I miss to be on a relationship

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The truth is that it took me some time to embrace my single life completely and to see all of its advantages, but now I enjoy almost every second of it. But there are some little things I sometimes miss about having a boyfriend and here are 5 of them. I am not talking about sex only here. I am talking about missing someone to just sleep next to and someone to cuddle with after a long day. When I was in a relationship, sharing a bed with my partner annoyed me for most of the time. But now, sometimes, when I get lonely, I even miss knowing I have someone sleeping next to me.

I miss someone walking next to me, while holding my hand. Someone to unexpectedly hug me from behind or to kiss me gently. You might find this funny and unimportant, but when I was in a relationship, I got used to having someone with whom to share the slightest thing that had happened to me during the day. Even though a lot of time has passed, sometimes I still have the urge to text him randomly, just to share something with him.

Although dating is something you look forward to when you just get out of a relationship, the truth is that you eventually get tired of trying to find the perfect guy. But I have to admit that sometimes I get exhausted and pressured from trying to find him. When you are a hopeless romantic like myself, you enjoy the little things in the relationship.

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And those are the things you miss when you are single, whether you like to admit it or not. And the only way for someone like me to have regular sex is to be in a real relationship. So yes, every woman who is single misses having sex on a regular basis and anyone who tells you differently is definitely lying.

April is a relationship expert who ed Herway to teach us all how to deal with one of the most dreaded things ever - breakup.

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She knows just how to behave to save your sanity, and all the right moves to make if you actually want to get a guy back. Christine Keller.

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Being single. April Callaghan July 24, Share article. Yet whether I like to admit it or not, I do miss some things about being in a relationship.

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Ariel Quinn October 17, Selma June December 6, Related articles. Written by. Christine Keller August 23,

I miss to be on a relationship

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The One Thing To Do When You're Happy In Your Relationship But Miss Being Single