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Please instruct young children not to throw the remnants of hot dogs, burgers, and snacks on the ground! Ben has agreed to keep his eyes open and will report back to me with any more activity at his place. Another report just came in from Don Allen of Hance Road. Keep your eyes open and your cameras ready just in case!

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Just a reminder, if you have captured any of the T. Same goes for photos. Meet the new Binghamton Black Bears owner! Andreas Johansson. Today I get the opportunity to introduce the local Town of Binghamton residents, to 36 year old Andreas Johansson, real estate developer, investor, family man, and owner of the newest Federal Prospects Hockey League team, the black and green clad, Binghamton Black Bears! Andreas and family, transplants from the state of Florida, now reside in Pittsford New York, located in South East Monroe County, about 8 miles from the city of Rochester.

Being in Binghamton means a lot to me, there is so much hockey history and Hot looking hot sex Binghamton legacy of pro teams here, and we are excited to carry that forward, and also offer fans something a little bit different. All we are asking of fans and the business community is to give us a chance. Have a wonderful winning season. See you in October!!!! Lo of interesting stuff from the end of last week, and the weekend, starting with a visit from Tammy Liberati on Friday afternoon, who graciously passed on some of her bear videos to me. Wandering around aimlessly like my senile study hall teacher from high school.

I actually had to question it when I saw it. This afternoon in myI got a message from Todd Scoville of Moore Ave, who had a visit last night around p. Todd stated that his german shepard, Tessie, almost got hurt by the big guy or was it a girl? My senile study hall teacher? I think not!!! Keep Tessie inside! Keep YOU inside!!!! As you may have heard on the news, or read in the paper or on the web, Binghamton has recently found themselves with whole new slew of Black Bears!

And while most of the bears that you see in the area are quadropeds, our new Black Bears are upright, on two legs, with skates attached!!! Thanks Andreas! And feel free to take a ride through the hills of the Town of Binghamton. And a big thank you to Todd Scoville and Tammy Liberati for their submissions! I received a call today here at the office from our City of Binghamton Neighbor, Vickie Wiener, who lives in the Kenilworth Road — Blackstone Ave area, letting me know that they had a visit yesterday from two baby bears!

Does Momma know these youngsters are roaming around unattended?! She said her husband clapped his hands and the little ones took off. HOWEVER, this morning, it was very apparent that another visitor found their way into their yard as their bird feeder was destroyed!!!

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Thanks Vickie for your phone call, stay safe and bear free if you can help it! And remember everyone, now that warm weather is here. B bears are looking for tasty treats in the form of bbq grill scraps, and delicious trash bins. Keep those calls, photos, s and videos coming!!!

Jeff stated that a bird feeder was tossed, and the pole bent, and that a large stone slab weighing approximately 50 lbs.

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A few days earlier, Jeff spotted a baby bear running along his fence line. Unfortunately, he was unable to get photos. Thanks for your submission, Jeff. If you can, try to snap a picture next time. Cynthia Drive Residents, keep your eyes open and your cameras ready just in case you get visitor from one of the T. I encourage you to send all reports, photos and videos, to me, at Deputyclerk townofbinghamton. I wonder if the bears in the TOB know this!

Thanks Pat! Today, on my arrival to work at the Town Hall, my phone was glowing like a Christmas tree with messages from local residents regarding visits from some local Ursus Americanus Black Bears. Right around p. They disappeared up the driveway before any photos could be snapped.

Thanks for the info Ann!!!!

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Around p. Last year, Diane had a bear visitor while her grandson was there, who just sauntered along the flimsy fence in their yard. So with all s pointing to a visit from a local bear, Diane and family will be listed on our map as the Campbell — Powderhouse bear. As soon as they can update us with a photo if they can get one, it will be added to the web along with the Paludi -Powderhouse 4. Just a reminder, the Town of Binghamton Bears will be very active now that warmer weather for the most part is here. Please remember to thoroughly clean grills after use, seal up trash as best you can bears can smell up to a mile awayand watch out for those birdfeeders.

These boys and girls are hungry and will stop at almost nothing to get a meal! Keep those reports coming in! Happy Bear Spotting ! We have received a photo from Mary Briscoe of Peckham Road of three bears that visited her property. One is standing against the feeder, one is at the bottom of the feeder on the left, and the last is down in the left corner! Thanks for your submission, Mary! Introducing The Briscoe-Peckham 3! Spring is officially here and the bears of the Town of Binghamton are waking up and on the hunt for new adventures!

This morning, I received an and spoke with a resident of Morgan Road who had some nosey visitors on their back deck around 10 p. The momma bear and her three babies must have smelled the delicious BBQ that had taken place there earlier in the evening and were hoping to find a morsel or two that was left behind! The resident mentioned that the Momma Bear had a white chest plate, which makes me wonder if this is the same white chested beauty that we lost track of last year!

Looking forward to more sightings, photos, videos and phone calls! Spring is almost here, and the TOB has had the first bear sighting of the year! Kim Siler from Upper Park Ave. Kim let us know that on the 12th and 13th of the month, a momma bear and some cubs found their garbage and bird feeders as a source of interest!

Even though the family has spotlights and sirens, the bears were relentless in trying to find some treats! Hopefully, Hot looking hot sex Binghamton can score some photos to send us! Thanks for letting us know, Kim! Outside, the blanket of snow is like a painted canvas- waiting for a painter.

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There is no sun. Just snow. Somewhere in Pennsylvania, a rodent by the name of Phil, supposedly saw his shadow this morning, which, by all s, should have been impossible considering the ghastly weather there. What a grand idea!!! Six more weeks of winter. Six more weeks of cold, and snow. I wonder if we will recognize any of the bears from last year- on my mind, is one big, bulky fellow? Will the Triplets still be together, or have they gone their separate ways?

This year, the wall will once again be covered with the photos of the Town Bears. Happy Ground Hog Day everyone. Just remember, Spring is right around the corner! The very idea of another turkey dinner sends a curtain of darkness over Taco Tuesdays, and while we are all so very thankful for the bounty we shared last week with family and friends no more than 10 pleasedid you know that the very first Thanksgiving did not serve turkey as the main course?

It has been recorded in the journals of history that the pilgrims were gifted 5 deer to share for the very first first Thanksgiving dinner!

Hot looking hot sex Binghamton

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