Can drug dogs smell acid

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They are dogs that are trained to use their sense of smell to help the police track and detect illegal substances at borders, customs, and any other place that needs that particular search done. They get trained by dog trainers to become part of law enforcement especially when it comes to narcotics. This means that the sniffer dogs have to be trained to detect acid tablets as one of the few drugs the sniffer dogs can usually detect. Note: Sniffer dogs are usually trained to smell out very few narcotic drugs, approximately five per dog. In some cases, the highly trained dogs can be able to tell acid tabs but in very specific situations.

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This means that the chances of them smelling LSD are low unless the sniffer dog was trained to smell and identify a particular chemical impurity in narcotic drugs. This all means that getting sniffer dogs to smell acid tabs is a bit difficult unless they are specifically trained to handle the detecting of acid tabs.

Dogs are normally trained to detect common narcotic drugs that have flooded the market illegally. This means that training sniffing dogs to detect LSD is usually considered not financially viable. Thus making it hard to convince the department that it makes sense to train sniffer dogs to detect a drug that is rarely detectable.

LSDwhich is an acronym of lysergic acid diethylamide, when in its purest form has no smell. This explains why it is very difficult to detect LSD; dogs usually detect the narcotic drugs by their sense of smell. They can detect it through cross-contamination as said above and the smell of chemical impurities from the manufacturing process.

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Dogs are trained to identify unusual smells and thus the LSD may give off such scents that the sniffer dog is not used to. They will then alert the police officers who will then proceed to go through the stuff that the dog had just sniffed. First of all, it is important to note that the only way to get the dog to learn how to sniff out anything, in this case, narcotics is to make the training process fun. A pet owner who loves to share useful facts and information about animals. For now, I write mostly about dogs and cats.


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Next Post. All of the information and content on this website is written from our own personal perspective of owning and caring for pets over the last couple of years. ZooAwesome is not intended as replacement to any veterinarian advice. Always consult a d veterinarian if you have any health or behavior concerns about your pets. Home Farm Wild. Sniffer dogs are very important when it comes to the police force.

Can sniffer dogs smell acid? Naturally, LSD has no smell and is found in very low concentrations for it to be detected. This is when: Some manufacturers usually cross-contaminate the acid tabs with some common narcotics such as heroin.

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This means that when the sniffer dog smells the drugs out, it smells the heroine in the acid tabs, not the LSD. Some highly trained sniffer dogs can smell out acid tabs by smelling the chemical impurities that are usually a result of the manufacturing process. The above is because as said above, sniffer dogs are usually trained to smell individual odors.

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So, Are dogs trained to sniff out acid tabs? LSD is very rare and not as marketable as other hard narcotics such as heroin. It is more of a waste of resources especially due to the low concentration of acid tabs. With the above information, it will also seem like a waste of effort and time. This is because it takes a lot of effort to get dogs to be able to detect drugs.

Why is it difficult for sniffer dogs to detect LSD? Especially when it is in its liquid form hence it becomes a clear odorless and colorless liquid. It becomes difficult when the drug being sniffed out has no smell. How is LSD taken into the body? The LSD in liquid form is usually applied on a piece of blotted paper. This paper is then put on the tongue. The LSD then travels into the bloodstream through the membrane which is then blotted paper.

However, this should not translate into the fact that sniffer dogs cannot detect LSD. Another way sniffer dogs can detect LSD is when the sniffer dogs smell something unusual. Posted On: 12th February Russel A pet owner who loves to share useful facts and information about animals. About All of the information and content on this website is written from our own personal perspective of owning and caring for pets over the last couple of years.

Can drug dogs smell acid

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Can Sniffer Dogs Smell LSD And Acid Tabs?