Installing 3d wall panels

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Use a level to mark lines on the wall to ensure straightness and accuracy.

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Allow cut panels to fall in more inconspicuous areas like corners and the bottom of a wall. If working from the center out, panels that fall at edges may need to be cut. Plan your de well to ensure desired. Remember, measure twice and cut once. We recommend taping along cut lines or drill holes with painters tape to reduce pulp flair when using power tools.

We recommend blades, bits, etc Determine if the installation will be wall-to-wall, a floating de that leaves an even border, a strip of panels, etc Plan well before beginning. If you are unsure, lay the panels out on the floor or sketch it out. A second coat may be required. Once panels are in place, apply pressure around the perimeter of the panel and other touchpoints to the wall to lock in place.

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When all the panels are installed, apply pressure to the entire flat surface to achieve a full bond. After rolled re-positioning is not possible. If planned into the de there is no need for additional work. Most panels are deed in a manner that the de elements and spacing work to minimize t appearance without additional finishing work.

The primer coat generally protects the panels during finishing. First coat is for filling the gaps. Keep it clean. If you need a quick knock-down sanding to smooth the ts out do it between coats. Do not over sand. Second coat should be for creating a smooth transition between panels. Final sanding will be required to perfect the blending.

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If you need to go back and address certain areas with additional compound and sanding now is the time. Cut panels to fit the box opening and finish caulk around edges. Once satisfied with the finishing work ensure the surface is free of dust and apply final primer coat and paint coat.

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Cast Concrete Tiles. Tailored De. Ensure that the surface is clean, dry and free of loose debris before installation. NOTE: Panels should acclimate for a minimum of 48 hours prior to installation. TIP: If a panel has a slight bow it can gently be flexed to lay flat before adhering to the wall. Minimize rubbing on panels that have not been primered.

Installing 3d wall panels

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How to Install 3D Wall Panels