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Gung Tu : We must never allow ourselves to be divided by war Our responsibility is to control our children. In. Crime Drama Romance. Director Abel Ferrara. Nicholas St. Top credits Director Abel Ferrara. Photos Top cast Edit.

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James Russo Alby as Alby. Richard Panebianco Tony as Tony. Sari Chang Tye as Tye. David Caruso Mercury as Mercury.

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Judith Malina Mrs. Monte as Mrs. Paul Hipp Nino as Nino. Sammy Lee Mohawk as Mohawk. Stephan Chen Mr. Tang as Mr. Abel Ferrara. More like this. Watch options. Storyline Edit. Add content advisory. Did you know Edit. Trivia Out of all of the films he has directed, Abel Ferrara has stated that "China Girl" is his favorite. Quotes Gung Tu : We must never allow ourselves to be divided by war Crazy credits After the credits there is a line: Dedicated to the people of Chinatown and Little Italy. Alternate versions The UK video version was cut by 7 seconds to remove the use of a butterfly knife.

The Columbia DVD features the same cut print. User reviews 18 Review.

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Top review. The beautiful Chang, a girl worth fighting for. China Girl was a hip and very violent movie, I wish I saw at the cinema, when I had the chance. Italian boy falls for Chinese Girl-true romance, a reciprocated love. Now, here's the impasse: they're both related to warring gangs, even though the Italians, really the good guys, do have it in for the Chinese, where this Chinese Gang are part of a mafia, merely puppets on a string. When the Italian boy, Gino an impressive Richard Panebianco narrowly escapes having his lights punched out, when chased by the Chinese gang, the head the lovestruck girl's brother, this doesn't detur him or her, from further progressing the relationship, where Chinese girl movie keep sneaking off like little children, despite warnings from their older protectors.

As Wong, an Asian actor I love watching, says to her little Sis, Thai an equally impressive Sari Chang "You don't understand, you're nothing but a chink to them". I appreciated Wong's honesty, here, where honor runs high among this race. Wong was never truer in his words, too. Gino's older brother, Alby, and his friends are racist goons.

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In particular is red haired Caruso, who I loved in this, despite playing a d. One scene has him ordering egg rolls, while disrespectfully making squinting eyes at some Asian Chinese girl movie nearby, while also insulting the ones serving him. Now that's a d. Panebianco sets him straight defending the Chinese, where a physical fight almost ensues. It would of been good to see how it ended up, if Russo hadn't stepped in, but we know all too well, that Caruso would of one won, ending this conversation by getting Panebianco in a headlock, simmering him, then cutting him loose, where Panebianco would of just shrugged him off, and walked away.

It is too, the worst fitting time, for these gangs to be in an escalating turf war, a war which of course, is also personal, caused by our love struck duo, as the Asian and Italian mafia head are trying to make a peace, a business negotiation. This is complicated by the arch enemy gangs, feuding, the main plot of the story, which I really liked. China Girl has great pumping music, it's finale song, I loved, after one of the most memorable and tragic climaxes I've seen. It's a simple message Chinese girl movie throughout it's story, the consequences of hate and racism, that we don't just have to view it on screen.

The exterior shot settings of Chinatown, and the Italian hood are well chosen. This Romeo and Juliet tale, minus the happy ending, but with stylized violence, a plus, has some great action sequences, one involving a shootout I loved, that ended with Caruso's crazed look, as he mouthed "Mother fu. One of the '88 movie treats. One of Ferrara's best. Personally, China Girl is his favorite, in his list of filmographies.

PeterMitchell Apr 10, Details Edit. Release date September 25, United States. United States. Krieg in Chinatown. Box office Edit. Technical specs Edit. Runtime 1h 30min. Related news. Mar 17 Rollingstone. Aug 6 Rollingstone. Contribute to this Suggest an edit or add missing content. Top Gap. What is the English language plot outline for China Girl ? Edit. Hollywood Romances: Our Favorite Couples. See the entire gallery. Get some picks. Recently viewed Please enable browser cookies to use this feature.

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