Eating marijuana and drug testing

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Image via. But even in states where marijuana is legal for adult use, employers, courts, and probation officers can still order individuals to pass a drug test for weed. How long will those edibles stay in your system, and how long can it show up on a drug screen or drug test?

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Typically, ingesting weed the old fashioned way inhaling it can show up on a drug screen for days — if not months — after the last puff. Whenever someone consumes cannabis, not all of the THC and its metabolites immediately flush out through the urine remember, urine is mostly water. Instead, some THC ends up in our fat cells, where it remains trapped until our bodies burn up those fat cells through metabolism.

Other factors include body-fat content more body fat equals longer THC clearance times ; diet fatty and sugary foods reduce THC clearance ; and frequency and quantity of cannabis consumption obviously, eating more weed means it sticks around longer.

However, eating weed versus smoking it also affects THC clearance rates.

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If you eat your cannabis, THC will remain in your system longer than if you only smoked it. If you want a solid answer in full figures, you can always estimate your clearance time with an online pee-weed calculator. Additionally, this guide will only address urine testing for weed. Hair follicle tests can detect THC for up to a year, saliva tests can catch it up to an hour after eating, and blood tests are unreliable for edibles.

When someone inhales cannabis, THC goes directly from the pipe to their lungs.

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The lungs then absorb the THC and transfer it to the blood. Afterward, the inhaled THC and its metabolites fall from the nerve receptors and return to the blood. Then, most of it gets excreted through both of our lower orifices, but some stays in our system — and mainly in our fat cells. When you eat your cannabis, THC travels a different route than smoking. It goes from the esophagus to the stomach to the blood and then the liver. Instead of entering the bloodstream in one big burst with smoking, oral ingestion releases THC into the blood at a slower rate. Furthermore, the liver produces bile, which is what lets us absorb fat from the food we eat.

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Eating marijuana and drug testing

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