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Full text of " Police Chief Our goal is to help improve law enforcement management practices through training, education and networking among police professionals. But where they really shine is dual-fuel capability, which allows them to accept either Streamlight rechargeable lithium or disposable CRA lithium batteries. Reproduction of any part of this magazine without express written permission is strictly prohibited. Periodicals postage paid at Alexandria, Virginia, and additional mailing offices. Subscriptions begin with next available issue; for backdated subscriptions, place separate order for back issues desired.

IACP will not be responsible for replacement of an issue if not notified of nondelivery by the 15th of the third month following the month of issue. Please check address label and promptly mail any necessary changes. Articles are contributed by practitioners in law enforcement or related fields. No word rate is paid or other remuneration given. This issue looks at new research about use of force, data collection efforts, policies, and the different ways the law enforcement community is working not only to define use of force, but to determine how and when it should be used.

Madensen, Maris Herold, Matthew G. Hammer, and Blake R. McCray, U. They know that detecting performance and misconduct issues upstream before they become serious is a best practice they can't afford to be without. To learn more about lAPro and proactive integrity, at or www. The extensive work of the participating law enforcement organizations began in April and resulted in a National Consensus Policy on Use of Force that was released in Januaiy The consensus policy discussion paper will provide additional information Lady looking nsa AL Newville 36353 the elements found in the consensus policy—as well as the rationale for the policy directives related to de-escalation and the use of less-lethal and deadly force.

The importance and timeliness of this issue led the IACP to dedicate this months Police Chief to use offeree, recognizing that the topic is broader and more complex than only the actions that constitute use offeree, which seem to be the focal point for the media reports. I recommend that each of you read the many important articles in this issue that discuss this multifaceted issue from a global perspective.

While use offeree by law enforcement is certainly an Lady looking nsa AL Newville 36353 element, so is use of force against police. Of those fatalities, 21 were the Donald W. De Lucca, Chief of Police, Doral, Florida, Police Department result of ambush-style attacks—the highest total in more than two decades. The task force has convened a series of meetings to look more deeply at policy and operational approaches the IACP should be promoting to prevent further tragedies and to help safeguard those who have made it their mission to protect others. They are in the process of developing recommendations, and we will be sharing those recommendations and the task force s report with the membership once complete.

I have openly and publicly expressed that it is embarrassing that media outlets, such as the Washington Post, have more comprehensive data regarding use offeree than law enforcement. This lack of reliable of data on use offeree is a real concern to the profession and to the public. The portal will rely on the voluntary submission of data from agencies, and we strongly encourage agencies to submit information once the portal is complete.

As president of the IACP, my priority is to make sure that our members—and the law enforcement community more broadly—have the tools and resources they need to tackle tough issues like use offeree. Model policies are only available to IACP members.

Recently, the policy center released a new "Need to Know" paper on Nalaxone, and IACP has created a critical issues messaging resource on Nalaxone for law enforcement leaders. Access these resources at www. Wrap a virtual fence around your community to proactively prevent crime and improve safety. Add investigative power and enhance safety with fixed plate recognition cameras without increasing manpower.

Strategically positioned cameras at entries and exits create the virtual fence. The Dispatch is an opportunity for members and other readers to share their wisdom, thoughts, and input on policing and the magazine. Here's what you told us: ff We are currently getting ready to update our Use-of-Force Policy.

Some city officials believe the policy has to be presented and approved by the city council in a public meeting. Other officials believe the police department can make policy without discussion and approval in a public meeting. How do other departments handle this? Do you have a comment you want to share with other Police Chief readers?

Send a note to letters theiacp. Dear Editor, I am a member of IACP and recently read the variety of articles on the topic of police culture [February ], I found the articles informative and generally on point. The topic and method of changing the culture of a particular police agency is a complex, but very achievable challenge. The issues go beyond simply pointing out attitudes settled ways of thinking are typically displayed in behavior—good and bad and the usually vague term "culture. The feedback I get is consistently the same—law enforcers are thirsting for genuine leadership from the top down and desire to be true, authentic protectors and servants from the bottom up.

Patrick "Pat" J. Welsh, Major Ret. Visit www. Look for the in the June issue of Police Chief! The IACP worked closely with the bills sponsors, and we have voiced our strong support for the bill. For more than 20 years, the IACP has advocated for the creation of a commission that would follow in the footsteps of the Presidential Commission on Law Enforcement and the Administration of Justice. The commission produced specific recommendations for federal, state, and local governments; civic organizations; religious institutions; business groups; and individual citizens with the intent to create a safer and more just society.

