Dating someone the same age as your parents

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Mallory was nearing 30 when her something father got divorced from her mother and started dating younger women. As in much younger women—none more than a few years older than Mallory, and some even younger. Naturally, a few issues came up.

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And he started to think he was cooler than me, or something. But even more than that, seeing her father running around town, literally, with younger women struck Mallory on an emotional level. She was jealousin a way, of all the fun he was having, and uncomfortably aware of her own passing youth. I worried about my appearance in front of him more than a daughter should.

It was all-around creepy. More parents of adult children are dating, and marrying, partners who are as young as or even younger than their adult children. But then thinking of them together forced me to see her as a sexual person.

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Their mother-daughter nights out would often devolve into Kathryn drinking heavily and making out with random guys. Chelsea felt it was ruining their relationship.

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And everyone acts a little differently on a date, especially with a new guy. She was always very strict while I was growing up, and there she was running around with someone who was barely out of his teens.

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Seeing a parent date young may impact your own choice of relationships. Having to witness your father date overtly sexy women might make you question whether men are only interested in sex. Their interest in younger partners can make you wonder if you ever knew your parent at all.

Although it was years after his divorce from her mother, Kari was still shock when her father began dating younger women.

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What can you do? Though at times you may be feeling like more of the adult in the relationship, the fact is that your parents cannot be grounded. The best thing you can do is talk to them. Let them know how you feel, but also try to approach with some understanding. Re-entering the dating scene may be frightening, and many men and women turn to younger partners because they see them less threatening—and less risky.

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Dating someone the same age as your parents

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