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High End Benson Pool Cue. Kc Custom Pool Cue. Custom Pool Cue Alex Brick.

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Beautiful Schon Pool Cue! Custom Kehlo Pool Cue- Beautifull!!!! Orca Edge Scuba Dive Computer.

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Goped Super Xped Excellent Condition. Price Guide M. By continuing to use the site, you are consenting to the use of cookies as explained in our Privacy Policy to improve your experience. This cue contains newly developed, patented special components, which makes the hit very solid, almost vibration free and noise-free.

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Because of the new cue-making technology, this cue hits better than any other cue found on the market today. I am not an expert on this cue - so I really cannot answer too many questions - expect for one that the cue hits really well and is a superb player - couple of the guys at the pool league were asking me for it allready - I think that this cue is worth somewhere pretty up there and kc was selling this cue for a premium a few months ago.

Well heres your chance to get it for whatever it goes for. Good luck bidding.

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Great Value, Great Service. It is truly a fine-tuned instrument Do yourself a big favor and just give one a try. I also seriously doubted the claims of some of the other purchasers who claimed that the cues they bought played like much more established, expensive and well known cue manufactures. Flag item for content or copyright. If this item contains incorrect or inappropriate information please here to flag it for review.

KC Pool Cue. Marketplace partners.

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Ebony needs an ivry

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High-End EBONY KC Custom Pool Cue - 12 IVRY Points Ret.$