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I quite often get s from eBayers, wholesalers and bargain hunters who want to buy clothes and other items in bulk to sell back home, either by export or simply carrying goods home in their luggage. Those of you who've visited the city know that there's pretty much a market on every corner, so I've combed the city and come up with a list of 12 markets in Bangkok that you should definitely consider on your shopping itinerary.

In addition to clothes and crafts, I've thrown in some food and flower market options which are worthy outings too. And make sure you check out my top haggling tips at the end of the list to make sure you get the best bang kok for your buck. Man, if I had a dime for every time I've been here. Filled to the brim with bargain clothes, shoes and other accessories, Pratunam market is one of the most visited in Bangkok for its fantastic deals and fun atmosphere. Warning though: The outdoor Cheap market in bangkok can get very packed which makes it difficult to walk around. It also gets hot. Keep your eyes peeled for the Amari Waterfront Hotel and once you see it, you know that Pratunam market is right around the corner!

The market is nestled right at the intersection of Ratchaprop and Petchburi road. You can walk the markets to your heart's content, as they end at Baiyoke towers. Are you a bargain shopper looking for clothes, shoes and other accessories? Pratunam market is the place to go. Most shops will even offer up the goods for insanely cheap wholesale prices, so you can go in expecting a great deal.

The market itself is open round the clock, but the retail shops open at 10 am and close at 9 pm. Prices at Pratunam are truly out of this world. The best bargains are usually to be had outside in the alleyways rather than inside the main building.

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T-shirts could level out at baht, bags average out to 50 baht, pants average at about baht and knitwear at a max of baht. Getting hot? Baiyoke towers is chock full of shopping opportunities and it is very efficiently air-conditioned. Escape the heat of Bangkok and get out of the hustle bustle of the market by ducking into the tower for a cool breeze. Textile fiend? Clothes lover? Boebae is another great option for deeply discounted garment shopping, mostly geared toward those buying in bulk. From there, Bobae Market is a 10 minutes drive or a twenty minute stroll. Bobae Market is pretty much a clothes and textile shopper's paradise.

With a variety of styles to choose from, in addition to good quality fabrics at amazing prices, Bobae should be on the top of any clothes horse or clothing trader's list. In addition, Bobae has a fantastic selection of fun jewelry that is some of the cheapest I've seen in Thailand, especially if you buy in bulk. We're looking at rock bottom prices here: you'll usually have to buy in multiples but can occasionally persuade a shop owner to sell you a single piece.

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For a set of three dresses, I've seen as low as baht. That's a steal. Don't miss out on Bobae Market's food selection: yes, they have a variety of delicious Halal Food, but they also have an incredible selection of fresh fruits and vegetables that are, of course, native to Thailand. Another of my favourites, but relegated to the weekends, Chatuchak is the biggest market in Bangkok. It has everything and spans 35 acres, but don't let this intimidate you. It's a fun day out with plenty to eat, busking entertainment and lots of weird and wonderful things to buy.

Chatuchak is easy to find and navigate. Since Chatuchak is located near one of Bangkok's most well known bus terminals, you can easily take the BTS to Mo Chit station and stroll until you see the beginning of the market. From there, you can follow the crowds. Literally everything. Since there is 35 acres of ground to cover, Chatuchak stalls Cheap market in bangkok everything you could possibly want, including antiques, books, pet needs, ceramics, clothing and shoes, plants and gardening, food, furniture and more.

The thing about Chatuchak is that there are is so much variety in terms of quality and selection that prices vary greatly. You can find jewelry pieces for 20 baht or baht. Tshirts level out at baht and quality, unique clothes could run you baht. Definitely shop around, there are almost 10, stalls! Keep your wits about you in Chatuchak! It's definitely crowded enough that you need to mind your wallet and your purchases.

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Also, the stalls are arranged in sort of a semi-circle, with a central soi framing the market. Inside, there are individual sois that you can explore. Not the prettiest on this list, but give it a chance because Sampeng is the holy grail for cash strapped travelers looking to make a buck or few selling foreign goods overseas. Located in the heart of Chinatown, Sampeng is located on Soi Wanit 1, which is a long and narrow lane. From here, the market expands horizontally and reaches the central avenue of Chinatown. Note that Sampeng Lane is also part of the market but primarily sells textiles.

