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Rachel Brathen was vigorously applauded as soon as she stepped into the room, accompanied by her dog Ringo. Brathen is a year-old yoga instructor who even does yoga on paddle boards and has become an international Internet celebrity on Instagram and Facebook.

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She offers advice and posts photos of herself in yoga poses on Caribbean beaches, often wearing swimsuits. She also is the author of a new book, "Yoga Girl," which was just published last week. After a brief program lasting just 15 minutes Monday, Brathen ed copies of her book for more than two hours. Bethlehem was the last stop in this part of the country on Brathen's national book ing tour, called the Happiness Tour.

In a few cities, Brathen also will do yoga classes. When she did a book-ing on Sunday in Manhattan, people lined up around the block to meet her. In Bethlehem, fans were able to sit in the large room on the second floor of the library until their row was called to get in line.

When Brathen said she hopes people at the Bethlehem gathering Ladies want hot sex Allentown Bethlehem her book, the audience responded with applause and shouts of: "We love it! At the end of that brief conversation, Brathen complimented her audience for asking real questions, "not where I bought my yoga pants. While the Yoga Girl offered some advice in response to questions and comments, she did not present any inspirational summary of the principles that guide her life. One woman asked Brathen when she realized she was becoming famous and changing the lives of thousands of people all over the world.

But she added: "It's a beautiful thing to connect with this many people. It's this ripple effect of just love and light. It's you having the power to change your own life. You are your own guru. During the initial program, Brathen's husband Dennis sat quietly in the back of the room with Ringo, who is an Italian greyhound. Dennis said Ringo has more than 80, followers on social media and he has 90, — "because of Rachel, because she's so popular.

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They love my wife so much that they want an autograph from me too. I didn't write the book. Brathen is a native of Sweden who later moved to Costa Rica. She now lives in Aruba, where she met her husband while on vacation. He is a native of that southern Caribbean island.

When I finished school, I decided I didn't want that anymore. I wanted sunshine. She said she wrote the book at the beginning of last year, in English. According to her biography, Brathen was an unruly teenager who lived a wild, self-destructive life —smoking a pack of cigarettes a day, drinking heavily and lying to her parents.

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Her life began to change when her mother sent her to a meditation retreat that introduced her to yoga. A young woman in the library stood to tell Brathen: "I used to worry so much about what people said about me, especially over social media. And if anybody inspired me to not care it was you, Rachel. How much people positively respond to that was just amazing.

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You really inspired me to do that. I am so grateful for this moment. You really put us first. I can't thank you enough. I just really want to hug you right now. Another woman said Instagram can be very time consuming and asked Brathen how she "separates the rest of who you are from social media. The author said social media "is like being part of the cool kid gang. Everybody has this perfect life.

Everybody's healthy. Everybody cooks. Everybody is like a professional photographer, chef, model — everybody has all these things going for them. Brathen continued: "But no one ever shows the real part of life. A lot of it is boring, it's not always colorful, and sometimes it's sad and painful. But no one ever shares that. It's not always easy. I find there is a way to connect to the real raw human emotion through social media.

If you give it out, you get that back. If you're real, you get realness. Brathen said forgiveness is a really hard thing to do, but that holding onto a grudge is like holding onto a hot piece of coal. It just burns you when you walk around holding onto this pain. It just brings you down. And it doesn't affect the other person's life. It's not like they're walking around a less happy person because of what they did. Let them go. She defined success as "this moment here —not because people are buying the book— all of you delightful beings asking real questions.

This is success.

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This is it. But she added 18 and year-old women have read her book and told her: "I quit college because of you. Partly to mostly sunny and pleasant with continued low humidity. Perhaps a brief shower in far northeast PA or far northwest NJ. Edit Close. Toggle. Food Things to Do What the Tech?

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An estimated people — predominately young women — were in the audience. Today Becoming mostly clear and continued comfortable. Tonight Becoming mostly clear and continued comfortable. Tomorrow Partly to mostly sunny and pleasant with continued low humidity. Most Popular. Articles Images Videos Articles Pa. Supreme Court rules Amazon must pay employees for the time they spend going through mandatory security screenings Plane goes off runway at Reading Regional Airport South Whitehall 'quality of life' debate touches on dog poop, discretion Backlog of jobless benefits claims in Pa.

News Direct From Entertainment Businesses. China eyes traditional ethnic culture, tourism resources to build int'l tourist city. By Xinhua Silk Road Updated 36 min ago. Donda West. By Wayman Dean Press Updated 2 hrs ago. By Coohom Updated 3 hrs ago.

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Ladies want hot sex Allentown Bethlehem

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