How to stop tripping on weed

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Overindulged in some edibles? Smoked a strain that was way more potent than you expected? Find a quiet place to sit or lie back and try to relax. Breathing exercises or listening to music can help you chill. If you do decide to go for some music, consider something you know all the words to, and sing along. This can help you stay grounded in the present moment.

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Eventually, the buzz will fade to a feeling of relaxation or even drowsiness. Go with it and let yourself fall asleep. Even a quick cat nap will do you good. Drinking water before, during, and after any kind of drug use is always a good approach. It can be particularly helpful when it comes to marijuana, which tends to leave you with dry mouth.

According to the internet and Neil Younga taste or whiff or two of black pepper helps combat the paranoia and anxiety that a major high can bring on. Just grab a container of black pepper and sniff, being sure not to inhale it. You can also pop two or three whole peppercorns in your mouth and chew on them. Caryophyllene, a compound in peppercorn, is a potent selective CB2 antagonist. It increases the sedating effects of THC, which could calm you down. Eating some lemon or squeezing some lemon juice into your water will counteract some of the psychoactive effects of THC and help you come down.

To get the most bang for your buck, zest the lemon peel into your water, or steep some lemon peel in hot water. The peel contains the highest concentration of limonene. Pine nuts may counteract the effects of THC, according to some research. Pinene, a compound in pine nuts, is believed to have a calming effect and help improve clarity. Interestingly, pinene is also one of the terpenes found in cannabis that gives weed smoke a pine-like aroma.

Skip this method if you have a tree nut allergy. Shifting your focus to something other than your high can stop you from fixating on it, which only makes it seem even worse than it is. The key to making this tip work? Keep it simple.

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Steer clear of potentially anxiety-inducing video games or horror films. Spending time with pets has lo of proven health benefitsincluding stress and anxiety relief. Spending even just a few minutes with a pet can slow your heart rate, lower your blood pressure, and increase feelings of happiness and relaxation. Not eating enough before using pretty much any drug is usually bad news. Getting some food in you may help you feel a bit more normal.

We'll offer some tips for relief, take a look at the research behind…. Weed is detectable in bodily fluids for up to 30 days after last use. For daily users, weed may be detectable for several months after last use. A blunt can be several things, depending on who you ask. We'll take a look at what it usually refers to and how it compares to a t or spliff.

CBD is only becoming more popular with time, but there are still a lot of unknowns — including if it's possible to take too much. We sat down to chat about mental health, wellness, and CBD for Pride. If you're dealing with back spasms, CBD may be able to offer some relief. We cover the research and suggest 6 products to try. There are three types of CBD, and tons of different products. But does it really work? We break down the research and best products. Cannabis Too Strong? Medically reviewed by Deborah Weatherspoon, Ph. Try some CBD. Drink something.

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Try black pepper. Reach for a lemon. Eat pine nuts. Focus on something else. Cuddle a pet. Get some food in your belly. Take a walk.

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Talk to a friend. The bottom line. Read this next. How to Conquer a Weed Hangover. Medically reviewed by Debra Rose Wilson, Ph. Medically reviewed by Zara Risoldi Cochrane, Pharm. Medically reviewed by Alan Carter, Pharm. Medically reviewed by Jeffrey Chen, MD.

How to stop tripping on weed

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