Lennox head new south wales

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A great spot for hang gliding is off of Lennox Head itself. It wasn't until that the area sparked interest among the European Lennox head new south wales. James Ainsworth was the first to take up land in the area behind Seven Mile Beach and others soon followed. Along the coast you can also go sea kayaking. There are many dolphins around this area and so you may even be lucky enough to see dolphins while you are at sea. If you don't fancy sea kayaking, then there is still a chance to see dolphins just by watching form the coast. Windsurfing and sailing are also popular activities, on the nearby Lake Ainsworth.

Although the water in the lake may look brown and dirty it isn't. The colour is actually caused by the tannin from the Melaleuca trees and is very good for both the skin and hair. There are fantastic views along the coast from Lennox head, especially from Pat Morton Lookout. It is a great place to take a sunset shot, as well as watch the surfers and hang gliders. There are several places to stay around Lennox Head and plenty of activities to keep you amused, as well as a market on the Lake Ainsworth foreshore on the 1st and 5th Sundays of each month.

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Lennox head new south wales

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Lennox Head