Can t sign into msn

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I continue to receive reports of people having trouble with MSN Hotmail in. The problems are as varied as the symptoms. Spyware and Other Malware. MSN Hotmail can be affected in many different ways by both viruses and spyware. Open it in Notepad. Though many might argue the point, Internet Explorer is itself not a problem.

However some have reported a couple of things that helped them:. IE itself makes this difficult on purpose, as you are increasing the risk of viruses and other malware. Exit and restart IE for the change to take effect. A quick test would be to turn off your firewall and try accessing MSN Hotmail, but do not leave your firewall turned off. Network Issues. I know my own router has entered a state where its behavior was erratic, and a reboot resolved several issues. This might not be available on all Windows versions in which case you still may want to do that reboot. Alter Network Settings : A of discussion groups have mentioned this one.

This is deep in the registrybut fortunately there are tools out there to make this setting a little easier to tweak. Using that utility, these changes are reported to help:. This type of change does require a reboot to take effect. Sadly it seems many users were denied service as a result. How long to wait? I typically give it a day. The s, 18 in this case, vary as MSN Hotmail distributes the load by asing your session to specific servers.

Edit the url in the address bar, changing both s, and press enter. Who knows? It could work. Watch the clock : the date and time on your computer must be correct. Several aspects of connections to secure sites like MSN Hotmail rely on your clock being accurate. Use the clock synchronization facility in Windows XP. Then click on the Internet Time tab, check the Automatically synchronize with an Internet time server.

Click Update Now to update the time immediately. There are two more scenarios that can lead to not being able to log in to your own MSN Hotmail : phishing and theft. The was almost certainly not legitimate, and the website was almost certainly Can t sign into msn MSN Hotmail. Even if it looked like it, it was probably a hacker attempting to get your personal information. The article Phishing? Theft : Is your password easy Can t sign into msn guess? Did you let a friend use your ? Have you accessed your MSN Hotmail in an internet cafe or other public venue? Someone saw, got or guessed your password, and then went off and changed it.

The bad news is that you may be Severely Out of Luck. There are few, if any, resources to help you recover your password, or the contents of your address book or mailbox. A special Thank You to all the readers of prior articles here on Ask Leo! Your ideas and comments are helping everyone. Subscribe to Confident Computing! NOW: name your own price! You decide how much to pay -- and yes, that means you can get this report completely free if you so choose. Get your copy now!

My msn is jenane19 hotmail. I have a free msn. I cant in when I try to it tells me to type in the characters then in which I do. It keeps telling me to type in the characters. Wont let me in. What do I do and have I lost that ?

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How can I get it back or back on? The article lists many things that might be responsible for that behaviour. Be sure to try the steps suggested … especially relating to cookies. It could mean many things. Please post the specific scenario and error message. I had a hotmail acounts a feww years ago. But one Can t sign into msn I tried to with my old user but i can not. What can i do to resolve my problem and get back my old ? Somebody has hacked my and changed all my credentials. My has some important official mails, which I usually kept with me for reference purpose.

I know this has been done by someone who is very close to me, and that person is mis-using that information. Your best bet is to hope that they return as some Hotmail server-side problem is resolved. If they do not, then I know of no way to restore them. No matter how many times I try to log in the error always comes up. As for my messenger, it says that I am currently NOT connected to the. NET Messenging service. How can I connected to my messenger and hotmail ? Chloe: 9 times out of 10 what you describe happens if your firewall is blocking access to messenger.

Well if you can help please reply. There are several suggestions in the article that probably apply. Firewalls and cookies are the most likely. Please read the article. I appreciate your help. I clicked on one link a friend sent me in a chat in MSN Messenger. My computer froze and upon reboot I have not been able to use MSN or Yahoo Messenger, Hotmail, and some other sites including online banking that I use. I can use many other websites on my computer, just not the ones I mentioned. Anything you can suggest that could help me would be appreciated. Sounds like you got yourself a virus.

I would run an up-to-date virus scan. Is it possile to change your MSN address i.

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Also, my MSN hotmail is quite long, and can never seem to remember it. It could be the time being off on your PC. However the article you just commented on has lots and lots of things to try. Hi Leo, I really need ur help. With one of my hotmail addresses anytime I in, they ask me to identify some letters in a box, I do it and then the same keeps happening and I never get to in. Did you try the ideas in the article? With your help, I have managed to resolve my Hotmail in problem.

After trying several of the solutions in your article with no success, I turned off my Norton firewall, as you suggested, and I was able to access my Hotmail. As soon as I accessed Hotmail, I turned the Norton firewall on, and I was able to use all of the functions of my Hotmail. I discovered that my Norton Internet Security firewall had been configured to block access to secure sites.

Since I could access secure sites on my old dial-up service, I am assuming that the installation of DSL had something to do with my firewall being reconfigured. If this is blocked, click on the icon, then Modify, then Permit.

Can t sign into msn

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How Do I Resolve My MSN Hotmail -in Problems?