Sampeng itself is home to many objects originally made in China that have been sold to Thai resellers. You can expect to find the typical fabric and clothing offerings, but also miles and miles of trinkets that include purses, tools, electronics, jewelry, watches, cosmetics and even household goods. Those looking to resell jewelry will have an absolute field day in Sampeng's busy stalls. Resellers, note that there are plenty of watches, glasses frames and sunglasses to purchase, Cheap market in bangkok well.

The more you buy, the more of a discount you'll get. Go into Sampeng expecting to buy in bulk, it's the only way you'll really make the most of it. Jewelry is mostly priced at baht and other accessories are about the same. - matchmaking services

Think of the markups you could charge at home. If you're a serious shopper and looking to resell in your home country, try to befriend a few shopkeepers or try to cultivate a business relationship. A language barrier shouldn't be too prohibitory! There is a lot of young energy at Saphan Phut, as can been seen from the picture below. There's a trendy vibe here and always lots of fun offerings. This is a cool place to visit even if you have no intention of buying anything. It's not know as the Memorial Bridge Night Market for nothing!

Located near the bridge right next to the river, Saphan Phut also shares a market space with the flower market. The market itself can be found right at the intersection of Maharat and Chakraphet road. Clothing items are available, such as t shirts and pants, as well as shoes and purses. Saphan Phut also offers video games, DVDs and other electronics that attract a younger crowd.

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You can be sure that you'll find a bargain on your favorite movie or game and maybe even find a cool new tech toy. Prices here are so cheap that many say bartering is completely unnecessary. Cheap market in bangkok addition, a lot of Thais will shop here, ensuring that it is a great deal for all of your entertainment needs!

Trying to reach Saphan Phut on a Monday or a Wednesday? Don't bother! They're closed both of those days and don't open until nearly 6 pm. However, some parts of the market stretch late into the night, with some stalls running until 2 am! The China Town area is a giant complex of bustling markets and you can find pretty much anything under the sun in these stalls. In the late afternoon you'll find sellers lining the streets with small offerings of vintage goods like watches and amulets, but be careful not to get sucked in if you don't know what you're buying.

It's an interesting sight to see, though. You'll also come across the famous Klong Thom market, which is a haven for second-hand goods like games consoles and other electronics, old bits and bobs, DVDs and more. I have an extensive review of this market — which you can read here — because it really does deserve it. Dealing in gold? Yaowarat Road's Hua Seng Heng is one of the best places in Bangkok to purchase gold as its reputation for reasonable prices and exceptional quality precedes it. In addition, off of Yaowarat is Itsaraphap Lane, which has a delightful assortment of cooking spices- think nuts, herbs, etc.

Then check out Klong Thom for vinatage goods like old game consoles, electronics, toys and vinyl. Get your bargain on in Chinatown, but also expect to pay some of the lowest prices that you will in Bangkok. Ask a local Thai what the appropriate prices are for items that you're interested in and then start haggling. Chinatown is a stupendous deal for those looking to buy an assortment of goods for a home or shop. Take it easy! The Chinatown markets are expansive and can be overwhelming.

Take time to admire the variety of goods that each shop offers and stop to get food at one of the delicious stalls. If you're into tea or cooking, be sure to take home some authentic goodies. Alas, perhaps my favourite night-time wander.

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Rot Fai is a happening place where young Thais go to browse, eat, sell and hang out. Expect to see lots of old VW camper vans turned into make-shift shops selling everything from old vinyl to cool-slogan tees.

It's not called the train market for nothing! Rot Fai got its original name from its close proximity to abandoned train tracks. When it was moved to accommodate the BTS expansion, the name stuck and vendors got an even bigger area to showcase their goods. Unlike most other markets listed before it, Rot Fai is known for its eccentricities in terms of sales offerings. It's got an amazing variety of goods that range from vintage cameras to kooky old clothes and appliances.

If anything, Rot Fai is cool and the vibe continues to its food stalls and little bars, where trendy food and drink is the norm. If you're an enthusiast of anything vintage, be sure to visit Rot Fai for the most unique offerings. Called Bangkok's biggest hipster bargain basement, Rot Fai is quite cheap. Since it's off the beaten path, vendors rarely have prices that are inflated because Cheap market in bangkok tourists. You can bargain all you'd like, but rest assured that the price they offer is generally a bargain. Looking to shop and have fun? Visit Rot Fai on a Saturday evening, near midnight.

That's when the market really starts to rumble with great food, music, performances and sports showings at the local bars.

Cheap market in bangkok

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The 12 Best Markets in Bangkok for Bargain Hunting & Wholesale Shopping