Jockey school california

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The Laffit Pincay Jr. Every day, seven days a week, Sturgeon gives riding lessons, mostly to children, at his facility — a former racehorse training center and boarding operation known as Flying Cross Ranch — in Lacombe.

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He teaches Western and English and general horse care, but three times a week he teaches racing. At 13, I walked out of school and began galloping horses and I got my two days after my 16 th birthday. The wins as a jockey came for Sturgeon — and so did the injuries.

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After battering his body for far too long, he retired from racing and switched to training of a different kind. He explains he has students from all backgrounds, many of which come from lower-income families and who would otherwise be finding their after-school activities on the streets.

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On Saturdays, in addition to riding, the kids in his program are taught how to clean stalls, feed, groom and learn about tack and equipment. Basic horsemanship skills are a requirement to ride.

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And Sturgeon operates under strict safety guidelines. Helmets are a must, as are speed limits and extreme caution and respect for their fellow riders and horses. All have been evaluated for safety, too. The Junior Jockeys are also taught racing history, which is a key component to the program.

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He inspired the [now defunct] Don MacBeth Fund [which assisted more than 2, injured jockeys and exercise riders for more than 25 years]. The kids and their friends and family sell tickets to the event, proceeds of which go to cover some of the costs of the Junior Jockeys program.

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Everyone who attends dresses up in their Derby Day finest and they all enjoy their mock race day together. And when their own race card is over, everyone celebrates with a party before watching the antry of the Derby. The kids in the Junior Jockeys of Flying Cross Ranch program learn all aspects of being a jockey and taking care of horses photo courtesy of Roy Sturgeon.

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Wanna Be a Jockey?