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Estimate Form. The best source of complete information on Zippo lighter dating is David's book and this book is a must for any serious collector. The dating information shown here will suffice though in a great many cases. This model must have an outside four barrel hinge and the "PAT.

All true 's through 's have to have either a flat or slightly curved outward bottom and the patent. The patent was placed on the bottom line in mid Some types have flat bottoms, while other variants have both corners that are rounded and bottoms that are slightly curved outward.

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Some models have the patent in lieu of the 2 patent. All true models will have the PAT. These do not have canned bottoms. The bottom of the case extends outward, even more profoundly than their counterparts. These were black crackle WW II models. The word "ZIPPO" and the type face vary during these years, with some lettering bolder and more rounded.

Lighters made from to date have a canned bottom with the exception of replica lighters. The model had three different bottom markings which cannot be adequately shown here The spacing between the words MFG. This model had a 5-barrel chrome plated steel case. There were three bottom variations.

The bottom letterings were alike, but differed as far as the depth of the strike that was made when stamping it.

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All the "shorter and more compact" logo. This model has the "full stamp" bottom logo on a chrome plated steel case with a 5-barrel hinge. Early models had the patent whereas later models had the patent with the large pat. Very similar to the model except that it has a 5-barrel hinge on a chrome-plated brass case. Later models began using the patent .

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Mid Zippo changed the Logo to a stylized "Zorro" script style slanting from lower left side towards the upper right-hand side. The actual de is not shown in the codes below. Zippo also began adding coding marks mid The "dots" on the left and right sides of the Zippo logo are located near the top of the Zippo logo, but this couldn't be shown. Innote that one dot has been removed from the left side. Forthe left dot has returned, but the "PAT. From tothe patent s are centered.

This is a true model, with Dating your zippo lighter dots on the left and 4 dots on the right, but there is no PAT. The models have the pat. From now on only the dots or slashes are shown, but the look is exactly the same in all other ways as above.

Zippo put no code on the bottom of a slim, so that both the regular and slim size lighters would have the same code from then on. Zippo made two changes on the bottom of the cases mid Zippo used a new press machine in which caused the "canned" bottom of the lighter to be more dented in. Also, at this time, Zippo changed the "Z" logo on the word Zippo and gave the letter "Z" a "tail" hanging down on the right side.

Therefore there are two different logos on a lighter. In addition, the words "Bradford, PA. From to date Zippo has used many different bottom logos, even for the same year although their code system is still accurate.

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