Christian matchmaking services singapore

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Enneagram is a personality test. Knowing their Enneagram type helps our clients to understand their pattern of thinking. Thereafter, we do customized one-to-one matching for all our clients, arranging between three to 10 potential matches depending on their specific Enneagram profiles and personality. Our clients are also given one-to-one coaching and they may attend our workshops to further better themselves. So far, our success rate has been pretty high.

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Many of our clients found their ideal type within the first or second match. We all know 2 Corinthians 13 is the chapter about love, but few have internalised it and turned it into a lifelong career helping people find love.

Meet dating and relationship coach Cindy Leong, 30, co-founder of matchmaking agency Divine Connect. How did you get started in this business of matchmaking? Have majored in business at polytechnic, the natural progression for me was to go to business school in university. After Bible school, there was no place for me in business school—because of the baby boom during the year of the Dragon! I picked psychology as my major and there was this module on the science behind attractiveness that really intrigued me.

During that time, I was already helping many people who were having problems with relationships. Tell us about Divine Connect. I met Deon the owner of Love Express, a dating agency centered on events, back when I was just the chief coach for Relationship Studio.

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Deon is also a Christian and she has been running her agency for ten years. So we set up Divine Connect, a Christian matchmaking agency providing personalized matching for our clients. Our team comprises of five coaches and two image consultants, all of whom are Christians. We put every client that walks through our door through Enneagram profiling. How many successful couples have you brought together till date? I would say close to couples.

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What are the three main reasons why Christian men and women have such difficulty finding their life partner? How can they resolve this issue? Christian relationships are a little more complicated than secular relationships.

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Firstly, you have to agree on several fronts such as the level of your faith, allocation of time for ministry and church, or sometimes even on the same doctrine. Secondly, many Christian men are just not taking initiative or are simply too slow to act.

How will people look at me? On the contrary, guys outside of church will just go for the girl immediately. This is something our guys can learn!

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Some Christian ladies also have some unrealistic expectations such as desiring someone as spiritual as Pastor Kong and as handsome as Mark Kwan. What is your take on this? When is the right age to try out matchmaking services? This was usually the case in the past but things have changed. You know my personality. Your social circle shrinks the moment you graduate from school.

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Can you give readers three exclusive tips on building meaningful relationships? You have to know what you want in life. Secondly, you have to be authentic; the last thing you want to do in a relationship is to put on a mask. Lastly, you got to work on communication. If there are any misunderstandings, sometimes it could be due to your own insecurities or certain things you have not dealt with in your past.

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If you need healing, say so. It helps if you can look at conflicts as an opportunity for healing rather than assuming that the other party is trying to pick a fight because he or she has a ill intention. You can strengthen your relationship if you are willing to show your vulnerability. Media

Christian matchmaking services singapore

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