Not arguing in a relationship

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You know those couples who make marriage look easy? Those couples who never fight? No one ever said relationships were easy, but some couples seem to navigate it with such ease. What are they doing differently? These couples have learned that fighting is only meant for a Not arguing in a relationship arena and not a relationship. Check out these 8 things that couples who never fight are doing differently! The big difference between a fight and a disagreement lies in communication. You have to talk about the things that are bugging you.

You have to have a conversation about your differences in opinion. No cold shoulders, no freeze-outs, no sweeping issues under the rug. I once heard a quote that has stuck with me forever:. So your wife always leaves her tennis shoes out for you to trip on or your husband crumples his wet towel and drops it on the floor when the towel rack is two steps away. There will always be little things that just bug us. Couples who never fight have learned to let those little things slide.

You probably had disagreements or fights before that leave both of you feeling angry all day…even several days. Learn to apologize quickly. Being quick to apologize will save you lots of heartache in the long run. My father once told me a story about a woman who felt her marriage was on the brink of divorce. She sought counseling and was told something unexpected: compliment your husband every day for one week. Compliment him?

On what?

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She had nothing positive to say about him, but she agreed to the challenge. This one tiny gesture improved their relationship immensely. A little thank you is a big deal. Do it, in your head, and then find a way to openly say it out loud. Life gets busy, we all know that. And a relationship, like a plant, needs nourishment to grow. That nourishment is time spent together. Go out on a date. Just make it happen, even when work gets crazy or kids overrun you. Lay in bed together for an extra 15 minutes rather than rushing to get up.

Meet for lunch or snuggle up for a movie night. Whatever you do, do it often.

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Whoever coined the phrase, laughter is the best medicine, was right on! One of the most endearing qualities that drew me to my husband is his ability to make me laugh…even after 10 years! When you fill your relationship with laughter, there is little room for fighting. It sounds simple, but so many times, in so many relationships, selfish desires get in the way. Healthy relationships are all about compromise, as cliche as that sounds. He likes to golf, you like to shop—take turns watching the kids while you both get to do what you want. For some of you, these things come naturally, others have to work hard at them.

Many therapists believe fighting is a healthy part of relationships. We are about to make it so easy for you — check out these great ideas for bringing back the romance, the easy way:. SpIcE it up…8 dating techniques. What a wonderful article!

This is how marriage is supposed to be and I am so proud to say that my husband and I enjoy this kind of marriage. There are no fights, maybe disagreements, no raised voices and plenty of love and caring to last a lifetime. We are high school sweethearts and have had our share of BUMPS in the road, but we found that when we were belittled or attacked by others, we always had the others back.

So true Vanessa. I want to give to him my best as much as I am able.

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I do not like any sporting events! And he prefers when I NOT ask questions about the game. He will even permit me to have a Romantic Film on the main TV. Not always, but a good part of the time. The biggest hurdle for married couples to acheive is a simple biblical principal — to die to self! This is incredibly important. I love this! But we always remain respectful of each other and resolve issues without fighting. So thank you!! My ex and I never used to fight. He is an avoidance personality and avoided conflict at all costs to the extent of suppressing his own feelings and wants. So no fights, but plenty of unresolved issues that ultimately led to divorce.

To be able to discuss with your partner what is bothering you and find a solution. My new husband and I have been together 12 years and no fights. We are child-free by choice. Disclosure: This post may contain affiliate links.

This means, we may receive a small commission if you choose to purchase something from a link we post including links to amazon. Share Pin Comments What a wonderful article! That is so, so important. I completely agree. Thanks for sharing this tip! Know what he said? Stop leaving your shoes everywhere. I keep tripping over them.

Not arguing in a relationship

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