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Links on Android Authority may earn us a commission. Learn more. AdBlock Plus is a free, open source app. As you may have guessed, it removes from the device. This one is configurable so that some unobtrusive get through. The app is also lightly configurable.

It lets you manage your permissions with a bit more granularity than stock Android without being overly complicated. Each time an app asks for permissions, you can enable it and then enable Bouncer to disable the permission after a few minutes. Thus, you can use every app on your phone with its maximum permissions but ensure that none of the permissions are permanently enabled.

Kernel Manager is a root app for devices with Franco Kernel installed. The Best root apk users tweak a variety of things, including CPU frequencies, the governor, GPU frequencies, color temperature presets, and a lot more. It also supports at bunch of devices, specifically in the Google and OnePlus lineup of devices.

Magisk is one of the most popular and powerful root apps. Its big function is allowing you to hide root very effectively. That lets you do things like watch Netflix or play Pokemon Go while rooted. It has a variety of other functions, including modules that add even more functionality.

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The app is also in active development. That means it gets new features, des, and fixes fairly frequently. Migrate is one of the newer root apps on the list. You basically back-up a bunch of data, including apps, app data, call logs, SMS, and Best root apk bits of information. The app creates a flashable zip file. You flash a new ROM and then the flashable zip afterward. This one is still very new. However, this takes a lot of the setup process out of installing a new ROM. It also works with Magisk in fact, the developer recommends it. The app is currently free with no in-app purchases or for now.

Naptime is a decent tool for root users and non-root users alike. The app can also disable various connections such as WiFi, mobile data, location, and GPS when Doze Mode goes into effect and that should help squeeze a little more juice out of your battery as well. The app is relatively easy to use once you get it to work. Root users have an easier time of it than non-root users, but you can enable the same permissions over ADB. The instructions for that are in the Google Play description.

Best root apk any case, this is a neat little tool that you set and forget. Permission Ruler is a bit of a diamond in the rough for root apps. It does require root to do anything other than manually manage your permissions. However, with root, this app does something kind of unique. It turns off permissions for all of your apps while the screen is off. Make sure to pause the app before uninstalling or all of your apps will have their permissions revoked and you have to manually re-enable them. Otherwise, the app is free to use. Servicely is an app that helps control background services.

This will allow you to do something like prevent Facebook from running in the background while your device screen is off. It may even improve performance and battery life depending on the services you stop. Greenify also works pretty well, but not quite as well as this. Solid Explorer is a really good file manager. It works without root for most tasks. The app can do the usual stuff like copy and paste, unzip files, etc.

It also has support for cloud storage and network storage devices. The de is good, too. There is the option to enable root within the app. There are a lot of good file managers with root access. Substratum is a theming engine for Android.

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However, it works really well on the ones that it supports. It should work best on stock Nougat, stock Oreo, Samsung devices with Nougat, and a few other devices and Android versions. You download and install the app. Then you seek out Substratum themes online or the Google Play Store. Some themes cost money, but there is a healthy selection of free options as well. Synergy is another excellent theming app like this one that works a little better for newer Samsung phones.

Next on our list is a very useful root app called Tasker. This powerful application can make your phone do pretty much anything you want. It does add some functionality if you have it, though. Do beware, though, because the learning curve is rather steep.

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You can also use this one for free if you use Google Play Pass. Titanium Backup is a long time mainstay at the top of many root lists and it feels almost blasphemous to not include it here. With this application you can uninstall bloatware a must have for many peoplefreeze apps leaves them installed but prevents them from ever runningand backup your applications and application data. ROM flashers have sworn by this app for years. Everyone recommends it to new root users. If you have root, go get it immediately. Viper4Android is an audio modification tool that gives you untold amounts of control over how your audio sounds coming out of the speakers, out of Bluetooth devices, and out of your headphones.

It comes with its own audio driver, an equalizer, tons of effects that allow you to control how your audio sounds, and a lot more. It helps you find apps that are acting out of line. That way you can take the necessary steps to stop it. This is valuable because a wakelock can mean a lot of things. A rogue app going nuts, Google Play Services running rampant, or occasionally it can Best root apk mean something is wrong with your device.

Wakelocks are one of the worst causes of battery drain and most root users eventually wind up with this app to help them figure out why. The only downside is that it seems to have a bit of trouble on newer versions of Android Android Pie and Android 10so we recommend trying out the free version before buying anything if you are on newer Android versions.

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Xposed Framework has replaced installing ROMs for many as the default root experience. Modules are created inside of the framework by many developers that do various things like theming, UI and performance tweaks, visual modification, button remapping, and much, much more. Modules can be a tad difficult to find sometimes depending on your device but there are plenty of universal ones that you Best root apk use and enjoy.

Magisk Manager kind of usurped Xposed as the must-have root app for mobile. Additionally, Xposed works better for older versions of Android rather than newer ones. If we missed any of the best root apps for Android, tell us about them in the comments! Daily Deals Trending. In this list, we'll go over the best root apps for Android.

By Joe Hindy Apps Editor. Joe Hindy is known as the 'app guy' around these parts. He's been at Android Authority since September of ly, Joe was a part of the US Army and attended college for video game de and development. He also quite enjoys yard work for some reason. Stock Android grew up quite a bit and root is simply less appealing than it once was.

Here are the best root apps for Android! We wish him all of the best in his future endeavors. In addition, some of these apps are not available in the Google Play Store. Use those at your own risk. Magisk Manager Price: Free. Migrate Price: Free. Permission Ruler Price: Free.

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Viper4Android Price: Free. Xposed Framework Price: Free. Thank you for reading! Check these out too: 10 best torrent apps and torrent downloaders for Android 5 best Kodi apps for Android If we missed any of the best root apps for Android, tell us about them in the comments! Apps Best Apps, Root, Tasker.

Best root apk

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The best root apps for Android