Mossberg ar 15 22 review

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This is a reader gun review contest entry, for more details. I am walking proof that Mark Morford is an idiot as if proof was really needed.

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I am a young Native American with a college degree, a technical skills job, Mossberg ar 15 22 review solidly in the middle class. I may not have the strong 2A conviction of the OFWG crowd, but I do believe in being a self-supporting and independent citizen.

As such, I own and enjoy shooting guns. Just because a gun is cheap, does not mean it is bad. Now, I will be the first to admit that sometimes, a cheap gun is a cheap gun. However, the biggest proof of this point is my Mossberg T. Before I get into the meat of this review, there are two things you should keep in mind about the T:.

If you are looking for a cheaper-to-feed trainer for your tactical drills, sorry, but these are not the droids you are looking for. These guns are both offer a much more similar feel to the AR The T is essentially a Mossberg Plinkster slapped into a plastic clamshell. Your controls are different, action is different, and the balance and weight make it handle strangely compared to an AR You are much better off comparing this to other. Secondly, keep in mind that this is a cheap gun. Not too bad if you ask me, especially since I probably could have sold the ammo on Armslist for half that price at the time.

My experience has shown me to always inspect any gun before purchase, but especially with lower cost guns. The Mossberg was no exception, as the flattop model that I initially looked at had a very pronounced lateral curve in the top rail. Whether this was a result of a missed quality control item, or happened in shipping and handling was unknown, but the shop owner had to send it off for replacement. Internet rumors have listed problems with broken grips and bent barrels, but I cannot vouch for any of these.

Out of the box, a quick examination reveals that this is not a museum-quality piece of art. My rifle required some trimming around the sling swivel and the rear sight to remove some leftover plastic tags. Fit and finish were quality, but not precision grade.

The pictures below shows that the two clamshell halves match up fairly well, even after multiple disassemblies, with very little gap or misalignment. The six-position stock is an all-plastic affair, stamped with an ATI logo, and feels…cheap. It has some play to it, but it has shown no of cracking or loosening in the year that I have owned it. The finish on the metal components is pretty rugged. Impromptu rests, rattling around in a truck bed, and getting dragged around under my house chasing deadly rogue possums have yet to cause any problems. I will say that that clamshell de is a big drawback when it comes to cleaning.

Breaking it down requires removing 13 Phillips screws and two Allen head screws to get a Mossberg ar 15 22 review scrub on, so I find myself more and more just wiping down the barrel and what parts of the action I can get to easily. I would suggest spending a few bucks on a good screwdriver set.

I tried to use my 9-in-1 Klein the first few times I disassembled and the screws still have scars from the trauma of it all. It snaps firmly from side to side, without hanging up partway through. The pistol grip is modeled after a standard AR grip, and has a finger ridge that lines up in exactly the right spot for my size nine hands.

The plastic, non-removable sights are adjustable for windage and elevation. They work reasonably well once you remove the leftover junk from them. The gun also sports a bolt hold-open that is activated by pushing the charging handle in when fully retracted. Then a quick pull will allow the bolt to slide forward and chamber a round. It sounds good in theory, but in practice can be a sloppy. The first few times I used it, I found myself accidentally locking the bolt open when trying to chamber a round. Not a big headache for sure, but something to be aware of.

The gun also holds open on empty, but since it uses the follower of the magazine as a stop, you still have to manually cycle the action to chamber a fresh round. Mossberg ar 15 22 review My biggest complaint when I first bought the gun, and one echoed by the wifey, was that the top and bottom rails on the handguard are insanely sharp.

The first range visit left us both with big smiles, but raw left hands. The beauty of the de though, is that it accepts any standard Picatinny rail items you would use with an AR, of which there is a plethora. So one minute shopping trip on Amazon, and a two-day wait later, my vertical foregrip was installed and ready to roll. Along with that item was the answer for my second biggest complaint. As anyone who has ever shot the old fixed carry handle AR rifles will tell you, you have to get a little creative with the optics for the best. While the T sports a short Picatinny rail on top of the handle, getting your head up there to see it is a different story.

The 1. These two little improvements were not completely necessary, but made the rifle much more comfortable for me to use. The flattop model would eliminate the second problem for those keeping score at home. The second range trip went a lot smoother, and I had no complaints, just observations. A plastic stock and fake receiver meant most of the weight is forward of the grip. Being a. I guess if there was any recoil to a. Once I switched from a red-dot to a full scope, the problem was reduced, but it still feels strange compared to other guns. There are two things I commonly hear when experienced shooters pick the T up at the range.

This gun uses a paddle on the side of the magazine well that can be a bit…sloppy. Okay, that was my personal bias sneaking in. It is downright nasty. It has loosened a bit with extensive use insert in appropriate Shannon Watts joke herebut it is far from ideal.

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Those looking for tactical relo need not apply. It is a tack driver of a gun. I have found that my gun is a cheap date, and shoots Remington Viper grain most accurately. The target above is ten rounds at 25 yards on a somewhat overcast, but very wet day, using a cheap Centerpoint X scope and a backpack for a rest, with my golf ball marker for comparison. Stretching its legs out to 50 yards in:. This is what I would call typical accuracy.

Sadly, my wife is a much better shot with this gun than I am, and she put up this impressive 5-shot group at 50 yards on the same day.

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She just likes to show off sometimes. On days when Mossberg ar 15 22 review feel like slapping on the old red dot and doing some running and gunning, I can put up offhand, somewhat rapid-fire groups from 10 yards that stay within the A-zone of a silhouette target. Lets just say for your average shooter, it will shoot as well as you can.

A big part of this fairly reasonable accuracy comes from the trigger, which is usually a point of weakness on cheap guns. The reset is rather long, but the break feels clean with very little creep. It should be noted that the top-mounted rail is removable by means of a small nut underneath.

Do not expect your gun to hold zero when removing and reinstalling this, though. I also put a lot of different ammo through it. With the scarcity of. The full list of what I have put though it is:. It has run almost all of them without issue. It would not run the CBees at all, but that is to be expected with a subsonic round meant for bolt action guns. I read that this is an issue with this ammo in semi-automatics due to rounds being lead free. Of those ten, I tried shooting half of them through my bolt action, and all but one refused to fire. Like any. One problem that should be noted though is this; the magazines can be a major cause of reliability issues.

Since it is based on the Plinkster, the gun seems to be originally deed to run round magazines, which are also available. However, on the rounders, the area where the metal portion mates up to the fake plastic has caused me some problems. What kind of problems you ask? Well it is difficult…no, very difficult…no, really difficult to load until you get the hang of it. Rounds one through 10 go in smooth as buttah, but then have a tendency to catch. Mossberg tosses in a cheap plastic magazine loader that can be a big help, but when it stops at round 11 or 12 it is usually the follower catching.

My inordinate amounts of forcing led to some dented shells that caused me three or four failures to feed before I sorted the problem out. A little love tap on the bottom will clear that right up and you can load her to the brim. I have read that some people have problems loading them up to full Mossberg ar 15 22 review, but the two round magazines I have load with just firm pressure and a bump on the bottom at about round Allow me to explain in these four concluding points. Imagine being a kid and getting this as your first rifle.

How cool would it be to show this off to your friends? Answer: Super Cool. It looks like a military rifle and takes any accessories you could throw at it. It has an adjustable stock so it can grow with you. And it works well, so you can actually use it.

Mossberg ar 15 22 review

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Firearms Review: The Mossberg T is a Plinkster in a sheepdog's clothing