Cis man definition

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Cisgender is a gender identity that a person feels matches the sex that a doctor ased them at birth. This article will discuss the definition of cisgender and how it compares with other gender identities. According to the LGBTQIA Resource Centercisgender — pronounced sis-gender — refers to a gender identity that a person, or society, deems to match the sex that a doctor ased them at birth. People who do not identify with the gender that a doctor ased them at birth may refer to themselves as trans, which includes gender identities such as transgender, non-binary, and genderqueer.

People who are cisgender may or may not be straight. People who are straight are either heterosexual or heteroromantic. This means that they have a sexual or romantic attraction to a person who is of a different gender than their own.

For example, a straight, cisgender female may only experience sexual or romantic attraction Cis man definition a male. However, people who are cisgender do not have to be straight. They can experience sexual and romantic attractions to all, some, or no genders. For example, a person can be cisgender as well as gay, lesbian, bisexual, or asexual. Learn more about some different sexualities here.

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People inherit 23 pairs of chromosomes from their parents. The 23rd pair of chromosomes a person inherits are the sex chromosomes. Typically, people either inherit XX chromosomes or XY chromosomes. If a person inherits XX chromosomes, a doctor may as female at birth. If a person inherits XY chromosomes, a doctor may as male at birth.

However, it is important to note that sex is not binary. People may have the sex chromosomes that people typically associate with being male or female but have reproductive organs and genitals that are not typically male or female. This is known as being intersex. According to the Intersex Campaign for Equalitythere are three main ways a person who is intersex may identify:.

Learn more about the differences between sex and gender here. Some examples of gender roles include :. People who are cisgender often conform to gender norms and expectations.

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However, a person can be cisgender and still dress in a gender non-conforming way. Cisgender is a gender identity. Cisgender people Cis man definition a gender identity that aligns with the sex that a doctor ased them at birth. For example, a male who is cisgender will identify as a man, and a female who is cisgender will identify as a woman. A person may use gender identity to describe how they feel about their gender.

This gender may or may not be different from the sex a doctor ased them at birth. According to one article, children typically begin identifying gender around the age of 3—5 years old. Some people may know from a young age that their gender identity does not match the sex a doctor ased them at birth, whereas others may discover this later on in life.

Gender identity is unique to each individual, and no one else can tell them what their gender identity is or should be. Some people may not feel comfortable or able to put a label on their identity. Learn more about some different types of gender identity here.

It can also include their names and pronouns. People of any gender identity can express their gender in many different ways. Some may prefer to express a more feminine gender, while others may want to express a more masculine gender. Others may want to have a gender expression that is androgynous. People who are cisgender identify with Cis man definition sex that a doctor ased them at birth. Although people who are cisgender may conform to societal expectations of gender norms and expressions, they can be gender non-conforming while still identifying with the sex a doctor ased them at birth.

Sex and gender are different. Sex is ased at birth, while gender is how a person identifies.

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Gender encompasses a broad spectrum. Learn more here. There are many types of gender identity. Learn more about their definitions, the difference between sex and gender, and how gender exists on a…. There are many different types of sexuality. Learn more about the common types of sexualities, their definitions, and where to seek support here. What is the Kinsey Scale? Read on to discover more about the Kinsey Scale, its intended purpose, its limitations, and other sexuality scales.

What is the difference between bisexuality and pansexuality? Learn what the common definitions are, as well as how people may choose to identify. What does cisgender mean? Definition Compared with 'straight' Relation to sex Relation to gender Relation to gender identity Relation to gender expression Summary Cisgender is a gender identity that a person feels matches the sex that Cis man definition doctor ased them at birth.

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Related Coverage. Sex and gender: What is the difference? Medically reviewed by Emelia Arquilla, DO. What are some different types of gender identity? What are different types of sexualities? What to know about the Kinsey Scale. Medically reviewed by Janet Brito, Ph. Differences between bisexuality and pansexuality.

Cis man definition

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What do transgender and cisgender mean?