How do you know a man loves you

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Maybe your relationship is new or you are scared of making mistakes or even ending up with the wrong mate. This makes most ladies not to put too much effort into their relationships in order not to get hurt later. To help you get over this kind of feeling and stop guessing, we will be exploring true s that he loves you deeply. When reviewing relationships, I prefer starting with the person in the mirror which happens to be you reading this post before looking at your mate.

How about your life goals and hobbies, are you working towards achieving them? I hope you still spend time with yourself also? Make sure you are whole and have healthy self-worth before thinking about how anyone feels about you. Love yourself and believe in you.

Mind you, you may be deeply in love How do you know a man loves you the man in your life but if you have not dealt with and resolved some issues in your life, heartbreak may be imminent. It is often said that you are attracted to who you are, if you want to attract diamonds, be one.

To know true s he loves you, you should know what true love really is. Love is an action, you can say anything but doing it is what counts. Mind you, some guys are smart and know what they are doing when it comes to being users because they are skilled in the art. If your man is someone who brings nothing to the table or even makes investments in your life no matter how little, or you find yourself being overburdened with responsibilities, sister, you have to watch it closely. Does he borrow from you and never return it? Are you the one responsible for him?

Do you work your ass out to satisfy his needs and yet he has nothing to offer you? Perhaps he even makes promises he never keeps including promising to marry you but keeps making excuses on why you should keep waiting. Most times your guts even tell you but you keep silencing it with the sweet nothings he whispers in your ears when you are together. If your man shows several s highlighted above, just know that he is with you to get what he wants.

In most cases, guys thrive on being naive and use it as an advantage to using you. Users come in different forms. He could be using you to satisfy his urge, his monetary needs, or even his social status. Men are natural hunters and one of the s not the surest anyway he loves you is that he will pursue you. Some ladies miss this and begin to pursue the man instead of being the other way round. He will put in some effort to get you. A man in love will pursue his lady actively.

I know ladies who began their relationships by being the one who did the calling, texting and setting up dates, later on, they began to complain about how uncaring their men had become. Yes, an addition to your world should spice things up for you. Real love will not make you lose sleep.

True love is meant to give your life a whole new meaning and perk things up for you. Your man will honor your interests and responsibilities. He will help you fulfill your dreams by being a driving force that propels you towards achieving something.

He will trust and support your life goals.

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If you notice that you lost family, some vital relationships, things and even time because you are in a relationship with a guy, you really need to check that relationship. Being in love may make you blind to some red flags and make you also have reasons and excuses for why you should lose those things but check closely.

A man in love will want to help you nurture extended relationships, it would not just be about the two of you only, after all, you are part of an extended body just like him. This is one of the true s he loves you. Love is an action and requires effort. What are the true s that he loves you? The one singular truth is that he will act what he says. He may not be able to sing it into your ears but his actions will portray love.

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You will not be a mystery to family and friends. He will make you meet them. His family will not just know you but also know personal things about you and integrate you into the family even before you tie the knot by this I mean they will begin to involve you in family activities and outings. When a man loves a woman, he talks about her and when he does, family and friends will get to know about her.

I understand that at the beginning of relationships things may be a little confusing especially since everyone tries to put their best foot forward. Some good men follow through while others go back on their words after a while which is why I advise ladies to control their emotions at the beginning of relationships. Most men are in it for a ride and will walk away after a few days or even weeks.

Allow your man to prove himself, if he loves you, he will wait for you. One of the true s he loves you is that he will share himself with you. There will be no go areas when it comes to two of you. There will be no restrictions whatsoever. He will reveal his real nature and it will not be anything short of pure love. I remember being with a guy who loves giving me surprises.

Unfortunately, they were no good surprises at all because he always ruins it at the end of the day. He will have plans and carry them out and then when they fail in fact they always do he returns to tell me what his plans were and how he wanted to surprise me with his success really. This is where ladies need to be careful too. Some men enjoy taking advantage of simple and good women.

My ex always came to me whenever his plans failed because he knew I would always come to his rescue. I discovered he was emotionally unstable and needy and just needed me to always fill in the gap, I mean nothing ever gets done without me. Little wonder it never worked out between us. Please, ladies, know where to bring in the balance, a man who loves you will ask for your opinion on issues and value those inputs. He may not always take your advice but he will show that he values them. A relationship is meant to be a partnership.

If he is in for the long haul, he will value your inputs and prove his love for you; a real part of the true s he loves you. One of the true s he loves you is that he will be inquisitive and want to know more about you. He is interested in knowing more about you. Knowing these details will help him get involved in everything that is going on in your life. Even when he calls, he will How do you know a man loves you to know what went down during your time at work.

He just wants details about the happenings around you. Imagine you have to ask your man about how old you are or some very important details of your life? A man who loves you will remember the details you have shared with him. He may not be able to repeat them word for word but he will remember the global message. A man in love will carry you in his heart and seeing people or even places will remind him of you. I remember my man once walked in the company of people and immediately the fragrance worn by one of them reminded him of me because I use the same fragrance.

Why is this so? It is so because long after you have left him, he is still brooding over the details you shared with him. So when he thinks about you, he will keep remembering those details. If you have to keep reminding your man of some vital details or keep going over certain events in your life that you have shared with him, then his eyes may be elsewhere.

For example, if he stays for days without contacting you, disappears on you or always in a hurry to get off the phone or even leave when you are on a date together, then he may be lying to you even when he says he loves you. Men communicate through actions more than words. I once dated a guy who was very busy at work but never ceased to reach out to me.

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Whenever he is off duty, he would spend the whole day with me and even help me with some difficult tasks. His philosophy in relationships was to give percent when he had the opportunity to do so because every day will not always be the same. A man truly in love with a lady will make her a priority. When you two are together, he will focus on you and give you all of his attention. He will value every moment spent with you. By this I mean, he will be your best friend. You will share jokes, have pet names for each other, laugh out loud together. You will be real when you are together.

He will seek opportunities to touch you respectably either by giving you a massage, rubbing your hair, having you rest on his shoulder or even playing fun games with you. He will not want to miss every opportunity to get close and familiar with you.

How do you know a man loves you

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