of 13 people in our community to support underprivileged persons. A simple act of kindness may help in bringing a smile on the face of each and every person. I am Diana Seesurrun from Mauritius.

Olyphant assertive swm for petite sub woman

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