Drunk hook up awkward

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Well, Redditers delivered the answers to this question in the most hilarious, cringe-worthy ways! All this guy had to do was grab the condom he had in his pocket. Things got spicy, but not the way he had planned.

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That time you got caught making out with her cougar friend is one of them. Instead, she ended up doing the 3am walk of shame. She got wasted on St. Unfortunately, neither one of them had the luck of the Irish on their side that night. Sometimes language barriers can get in the way of pursuing a romantic relationship. She got stuck between two glass doors on her way out of the building!

She tried to hide her naked bits from her dad after getting caught with her boyfriend. This drunk virgin hopped into bed with a cute sorority girl. He thought he had ecome a man the next morning, but it turns out he was still just a baby.

This couple got hot and heavy in the coat closet at a party. This Canadian Drunk hook up awkward hooked up with Australian dude in Belgium after a day of sightseeing. But, after the clothes started flying off, she realized she forgot to remove her hidden fashion accessory.

This guy came home drunk with a girl he had been crushing on for years. Wait for the hook at the very end of this cheeky story! After morning after regret sets in, you just want to make an exit as quickly and as silently as possible.

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Unfortunately for this girl, the ceiling fan had other ideas. This woman got hot and heavy with her boss at the office Christmas party. It was her first, and last, walk of shame! Things were going great and this guy was feeling lucky! Too bad he turned out to be a bleeder on his very first try. His play date demanded to hear him call her name. He knew it rhymed with fajita. Was it Pita? This is the Drunk hook up awkward walk of shame. This is why I put my mattress directly onto the floor. The first time is different for everyone. This cute Mormon got drunk after having a fight with his lady, and was a born again virgin until that night.

WAS being the operative word. His gay friend brought home a girl for him. She made out with a guy who stopped mid-way and said that he had a girlfriend. Turns out the girlfriend was a the same party they were at. He made out with a girl, and that was all fine and dandy.

She said she wanted a puppy. He thought she said something that rhymes with puppy-me. This is what happens when you get so drunk that your eyes start to deceive you. Calling the cops on her was probably not a good idea. He thought he was pulling out at the right moment, but he miscalculated. His girlfriend thought it was funny though!

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Sometimes when a guy is lonely he looks to online dating for some fun. But, he should have known better than to go out with a lesbian. Some people are screamers, others are moaners. He made out with a coworker at a going away party.

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But when she started crying mid-way into their heated moment, he was the one who wanted to get away. When her fiance dumped her, she started medicating herself with random hookups.

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Have you ever had the urge to go pee in the middle of having sex? This is the kind of thing you would imagine happening to a guy when he was all by his lonesome. But, he accidentally hit a bullseye because his girl had an unknown aversion to him!

Drunk hook up awkward

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