The commission that will be established by the National Criminal Justice Commission Act of embraces the same mission as the commission. As clearly set forth in the legislation, the commission is tasked with conducting a comprehensive examination of all aspects of the criminal justice system in the United States. Its important to note that this legislation would not infringe on the legitimate rights of states to determine their own criminal laws or the enforcement of such laws. It is imperative that they hear directly from the law enforcement community about the need for a comprehensive review and report on the state of the criminal justice system in the United States.

Please reach out to your U. You can reach your senator by calling the Capitol switchboard at An improved battery is among the industry's longest lasting. Learn more at us. All rights reserved. The initial mindfulness-based yoga program that was highlighted in the column received positive feedback from participants and was the catalyst for the department to develop more "out-of-the-box" programs.

The police department's multi-tiered wellness program highlights the link between trauma and officer wellness and demonstrates the importance of implementing such programs for law enforcement personnel. The nature of the work changes officers forever as they are continually exposed to trauma and human suffering. Departmental wellness programs that focus on a law enforcement officers overall physical and mental well-being are the building blocks for cultivating more mindful, resilient, and compassionate personnel.

Therapy Dogs: Paws for a Pause Research studies document the benefits of human interactions with dogs. Officers would be given an area where they could go to decompress after a critical incident and interact with a dog—a silent companion who would ask no probing questions. The use of therapy dogs presents a subtle opportunity for mindfulness practice, as the mere acts of touching the dogs' soft fur, making eye contact with the dogs, feeling an affectionate "doggie kiss," or just witnessing the handlers taking Lady looking nsa AL Newville 36353 partners through a series of tricks can start to ground the officer and bring him or her back to a healthy baseline.

The department developed a partnership with Manassas Therapy Dogs, a community organization in Northern Virginia. Monthly therapy dog visits to police headquarters were arranged on a trial basis, and, two years later, the program continues to grow and expand. One area of expansion for the therapy dog program was the criminal justice system.

Law enforcement officers often find themselves on the front line advocating for victims and trying to empower them and make them feel whole.

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Such was the case when a very difficult, five-year-long sexual abuse case finally arrived in court. Detective Elliott arranged for one of the therapy dogs to be available in the witness room for the young victims. The therapy dog, Chloe, provided a special type of support that day that no human could provide. Chloe settled not only the victims, but also the officers and prosecutors in the case. Although the City of Falls Church police have yet to deploy the dogs at a critical incident, these canine community partners are ready to serve. They continue to make monthly visits to the department, uplifting the police department employees who interact with them.

The program now includes up to four dog teams and there is interest to expand it. Mindfulness Meditation and Policing Dr. Jon Kabat-Zinn, a mindfulness pioneer, defined mindfulness as "a simple concept Mindfulness means paying attention in a particular way: on purpose, in the present moment, and nonjudgmentally.

Police officers are trained to be highly skilled observers who are constantly aware of their surroundings and are called upon to make split-second, emotionally regulated decisions eveiy day Research shows that mindfulness practice improves both alertness and sustained attention and that mindfulness meditation activates parts of the brain that are essential for keeping ones emotions in perspective.

Even more important, per research conducted in by the University of Pittsburgh and Carnegie Mellon University, Pennsylvania, mindfulness practice can shrink the brains jumpy fight or flight center, the amygdala. Healthy Mind Check-ins When the 21st Century Policing taskforce published its report, the City of Falls Church Police Department had already instituted one action item recommended by the task force—annual mental health check-ins. The program provides complete anonymity, as no names are ever associated with the sessions.

Police personnel may use Lady looking nsa AL Newville 36353 time to discuss anything, personal or work-related, in regard to their health and well-being. They are also encouraged to use the sessions to build wellness skills and to get to know the police psychologists who will support them in critical incidents. When law enforcement officers are healthy, compassionate, and resilient, their communities reap the benefits. Continuing to explore new ways to enhance officer resilience through nonconventional tools might be just what is needed to effect change. Thomas,xiii.

CZ P c With a superb factory trigger, engineered ergonomics and a bevy of features both familar and new, the P improves on perfection. This column features evidence-based research summaries that highlight actionable recommendations for Police Chief magazine readers to consider within their own agencies. The goal of the column is to feature research that is innovative, credible, and relevant to a diverse law enforcement audience. Many focused deterrence strategies disrupt offender networks. Law enforcement uses social network analysis to identify and target specific offenders for enhanced deterrence efforts or incapacitation.

Research finds this to be an effective and promising crime reduction approach. Crime Place Networks Crime analysis maps depict places, usually specific addresses, where crime occurs. Crime place networks can include four types of places CS4 : 1.

Crime Sites—specific places where crime occurs 2.

Lady looking nsa AL Newville 36353

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