Advice for dating someone in the military

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Orvelin Valle. Dating a service member is different than dating a civilian.

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But just how much different is it? Here are eight things to consider before jumping into a relationship with someone in uniform. Troops have to deploy, which means not having him or her around for important events like anniversaries, birthdays and weddings. Most of the U. They deploy to remote locations and work long hours with members of the opposite sex.

Gear includes t-shirts, bumper stickers, jewelry and more.

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Service members are used to direct communication, so avoid that passive aggressive, vague, manipulative language that your mother-in-law likes to use. Direct communication is instilled from day one in the military. Depending on their specialty, service members are trained to be more guarded than others. This is especially true with members that require a clearance to do their job.

This could mean giving up your career and being away from family. Some service members move every three years. Are you willing to live like a nomad? Plans might change or be canceled at the last minute. Same goes for weekends. The military is a brotherhood. Learn to get along with friends, even the annoying immature one. Chase Millsap. He normally looks at problems and sees two options: find a way around or blow your way through it. The latter worked for Travis downrange, but after multiple IED strikes, enough flashbangs in the face to make even Chuck Norris cringe, and a freefall accident yeah, seriously, you read that rightTravis, now CEO of Time for a Herois taking on a problem that has stopped even the most talented doctors in the world: traumatic brain injury, or TBI.

TBI is often the result of an explosion or crash, both of which are common in the Special Operations community. Even worse, Advice for dating someone in the military brain injury is the same, which is what keeps doctors from finding an effective treatment. As a result, symptoms such as confusion, amnesia, insomnia, and depression can last for months and even years.

This is exactly the world Travis found himself in after six deployments and numerous doctors reporting that there was no long term cure for his injuries. So, Travis took matters into his own hands or, more accurately, his own mind.

I knew there had to be a better answer. As a combat medic and exercise science major, Travis knew that the body had an uncanny method to fix itself, but he searched for a treatment that could specifically help brain cells repair themselves. The highly politicized, seemingly creepy, and crazy expensive voodoo treatment that relies on cells harvested like something out of The Matrix? Even though the treatment costs roughlyper session, access was a problem Travis could overcome.

Travis paired with the founder of Time for a Hero to underwrite all costs for SOF veterans to travel to undergo stem cell therapy. To date, Travis and his team have sponsored over twenty SOF veterans through this remarkable treatment, and the veterans have reported ificant improvement in their cognitive and physical wellbeing. Many of these veterans feel alive again. Travis went on to explain that millions of stem cells flooding the body in positive anti-inflammatory think bigger than just motrin effects that allow the body to heal more rapidly.

Travis and his team are starting to explore the idea of stem cell treatment on the battlefield, before years of trauma is left untreated. Travis and the Time for a Hero team are planning to treat many SOF veterans this year and will continue to collect data to support other stem cell programs. Travis and his team have even recently been using an app to monitor cognitive growth after the treatment. Team Mighty. World War Advice for dating someone in the military airplanes began as primitive, unarmed artillery spotters that could barely take offensive action — and ended as powerful bombers and sleek modern fighters.

This was a time when air-to-air combat was quite literally being made up as pilots went along. The first fighter planes were little more than lumbering artillery spotters with an extra man carrying a revolver. Soon, the interrupter gear was invented, giving aircraft the ability to shoot through their propellers. But Allied pilots fought back, and by the end of the war, both sides had thousands of the most sophisticated planes available, and experienced pilots to fly them.

Aircraft technology developed so quickly that fighters would be rolled out in mass quantities, and be obsolete by the time they were actually used. Even so, the war pioneered many of the tactics used in World War 2 aircraft, including heavy bombers escorted by fighters, deep-penetration reconnaissance planes, night fighters and bombers, and innovative technology. Here are some of the most important, widely-produced, iconic, and effective planes of World War 1.

Vote up your favorites or add your own. The Best World War 1 Airplanes. This article originally appeared at Ranker. Copyright Like Ranker on Facebook. Shannon Corbeil. Any language that can corrupt morals is subject to the offense. Service members can actually get a bad conduct discharge and even forfeiture of allowances and even some confinement. And that actually might not be a bad thing.

Emma Byrne, author of the book, Swearing is Good for You: The Amazing Science of Bad Languagerevealed that swearing promotes trust and teamwork and even increases our tolerance to pain. Oh except for women. Ina man named Richard Allestree published a book called The Ladies Calling where he said swearing was unladylike and that women who did it would begin to take on masculine characteristics, like growing facial hair.

Researchers from Stanford and Cambridge published a study in the journal Social Psychological and Personality Science that suggested that people who curse more tend to be more honest. Swearing provides more nuance and thus allows people to express emotions more truthfully. In an interesting turn of events, a study from Lancaster University and Cambridge University Press found that women are now more likely to swear than men.

It also might vary from job-to-job. I know that when I worked with pilots, they cussed all the time. If you guys want to know more about dumb military rules, check out my rant about it and leave me a comment telling me what you think about swearing in the military. Ward Carroll. Business Insider. The top US general in Europe told Congress March 5,that he needs a lot more firepower to counter the threat from Russia. He told lawmakers there continue to be shortfalls across all warfighting domains. He also encouraged regular naval activities in the Black Sea. This article originally appeared on Business Insider.

Follow BusinessInsider on Twitter. Coast Guardsmen aboard the Bertholf left Alameda on the 30th day of what is now the longest government shutdown in US history. They left a few days after not getting their first paycheck since that shutdown started and without knowing when the next will come. Like other US military branches, the Coast Guard has continued operations during the shutdown that began Dec. Some 41, active-duty Coast Guard personnel and about 1, civilian employees are still working.

Unlike other military branches, which are part of the fully funded Defense Department, the Coast Guard is part of the Homeland Security Department, funding for which was not approved before the shutdown, which was prompted by a dispute between President Donald Trump and Congress over money Trump wants for a wall on the US-Mexico border.

The Coast Guard and Homeland Security officials were able to move money around to ensure personnel were paid on Dec. Karl Schultz said in a January 15 letter to service members. If the shutdown lasts into late Januarysome 50, retired Coast Guard members and civilians will likely go unpaid.

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Base pay for the more than 14, junior members of the Coast Guard who make up about one-third of the active-duty force is at or just below the poverty level, three retired Coast Guard master chief petty officers wrote in a Jan. Efforts to help and expressions of support for Coast Guard members and their families have sprung up all over the country. Local businesses have offered discounts, and utilities have waived late fees. Locals have donated fish and game to their neighbors. Some businesses are offering discounts to Coast Guard members and families; others are giving customers i.

In a Jan. Charles Ray said Coast Guard Mutual Assistance, an independent nonprofit charitable organization that serves the Coast Guard, had expanded limits for interest-free loans and that all active-duty and civilian employees are now eligible.

Some measures have been introduced to Congress that would ensure funding for the Coast Guard despite the shutdown, but those bills still need to pass both houses and be approved by the White House. A week before the Bertholf left Alameda, more than service members, including families, gathered there for a giveaway organized by the East Bay Coast Guard Spouses Club, with everything from fresh fruit to diapers. Petty Officer 3rd Class Blake Gwinn, a maritime-enforcement specialist aboard Coast Guard cutter Bertholf, with his son Alex after a day deployment in the eastern Pacific, April 22, April Grimmett Twitter.

The four Marines and a sailor killed by a gunman during a July mass shooting in Chattanooga, Tennesseewill each receive the Purple Heart medal, as will a Marine sergeant who was wounded. Thomas Sullivan, Staff Sgt. David Wyatt, Sgt. Carson A. Holmquist, Lance Cpl. Squire D.

Advice for dating someone in the military

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