Ex dating my coworker

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OK, so you know that dating a coworker is potentially treacherous territory. But what about dating someone your coworker has a past with? The risks involved in both scenarios are actually pretty similar: You may struggle to keep work and play separate, and you may have some awkward elevator encounters after things end.

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So, is someone a co-worker dated definitely off-limits? First of all, is your coworker a close friend?

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Do you spend time together outside of work? Do you confide in each other about things, whether that means venting about your boss or sharing hilarious tales from your Tinder adventures? What do you know about them that can help you determine their reaction to this?

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How would you feel if others in your workplace find out? The main question to ask yourself is: Does your coworker seem over this person? The absolute last thing you want is for your supervisor to catch wind of any love triangles that make you seem messy or immature. Even if it's not based on reality, professionally, perception is everything.

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In the latter scenario, their heart was likely far more invested — and that may make it more difficult for them to accept you dating someone from their past. Truthfully, the only way to know whether your coworker is cool with you dating their bae is to talk to them about it directly.

That could ruin your relationship with them. Why are you not sure? Is it because of something ferocious 'went down' in their relationship?

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If this is what's spooking you, stay away. If the relationship wasn't controversial or it didn't end in a bad way and you're simply worried about whether the co-worker will be okay with it, don't ask — use presumptive communication. Armstrong suggests saying something along the lines of, "Hey, I'm really interested in getting to know Mark. I know you and he dated for a bit so I just wanted to make sure you knew. Is there anything I should know?

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So, is someone your coworker dated off-limits? The general consensus between experts is that no, they're probably not — but you should still proceed with caution. If your work friend had a messy past with this person and still feel hurt by their actions, they may have a hard time putting that aside at the office. If your coworker is a true friend, you may want to show respect for your bond by breaking the news to them yourself. Who knows? Once any minor awkwardness passes, they could actually be genuinely happy for you and their bae.

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Ex dating my coworker

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My ex and i work together and he is dating our coworker