My ex started dating his ex

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Well, sometimes people want to go back to what is comfortable,especially after a breakup. They believe will make them feel better… or, i suppose, less bad. The main thing I want to cover today is when you ended things and with him and he just went back to his ex. We will also briefly touch on the scenario of if he ended the relationship for the purpose of rekindling a relationship with his ex, which is just the worst.

Regardless of who ended things with whom, the feelings you face when you are trying to get through a breakup or get back together with an ex are the same across all situations. To demonstrate here are some anxiety-ridden questions and concerns that I frequently find in my messages from people in this situation:. Darla: Do you know what the saddest thing in the world is?

Some breakups are decisions made over a lengthy period of time. Then there are those that are made impulsively. I get it. You fight.

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Words are said. And you immediately regret it. It happens to the best of us. I implore you, though, before you start on the Ex Recovery journey, take the time during No Contact to reflect on your actions. Determine whether you actually want him back or not. Being unhappy with someone else was better than being on my own. Imagine what a cruel twist of fate it would be for your ex boyfriend to be dumped, pine after you for months, start dating his ex, and drop her for you only to be dumped again 4 months later.

Especially someone I once cared for. BUT if you realize that you only want to get your ex back to avoid loneliness or to feed your ego, let the poor guy move on. And you should do the same. There is absolutely someone out there who is a perfect fit for you. As you should know by now, No Contact works to give you and your ex time and space from one another to recover from the breakup. It is an opportunity to heal any leftover negativity left over from the relationship and the breakup.

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And it gives him time to miss you and realize how much joy you brought to his life. The goal being to drive a wedge between him and his current girlfriend. The key is that there is actually nothings romantic going on between you two — both you and your ex will be aware of that — so his girlfriend will seem nuts with her assumptions and insecurities. Eventually, he will get sick of it. This will leave the door open for the two of you to try to rekindle something again. So, keep the flirting to a minimum. Keep your emotional cool.

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He probably was sad and lonely, so he returned back to someone that felt comfortable, and who he felt like he could be vulnerable with. Remember: You ended things with him. That gives you the edge over this other girl. He still cares, even if he tries to act otherwise. Ego gets involved and you want to prove something to the person who hurt you to show them what they lost out on when they lost you.

Your ex, even though he has moved on, may be reaching out to you and trying to keep in contact because he is trying to show you what you are missing out on. It is also possible, as I mentioned before, that he may be keeping you on the back burner, on the off chance that you change your mind and want to try a relationship with him again.

It is important to recognize that he went back to his ex after you ended things with him. He is probably hurting and wanted something familiar and comforting, which led him straight into the arms of his ex. When you are developing a rapport with him, it is just as important to start re-establishing trust.

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This will take time, a lot of rapport-building, and even more patience. Despite him being back with his ex, you still have some power, because you are the cause of his unhappiness. That means you have the ability to be the solution as well.

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Since your ex is still contacting you, it is the ultimate time to implement The Being There Method. It will make her more and more insecure the longer it goes on. This will make you look better and better. As I said, most of this article is coming from the place of someone who broke up with her boyfriend, THEN he went back to his ex.

But what if your boyfriend left you for his ex? Well there are several articles here on the site that cover this. They were together a year, and he ended it, saying there was no one else and he wanted to be friends. Two months later, he was in a rekindled relationship with his ex.

He had lied to her on two counts:. My biggest advice here is not so much in the vein of how to get him back. Forget that guy! My advice is to take care of YOU. Remind yourself that you are worthy of love, that he is an awful human being and a liar, and you deserve so, so much better. Self-care is the best medicine I can recommend in this situation. I understand you still may want him back. We have covered a lot today, and I have hooked you up with a LOT of resources to get your ex back. Whether you broke up with your ex and just realized that you made a mistake or broke up with him hoping that he would come crawling back, you have to do the following:.

It sound simple, but it takes time. So, patience is key. So, in the comments below, I want you to tell me about your breakup and what you have done since then. Our experts My ex started dating his ex help you determine which length of No Contact you should do and what your best next action should be.

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. My ex started dating his ex how your comment data is processed. My ex and I were together for 18 years with 2 break ups. The 1st time he left me to go back to his ex-wife whom he was married to before, they got married for a 2nd time. She had an affair and he divorced her and came back to me.

She got married to the guy she had an affair with. We had a son in and in he had an affair with a friend which lasted 6 months. I forgave him and gave him another chance. This year he left me again for his ex-wife. It hurts so much that this woman keeps interfering in our lives. Will it last? Yes she is the common issue in the relationship, but he chose to betray you.

I was dating a guy intensely for a couple weeks, said he was over his ex and pursued me relentlessly. I noticed his ex creeping into conversations, his words and actions did not match up. I hinted at us parting ways, he then ended things saying he wants to be friends and get back with his ex. Blessing in disguise because he cheated on his ex and now wants her back. I would rather be alone than allow someone like that to be in my life. Anyone who experiences anything similar and confused on what to do.

Indefinite no contact, head high and walk out that door. Hi Elizabeth, if you want a relationship with this guy then you are going to have to follow the program and stop sleeping with him. Do not give him boyfriend privileges when he is not your boyfriend. And I just received news that he was back with his ex after 2 weeks of breaking up. We were together for 4 years of hard battles including cheating on his part and long distance relationship.

But somehow we managed to pull through. He came back a few months ago because his father passed away. So we were together almost every day since he came back. And all of a sudden, in the middle of a heated argument he decided to break up with me. I was successful on doing 30days of no contact as he was the one who repeatedly reached out to me.

But I decided not to talk to him. After those 30days. He asked me to go out with him. We met up. Talked and decided to take things slow. And today I just knew that he was back with his ex. They were only together for a few months.

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I just dont know what to do about it now. Please help. Hey Lola, so I would suggest that you tell your ex that you know he is with this other woman and that you will not be a part of a relationship when he is technically cheating.

I would suggest that you tell him to choose one or the other. And if he chooses her then you go into a NC and do not reply to him at all for 45 days, unless he tells you he ended things with her. So I broke up with my ex of 4 months. I then contacted him about another 2 weeks later on Facebook just asking how he was but he saw this and blocked me again.

Do you think it is even worth it or has he realised his feelings for his wife while we were together? If not how long no contact should I do? So my case is a little complicated and understandable at the same time. We were together for 5 months. During our last month together we were long distanced. By the end of that month, his ex girlfriend reappeared in his life. I was suspecting something was happening and social media confirmed it for me. We did this My ex started dating his ex and very emotional video call in which he admitted that his ex girlfriend appeared and he was facing a very tough situation because he was having feelings for two people at the same time.

He also admitted that he cheated on me once with her. I told him I understood the situation because I know things like that can happen especially being long distance so when he told me with tears in his eyes that he was sorry I told him I forgive him but I cannot be in a relationship with him anymore because he broke my trust. So I was the one that ended things. Did the no contact rule for about 20 days and then he messaged me. Wishing me luck on everything I was doing and again apologizing.

He had told me he wanted to be friends with me, so I continued to chat with him for a few days. It has been hard though, because another picture on social media made me see that he is currently dating his ex again.

My ex started dating his ex

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My Ex Went Back To His Ex! What Now?