19 year old dating a 30 year old man

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Report Thread starter 2 years ago 1. He is just turning 30 and a friend of my brother in laws, we met at his birthday party and hit it off immediately. It seems to be going very well so far but I worry about the age difference. Not what you're looking for? Report 2 years ago 2. Arzy Badges: 2. Report 2 years ago 3. If you're okay with it and he seems genuine then although it can be perceived as weird, if it makes you happy then it isn't anyone else's business.

But be cautious. Cheesychips1 Badges: Report 2 years ago 4. You're at such different points in your life, and will have different levels of experience in relationships that can lead to an unusual power dynamic. I suppose you know you're own maturity levels, and how comfortable you feel in the relationship. I've had friends who have dated quite older men, and it's quickly transpired the reason these men enjoy dating younger women is because they have lower expectations, and essentially hang off their every word and put up less of a fight.

I'm not saying your boyfriend is like this at all, but it's just something to watch out for. Anonymous 2. Report 2 years ago 5.

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I've heard this come up quite a bit in old age, where on partner is ificantly older than the other. The younger partner may end up taking on a carer role, or one partner may retire before the other, and timetables and interests and lives no longer match up, making the relationship difficult. But as you're young this is obviously not relevant to you yet, however you are both at very different stages in your lives - i.

That being said, if you truly think that he is the one and all that jazz and you want to be with him and want to make it work then go for it, don't let anyone put you off. Domasn Badges: 6. Report 2 years ago 6. Personally, 11 years seems quite the age gap. At age 30 your perspectives would be quite different from a year-old, being at your age I would be careful as there suitable guys for you at a similar age to you.

But that's coming from me if you guys hit it off and it's going well I can't say much. Report 2 years ago 7. Report 2 years ago 8. Report 2 years ago 9. Anonymous 3. Report 2 years ago If you get on well, why not? I've got friends with a similar age gap who are extremely happy 35 and 23, for example. It's down to individuals sweeping generalisations have no bearing on you and him.

So I'd say give it a go. Badges: Original post by Anonymous He is just turning 30 and a friend of my brother in laws, we met at his birthday party and hit it off immediately. I think you have to question why a 30 year old, realistically, would want to date a 19 year old. It doesn't matter how mature you are, you are at vastly different points in your life, which can create a weird imbalance of power in relationships. I'm only 24 nearly 25 and I wouldn't dream of dating a 19 year old.

You're 19 year old dating a 30 year old man far off having left school, and personally I'd just find it weird. Legally, however, you are an adult, so of course you can do what you want, and of course a lot of people have age gaps. However, because you are only 19, just be very cautious and careful, and get the hell out of there at the first of any red flags. If you both have similar goals and aims in life, then go for it. You clearly like each other. You're both adults, so it's fine morally and legally. Just make sure you both want to do things at the same time, like have. Just as an anecdote, my mum was 21 when she married my dad.

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They recently celebrated their 24th anniversary. It can work. Anonymous 4. What are his motives? A lot of guys where the age gap is more than five years want younger women because we are more open to all sex adventures for them and us for arm candy.

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