Definition of long distance relationship

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Love can take many forms, however, when we think of a relationship, it can only occur to us that it is two people who share feelings and, almost always, a postal code. But what happens to people who are far away? What happens when the person with whom you share your love no longer shares your same city, country, or in the worst case, your own continent? A long-distance relationship is an intimate bond between two people that, unlike conventional relationships, is set between people who are geographically distanced from each other, reducing greatly or nullifying face-to-face interactions and physical contact between them.

The base of these relationships is usually a deep emotional bond that is sustained through trust, fidelity, constant shows of affection via communications and some sort of agreement, which will be discussed below. Even though young people are often appointed to prefer face-to-face, direct interactions, and long-distance relationships are based on an emotional, intangible bondthis kind of relationship is more common among college-age people. A long-distance relationship might start for several reasonssuch as:. With some exceptions and variations, we can distinguish two types of long-distance relationships:.

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A well-known and rather old variant is. Love and distance are two concepts that are not considered to mix well. When you start a relationship with someone, there must always be a physical closenessa need to be with the other person, to touch them, to feel them and to embrace them.

However, if one of the parties has to separate from the other for work or personal reasons, in one way or another, the relationship is bound to change, to adapt to the new circumstances. A big dilemma arises here. To continue the relationship or to refuse this change and end it. Although one thing is certain, long-distance relationships have a bad reputation and not without reason for some things but not all of them end badly, every rule has its exceptions. On the other hand, there are people who have been lovestruck from the beginning in the distance, there are differences between couples who start a long-distance relationship having had some physical contact before, those who have never seen each other in person.

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In the case of the latter, social networks make communication much easier, being able to see and hear the other person, online communication is a fundamental part of the relationship. However, talking about long-distance relationships is certainly not a new concept; the definition of long-distance love is the moment when people in a couple or relationship do not live in the same city, nation or continent and cannot see each other in person often but sometimes a month or even a year.

Nowadays, thanks to social networksmessaging platforms, videoconferences, appsetc.

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It is not the same as in the 19th century or until the first half of the 20th century when distance could really create a big problem for a couple. Long-distance relationships are sustainable since the concept of correspondence exists. There are services on an international scale that aim to make it easier for people who would otherwise not know each other to have conversations. In prisons, this phenomenon is also common: people initiate relationships with convicts, exchanging letters and promises.

Firstly, the relationship must be kept alive and, as you can hardly see, this is truly difficult.

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Women will usually feel a greater urge to having their partner by her side, not one who lives miles away. She will want to see them, she will want to perceive their presence, she will want to go out with them, etc. In this regard, a lot will depend on the point in which relationship is, in other words, the time together. Perhaps if it is at the beginning, the fire of the early days can burn the distance and can even further ignite the passion and desire to see each other.

However, if the relationship is already in a downward phase, and many relationships go through these stages, the distance will increase the problem exponentially and the telephone and Internet will sometimes only serve to further complicate the crisis of the couple. On the contrary, the long-distance relationship is easier if both partners have invested a lot in it, such as planning their future together.

If the relationship is solid, if they both trust each otherthere is a great chance that the relationship will last, but also because there is the prospect of a reunion Definition of long distance relationship a certain date because we are not talking about a long-distance relationship that will last for years. Another factor is distance, which is always relative. For example, if two people live miles apart and one of them has a car, distance will not be a big problem. On the contrary, if both are not yet adults and cannot move easilythe distance will always be the same but the possibility of seeing each other will decrease.

This is mostly true, but here too it depends on where they live. For example, if these miles separate two major cities and they both live in the center, using the train will not be a big problem.

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However, if you both live in lost villages or smaller towns, taking a simple train will not be enough, you will surely need to change trains, take a bus or a taxi and this increases both the time and money you have to spend to see each other. Obviously, the discourse on distance is even more relative with the emergence of low-cost flights.

A long-distance relationship between two major cities where low-cost flights arrive is much more feasible than between small cities where only normal flights arrive and there is even the possibility of having to change flights causing costs to skyrocket. Long-distance relationships are not easy, they require a strong commitment and a lot of dedication and both have to be motivated to make it work. However, as complicated as it may be not to have your partner when you need her, a long-distance relationship has positive aspects that may make it worth trying.

Couples who live close by or even live together have so much time together that they start fighting for different reasons. And fights, however silly, tend to wear down the relationship. For long-distance couples, their time together is limited, so they try to make the most of it. This means leaving Definition of long distance relationship daily routine and tasks behind and looking for new ways to have funget to know new places and have a better time.

That makes us value the relationship more and make a greater effort to make it work. Although there are difficulties in long-distance relationships, such as spending nights alone or needing the other person and not being able to contact them, long-distance couples tend to have a greater commitment than couples who have a relationship in the same city.

This is because the effort and desire to make the relationship work is stronger than the problems that may arise from the distance. The desire to see each other, to touch each other and to share our daily lives may make a difference, but distance does not have to mean the end of our relationship. A little bit of care, some organization and a lot of communication will make it easier.

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Remember that long-distance relationships can allow two people to mature and grow, so that when they meet, if they choose to do so, they will have a more balanced, healthy and strong relationship. After all, long-distance couples have clearer feelingsenjoy the relationship more, and make the most of it by putting aside problems and silly arguments and knowing how to be there for each other.

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Definition of long distance relationship

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