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Inspirational Words of Wisdom. Popular s Home. God plays no favorites He love us all! May you find these quotes inspiring and uplifting. When the Bible speaks of God's love for us and the kind of love we are to have for him and for other people, the word is always aifying a commitment to act. Rick Warren Inspirational Quotes "Jesus loved people others rejected-even people who rejected him. This is how God loves. Is God to Blame Jesus Quotes "God's greatest attribute is not his power, though it is omniscience; not his glory, though it is burning majesty: it is his love.

He loves us and He pursues us with that love. And when I experienced His love, I was able to share that love with others. I appreciate the love God has for me.

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Jeanette Duby, Bridge to Grace Appreciation I now believe and trust that God gives us life as an expression of love and that the purpose of life is to grow in love. God loves me. Jesus wants to be my friend forever. Carey Nieuwhof Friend There's no place too dark for God's light to penetrate and no heart too difficult to be set aflame by His love. Sammy Tippit, The Approaching Darkness God I'm absolutely convinced that nothing - nothing living or dead, angelic or demonic, today or tomorrow, high or low, thinkable or unthinkable - absolutely nothing can get between us and God's love because of the way that Jesus our Master has embraced us.

We have to accept the person and love them, after all God does. Lilliet Garrison, Getting Unstuck Words of Faith When we come to an understanding of how much God loves us, we'll be able to truly trust Him no matter what circumstances come our way. Receive His divine love today, and release the need to control every situation. His peace will cover you. You mean everything to Me. You belong, and you're supposed to be here. Many of us are tired of trying to live up to other people's expectations. It is a relief to discover that God loves us just as we are. Rob Rufus, Living in the Grace of God God's Grace Quotes Long ago I came to the total assurance that God loves me, God knows where I am every second Godly love quotes every day, and God is bigger than any problem life's circumstances can throw at me.

Mike Connell, The Blood of Jesus Poems about Faith Before anybody can even come to understand or even show love to another person in a relationship is to know that God is love, which is the ultimate key to unlocks all other love. John Franks, Manifesting Love Godly love quotes It was during the most difficult struggle of my life that I began to truly experience the depth of God's love, the strength of His peace.

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When Jesus had died on the cross to pay the sin debt for all people that will come to Him by faith in the right spirit and with the right attitude, then He had paved the way for them to be reconciled to Him and to have everlasting life in heaven with Him. You are blessed and highly favored, deeply loved and just right! We can trust him with them. Betsy Duffey; Laurie Myers, The Lord is Their Shepherd Trust The pressures crush, and you can see no way out; but suddenly God does something so wonderful, so grand, it literally takes your breath away, and you know that you know that you know the God of the whole universe - the one who created you and continues to love you so much that you are graven on His palm - isn't going to leave you there.

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Geraldine Yount, Suddenly God Words of Encouragement But here's the mystery: God loves that face in the mirror, that loser staring back at me. He loves losers - and he uses the unusable. Daniel Hochhalter, Losers Like Us Failure And what a comfort is this, that, seeing God's love rests on Christ, as well pleased in him, we may gather that he is as well pleased with us, if we be in Christ!

So no matter how long it has been since you have looked toward the Father, no matter how absent you believe God is, neither the steps of your feet nor the sin of your life can move you one inch away from God's love if you are in Christ Jesus. Whitney Sparks, The Couponer's Classroom Stress How great is God's love for us that He sent His only son Jesus, to pay for the sins of mankind, he came to save us all, and paid a heavy price with your precious blood.

He doesn't just stand for it. He is the perfect example of what love is. Levine, Marriage: God and Marriage Example God loves all of us so much that we are given the choice in each moment to choose between the ultimate divine truth or mental programming of the ego. Kevin Kerr, How to Be Happy and Live Life to the Fullest Choices Whether you Godly love quotes an aging theologian or just beginning life's journey, the knowledge of God's love is the soul's surest anchor.

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Kay Swatkowski, A Grandmother's Prayers Prayer As a teenager I heard the gospel - that God loved me, He had a plan for my life, and I needed to ask forgiveness for my sins to receive Christ into my heart and experience eternal life. I did just that, and my whole world changed when I became a follower of Jesus.

Emerson Eggerichs, Love and Respect Forgiveness Quotes In our own lives, it's okay to make mistakes and be confused, anxious and stressed. It's normal and God still loves us. Mona M. His desire is to rescue the broken and the bleeding, the lost and the lonely. Danielle Shroyer, Original Blessing Doubt Grandparents can be a beautiful reflection of God's generous love that grandchildren need and long for.

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