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These 15 youths from a pediatric and health clinic in a Northeast urban area, ages 15 to 19, were included if they reported prior sex with males. They volunteered to be interviewed with three follow-up sessions during the next year. They were paid for their time. The boys fell into one of two groups based on their sexual identity at the conclusion of the year: remaining bisexual or transitioning to gay.

It was also noteworthy that regardless of where they reside along sexual and romantic continuums, they shared several commonalities:. Desire to develop more romantic relationship with other guys. Experience a disconnect between components of sexuality e.

Some might have wanted this but likely wanted it to be their own decision. Other concerns of the youths were whether bisexuality is a real, legitimate thing in black communities and the overpowering moral condemnation of same-sex sexuality experienced in their families and churches.

The youths varied in the degree to which they felt these pressures and how they coped with them—though few details are provided. But what is readily apparent, according to the authors and Black bi guys own work, are the following:. Increase awareness of the complexity of sexuality, including the reality that not all domains of sexual and romantic development will be congruent e.

Not all bisexual youths are bisexual in the same way, to the same degree, or for the same reason.

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Morgan, A. Exploring the sexual development experiences of black bisexual male adolescents over time. Archives of Sexual Behavior, 47, Savin-Williams, R. Prevalence, mental health, and heterogeneity of bisexual men.

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Current Sexual Health Reports, 6. Ritch C. Savin-Williams, Ph. Savin-Williams Ph. Sex, Sexuality, and Romance. The Experience of Black Bisexual Male Teenagers Not all black youths experience or express their bisexuality in the same way. Posted August 11, Share. References Morgan, A. About the Author. Read Next. Back Psychology Today.

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Black bi guys

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Increased HIV Testing and Treatment for Black Bisexual Men May Have Played a Role in HIV Drop in Black Women. But Has the Stigma Gone Away?