Do i still love him quiz

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A few times a year.

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I can't even remember our last date. Absolutely not. I've had my temptations. I've thought about this once or twice. Yes, all the time. Happily married. I don't even know. Dating someone else. Yes, but that's how relationships are. Not exactly. I'm always upset when I'm around them. I've definitely cried a few times with them. Blind luck. Blind date. Through a friend or coworker. I can't remember. I don't know Well, it's been rocky. We never argue. The spotlight is always on them because they do stupid things. They always seem to point the blame at me for things.

Literally everything.

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Absolutely, all the time. Not so much anymore. What's there to compliment? Three or more years. Six months or less. About a year. One to two years. No, that sounds like a nightmare. Probably not. Oh, in a heartbeat. Outgoing — I like them all.

I just act like a cooler version of myself. Quiet, like a wallflower. I don't really hang out with them. I wish we could spend more time together. I wish I had more space. I wish we would fight less. Honestly, I wish we would break up already. Yup, my stomach always flutters around when I see them. Not anymore. I don't even know what that is.

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My ificant other. My best friend. My parents. No one, really. Even cuter. It's mostly positive. Nope, never. No, but I want to. I think I saw a therapist once about this. That's what I call my "venting session. I don't really feel anything. They're even more attractive now.

They used to be, but their looks have gone downhill. They look about the same as before. I don't feel as attracted to them anymore. I'd be kind of "meh" about it. Major curse. No, that seems rude. Only when they say something absurd.

Yup, that's me all right. I don't notice if I do this. Trust me, it would be messy. Lots of crying, screaming and throwing things. I guess we'll find out one day. I think it would be pretty civil, actually.

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I don't say "I love you" to them. I never, ever do this. Only when I'm really mad. Way too often. Once in a great while. Of course I do! Only if it's actually interesting. There haven't been any issues so far. They don't like my SO. Some like my SO; others don't. They haven't met each other. Go help yourself! Last week. Last month.

Do i still love him quiz

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Relationship Quiz: Do I Still Love Him?