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I'm a female ENTP and not very into boring small talk. So when I write messages to matches on dating sites, I write along the lines of "Hi! I see that we have several common interests such as xyz, etc. I would be happy to get to know you better. The discussion about what to write in the first message comes up regularly in forums about dating, and many are more comfortable about messages with a simple "Hi! How are you? On forums, some say they find questions about interests too directly when they come too early.

How about you guys? Can you give examples of what you write on the first message? Would be interesting to see if NTs have similarities on this point.

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How many letters of the alphabet can you burp? Talking about hobbies is boring. Talking period is usually boring, so might as well have some fun with it. I got off dating apps a while ago, but the primary strategy was smth like this: - read their profile - find something amusing not THAT amusing, just things in common, interests, clever jokes etc.

I'm not into online dating.

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But irl, if I see a person that interests me I just speak my mind how I perceive that person at that moment. Could you elaborate, please? Do you comment on appearance or personality? PS: I'm not actually into online dating either. I only try it out due to location don't meet compatible people in my small village and covid so I can't travel right now.

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I could be the most interesting person in the history of mankind and write you a "Hi" and get ignored. The way I see it is that it's your loss, not mine. What makes you think you are so interesting yourself? The way I see it there is no loss on either part. Someone may be perceived as interesting to one person and boring to another. It may be just me, but I don't feel like replying in general to be honest. The beginnings of the conversations often wear me out. That's the reason why I rarely use dating or meet-other-people apps in general.

Sometimes someone captivates me with an interesting statement but most of the time I just Entp forum dating feel like texting anyone. Yeah, same here! Discussing this matter with others has more or less made me realize that this static way of getting to know someone isn't my thing.

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I'm asking about this now as I was hoping to discover another way of going about this, but The way I see it is if I want to talk about it, then advertise it on my profile. If not, don't. So I display the things I like and am interested in. I'd say continue doing that, but maybe word it differently.

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Maybe we can do that together sometime! I asked questions more like "What are the Entp forum dating interesting places you have travelled to? I guess these questions are pretty wide and some people at other forums characterized them as intruding and intense. Your examples of questions sound easier to reply to indeed.

Truth is that I'm not really excited about being on that site in the first place, so my creative sense is momentarily dormant unlike irl. None of them have really caught my attention and I'm not really into static dating sites in general. Just wanted to see how it was like. My biggest rule of thumb for dating apps is to not take them seriously. I usually open with a pun, pickup line, or roast relating to the thing I found most interesting about their profile.

The worst that can happen is that they unmatch you. First message s on dating sites. Posted by 1 year ago. Sort by: best. I see you have. Sex is one of my hobbies too. I'll follow this thread.

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I have the same problem. Continue this thread. What do NTs have to do with anything. More posts from the entp community. Created Nov 22, Top posts august 5th Top posts of august, Top posts Back to Top.

Entp forum dating

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